Massive Changes

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Well, in some ways. It’s been months since I last posted anything, and a lot has happened.

1) The biggest is we now have two kittens. May 16 a friend had been awakened in the middle of the night to hear very loud mewing in her back yard. After three attempts to find him a tiny (4 weeks old) kitten was out in her back yard, covered in fleas and dirt. She took him to her vet the next day and posted pics on Facebook. She couldn’t keep him, so was looking to see if any of her friends could. CJ and I both took a look and went “awwwww” and we were sunk. So on the 17th I drove to Milpitas and picked him up. That weekend we named him Prince Lune (after a character from The Cat Returns by Miyazake) on the way to Campbell to meet a possible foster-brother for him. The foster brother (Panda or Pandemonium) is about a week older, and much larger (more muscular), but very sweet. We met him, and the next weekend adopted him and brought him home. After a few days they started getting along and all is well. It’s been several months now, and they’re kiy-ing all over the house, both are now big enough to jump up on the counters in the kitchen (sigh) and be lots of trouble. But when not in total insane mode, they are the sweetest cats. The folk who fostered Panda brought him up from 2 days old, bottle-feeding him, and socializing him. Lune was not very socialized, and still hides when we have guests, sometimes getting up some nerve to come out if they’re around long enough. I imagine that will change over time.

2) The whole thing with OfficePro, while not a high-paying gig has been nice. I get to teach Office to students at the VA who want to be there. It does mean commuting to either Mountain View or Menlo Park every couple weeks or so for a day or two each class or set of classes, but it’s good for me. The people I am working with like me (both at OfficePro and the VA — have gotten glowing reports from the VA to the office manager at OfficePro, who has passed them along). Be nice if there were more days of teaching, and even better if the commute was not so bad. But c’est le vie. It’s something. I have classes lined up through October, so hopefully they will get a new contract or extend the current one, and I can get even more.

Other than that, life is … life. CJ’s eye is getting better, finally. The doctor is pleased with her recovery (just saw him yesterday). She has an odd “cyst” on the front of the eyeball that looks like a blister, but it’s not. She says it doesn’t hurt, the doctor says if that’s the case to not worry about it. The cure might be worse than just leaving it alone.

CJ’s best friend BJ (Tatiana in the SCA)’s husband has had some disturbing health issues (double-hernia, and an infection in the lower colon, and more). He needs surgery but there was an infection that he needs to recover from before they can do that. So, this weekend, CJ and BJ have trekked off to Oregon to see the full solar eclipse happening on Monday. BJ planned this years ago, paid for the hotel rooms then and all that (these rooms are going for five times or more what she paid …). Don is staying home but has my number for emergencies.

In the meantime, I got my PSA in July and the number dropped from 9.9 in April to 9.0 in July. Weird. I doubt it will drop a lot, but it means no “we have to do something this instant!” this time around. Hopefully I have a small reprieve on that. Otherwise my health is doing pretty well. Still going to the gym — usually 3 days a week, but trekking to the S. Bay for classes every so often will throw that off sometimes.

This seems like a pretty short post, considering the number of months that have ensued, but unless I want to get into politics (no thanks, too much of that on Facebook and the news), I think I’ll leave it with some photos of the kittens …