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So … the OfficePro thang: I got in two days this month (last week) teaching Excel. They really liked me at the VA in Mountain View, the only problem is the commute home. It’s horrid. But other than that, this worked well. Billing is weird. I have to bill at the end of the month, and then it takes a month for them to pay. I don’t know why, but that’s how it works. Sigh. Still looking for a regular job.

This week has been about my health. I went in and got a blood draw on Tuesday for my PSA testing. Last test was 9.1, which is heading in a direction I am not thrilled with. Yesterday I went and got my teeth cleaned and examined and they’re fine. Then I got the results of the PSA. 9.9. 10 is the “ah-oooga!” point where flags get raised, alarms go off, etc. Next PSA I have a feeling we’re going to have to start talking about actually doing something. I don’t want my prostate gland (well, the cancer that is attacking it) to kill me, so I suppose something needs to be done. That’s actually had an adverse affect on my sleep.

Anyway, yesterday was weird for herself (and lots of other people)’s commutes, because some idiot got all upset at the Walnut Creek BART station, threatened suicide, all kinds of fun. So CJ ended up getting off BART in Lafayette, I got her, and we had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant there. That was nice, actually. A glass of wine, a nice meal, then home.

However, she’s working from home today (had a 6:30am phone call she couldn’t possibly have made it to the office in time for). Ugh. Hating that. She’s on the phone most of the day. Sigh.

Have still not gotten back to finishing the web code I was working on or working on the Award List code. I really ought to, but my “wanna” went away. Again. I’ll find it again at some point, but until then … bleah.

Finishing up fine-tuning work on The dBASE Book Plus, 2nd Edition.

Still battling depression, but I never manage to let it get me all the way down. I find something to do, something to occupy my fuzzy brain.

Coming back to the dry-rot thing. The contractors have finished most of the woodwork (and pounding on walls), but once the rain goes away again (it’s been in a come-and-go pattern for a bit), they need to paint. We also have started the process to have our contractor replace the fence and gate — petition in to the HOA, but we have to wait for them to discuss it, and approve it. Can’t see a reason for them not to, and the lady in the house next to ours that we share the fence with is fine with it (she signed the forms with no problem). She also wasn’t thrilled with the contractors and the walls, and she has a real job that she does from home most of the time … ugh.

Anyway, not much else to say, but FUCK CANCER. Sigh. (Won’t even try to get into politics, that whole area sucks so bad it’s scary.)

Whiny me …

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So … things that have been a real PITA lately:

  • The Home Owner’s Association sent some guys out to deal with dry-rot, and it’s been noisy as hell when they’re here … and it seems never-ending.
  • Had a webinar cancelled due to snow in Maryland today (hopefully tomorrow).
  • Herself was planning on doing a dinner for my 60th birthday, invite friends, etc. at a restaurant (we hadn’t picked one yet), but her company moved a deployment date to that date, so we had to cancel …
  • Various other annoyances.

I feel like I can’t win. Anything. Can’t find a fucking job, can’t get any relief from WAY TO FUCKING MUCH NOISE from the contractors doing the dry-rot work, can’t, can’t, can’t …

Shit. I just feel like shit today.