Oh my, I seem to have forgotten about this …

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Well, sort of. I got really busy on a whole bunch of things, including more online classes, and after Twelfth Night (January, 2018), I jumped into my first real online project.

So, I created a fully web-based version of the West Kingdom awards list database. That was a bit of a bear, but it works. Still some fine-tuning to do, but overall it’s in pretty good shape. Huge learning curve going from localhost to full webserver, differences in software, differences in the way file locations are found, and more. But, it works now, and I think overall pretty well.

Otherwise, well, I’ve not been working much. Dammit. OfficePro’s contract with the VA seems to have hit a snag out here (not surprising under the current federal administration), so I assume that’s why I haven’t gotten any classes …

On the plus side, Pearson contacted me for some tech editing work, and dBASE is back in beta, so I’ve been updating my book (The dBASE Book Plus) for changes and updates (three new classes and more).

The kittens are now over a year old (Lune’s birthday was April 3, and Panda’s was a few days before that …). Still as delightful as ever, and as crazy at night sometimes, but oh well. The joys of kittens, who are pretty much full-grown cats now.

Nothing weird on the health front. Although in February CJ got two weeks off, and figured we’d do something together, all that. However, she got sick for the first week, and toward the end of that week I got her cold, and I was out for the second. Freakin’ figures. Otherwise health has been good. Been making it to the gym as much as possible.

Last week I did something totally stupid, I backed the van into the garage door. Luckily we got off lighter than we might have (didn’t have to replace it, garage door repair folk were able to fix it, and unless you know what to look for, you may not see anything wrong …). Dumb. I still am not sure how that happened (I mean, I can guess, but we’ve lived here 15 years and it’s never happened … weird).

I had started to do a full CMS version of my Bio, and after getting the award list into shape, I deleted it. It was taking a lot of space (copies of all those photos …), and I was never going to complete it. I do have code in my CMS that I intend to use elsewhere, but the CMS thing has so many issues, and while doing the award list I discovered a lot of things that would require a major rewrite (and I just don’t wanna!). But that said, there is some good and viable code in there, so I am not just dumping the main CMS yet. Not until I have gleaned everything I need from it … I have projects to work on still, and I can cannibalize this thing, so …

Anyway, rambling a bit, which always feels silly. Right now I am waiting for an updated beta for the dBASE code, a new chapter from Pearson, and am in a holding pattern. Those can get boring quickly. Such is life. Sigh.

On the whiny side … the job market still sucks. I have an application for community college and just general community teaching, hoping I can pick up some classes periodically. Part of me just doesn’t wanna bother filling it out (hand-writing an application? Old school …). Just frustrated as all get-out on that end. And my 61st Birthday is next week. Sigh. Oh well.