Just trying to get back into the habit …

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So, the prostate surgery was March 18. It’s now April 12. So we’re coming up on a month after the surgery (guess that would be on Monday). It really hardly seems like that, but there we are.

My abdomen is still a bit sore if I sit at the computer for long periods, because I’m sitting up more straight than in my “easy chair” downstairs. It can get a little tough on the healing muscles (six incisions and whatever bruising and …). My bladder control is getting better (the catheter is hard on that … without much detail, I wear a pad in my underwear for “leaks”, but those are happening less often). I can go up and down the stairs without much problem. My knees are giving me trouble, but I think that may be arthritis related, as opposed to anything related to the surgery, they were giving me trouble before it … once I’m feeling a bit more together, will see about visiting with my general practitioner and find out what’s up there.

Something I don’t think I mentioned before is that the Friday before my surgery a tooth broke. Now this isn’t just a small break, the inside wall and the “top” of the tooth (it’s a molar in the top of my mouth) were gone, and within a few hours the filling came out. Urgh. Last week I went in and saw my dentist who had the fun of prepping me for a crown (and removing parts of the tooth that hadn’t come out but would be a problem for the crown). The reason I didn’t go sooner? It happened Friday evening, the dentist wasn’t in over the weekend, and surgery was on Monday morning. Figures. I was just very careful for a while and avoided chewing food on that side of my mouth as much as possible. So in a week+ I get to have the permanent crown put in.

CJ was a huge help for the two weeks after the surgery, walking down to the store for food and making sure I ate, feeding the cats (well, I sometimes had to do that because she would forget), and so on.

It’s been weird working my way back to “normal”, but am getting there. I have to remember it takes time. Luckily we have Don and BJ around as well. They drove us to the hospital and back, and helped CJ with things (like getting cat food), and all that, since CJ doesn’t drive. And Don last year had a massive health issue in his abdomen (worse than mine, I told him once we got some details that we weren’t in competition …). He’s a good sounding board, and he’s been through the catheter recovery parts, and all that. Reminders “slow and steady” are important. Part of me is tired of it, but … rushing things causing problems.

Anyway, just wanted to throw some thoughts out there into the wind. I have no clue if anyone even reads this shit, but here it is. I turned off comments because of issues with all the freaking ‘bots, it was more trouble than it was worth.

Slow progress on the History site. I’m dealing with the second phase of the coding and data moves. Right now I’m updating links for events to the new version for peoples’ Who’s Who entries. Anyplace that references an event (holding a position like Baron, etc., there’s the event they stepped up, running an event … that kind of thing), I need the links to be to the new version of the event data. Time consuming, but I worked out some code to make it easier (tells me if an individual has anything to look at, if zeroes are returned, I can skip ‘em). Part of the “slow” is that this part is just tedious, so a couple-three hours at a time is all my brain can handle; and part of it is I can’t sit at the computer for 8 hours a day right now (getting there, but …). I also have some more coding issues to deal with, some minor, some major. But … that’s how a project like this goes.

Well, we’re having an early dinner this evening for reasons … if I remember in a future post, will ‘splain. Need to deal with that soon.

Oh and the cats are doing great. They’re both just a bit over 2 years old, and as cute and sweet as ever.

Prostate Cancer … gone!

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I realized I hadn’t been here in a long long time, and sure enough, June of last year. I’ve been so busy on other projects that I haven’t bothered to be out here. So, let me sum up.

I started rewriting the History website for the West Kingdom (SCA). That’s been a massive overhaul, including moving data. So even though I haven’t had a lot of money coming in, I’ve had a big job. That site evolved heavily since I first started it, and trying to move everything into one platform that was consistent in appearance, etc. is hard. But it’s getting there, fully data-driven, etc.

I’ve picked up some tech editing for a publisher of text books (my favorite publisher from when I was teaching at Heald). So some money has been coming in. Just when I thought I was done, I started getting instructor manuals as well. So still have some work there.

The big news is that my PSA (blood test for Prostate Cancer) hit a “number” that was a concern for my oncologist. Having dealt with the “C” word hanging over my head for six or seven years, I decided to just get it done with. CJ and I met with the oncologist after a biopsy (ick, hate those … painful despite the drugs, embarassing, and it takes nearly a month for the internal bleeding to stop). I decided to have surgery to remove the prostate and March 18, that’s exactly what happened. Laparoscopic, “robotic” (I assume a form of Waldo — with the doctor manipulating the tools without his hands inside me), and so on. The worst part of recovery was the catheter, and that’s now gone. So now it’s just dealing with some minor incontinence issues … (wearing pads in my underwear), and those are getting to be less each day.

The biggest thing is that the “C” word is not hanging over my head anymore. You sometimes don’t notice that little black cloud when it’s there, but it was always there. It was made better in the post-surgery phone call with the oncologist, as there were a couple of nodules on organs near the prostate gland, but they did biopsies and they came up negative for cancer. They had told my wife about them. If they had ended up being cancer there would have been radiation treatments to get rid of them. (Ick)

Anyway, healing, and feeling better about 2 and a half weeks after the surgery.

Not able to sit for long periods in front of the computer (pressure on the abdomen and bladder), but still, making progress. Hoping to start getting back to my data moves (that is a long haul), for the history site as mentioned earlier in this post.

SCA-Wise, well, the outgoing Vesper Principal Herald decided I had done so much stuff that I deserved recognition, the only thing she could do is offer the permanent heraldic title of Herald Extraordinary. That’s not a little thing, really. The West Kingdom (despite the title being created by a Laurel Sovereign of Arms from the West) has seldom used this — the last time was in 1991, and that may have been granted by the Laurel office, rather than Kingdom. I’m a bit flabbergasted. What it means is that I can register my own heraldic title, which is not one that gets passed on to someone else, etc. Working on that … Otherwise, the same-ol’ same-ol’. Events happen, when we can we get to them. CJ’s work sometimes makes that tough, but we’re trying.

CJ is doing okay, but work is wearing her out a bit. The company is constantly reorganizing, and she wants to work until official retirement age if she can. Once she retires we will have to re-evaluate a lot, as the Bay Area is expensive. I would hate to have to move away from here, it’s where our friends are, and by extension many of them are family to us now. But … we’ll deal with all that when we need to.