Er, happy new year?

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So, it is now 2017. Wasn’t sure we’d make it, with the way the world has been going. I’m not going to post a huge list of resolutions, or irresolutions as one of my friends posted somewhere the other day. I never keep them anyway. They sound all lofty and ideal, but then something happens.

We’re trying to just move along and deal with life as it gets thrown at us. I have spent a huge amount of time on the CMS I’ve been working on. Just as I think I’m in good shape it turns out I need to do something else. D’oh. Got a bunch of coding done this morning, so there you are.

So let’s do a bit of catchup. Thanksgiving got dealt with. In between Turkey Day and Christmas, not a lot happened. I mean, life trundled along, the president-elect made a fool of himself many times, messing in international areas that he has no clue about, tweeting like an idiot (as always), and so on. People died. Lots of people died. 2016 felt horrible for those who were plugged in, because of the number of celebrities who passed. However, it’s not “the year” that is at fault. It’s that these celebrities are of an age where this kind of thing starts happening. Rock Stars, Movie Stars, etc. It was a tough year for a lot of folk. However, I never really saw the sense of blaming 2016 (“No, 2016! You can’t get this one!”) I suppose for some folk it’s easier to blame theĀ  year, than something else.

CJ’s job is still going fine. Her boss still loves her. She’s still being driven crazy. There are some potential changes coming, but let’s wait and see. Would feel weird to post that “x is happening” and then have it fall through. She got a couple weeks off during the holidays, the week before Christmas and this week (after New Year’s, but before 12th Night weekend). So, she’s working on a new outfit for me for 12th Night, which is cool. Will be the first one (if she can complete it) in many years. Her birthday is of course, this weekend (on Sunday, when we’ll be coming back from 12th Night).

Did I mention 12th Night is in Reno? RENO. Sigh. If it had been last year, little snow, great. This year the weather has changed and we’re likely to have snow in the pass. That means getting chains (on my list for tomorrow) for the tires. I have never driven with chains on a vehicle in snow. In Alaska we had snow tires and some folk had studded tires (hard on the road, but boy they are useful). That’ll be weird if I need to use them.

I started moving my autobiography/blog over to a test copy of my CMS, and found bugs (think I fixed most of them, but …), and found things that would make it “that much better” (main pages and subpages … but only one level of subpages, didn’t want to get into the recursion nightmare of having a subpage with subpages of its own …). So, have been working like a dog on that.

Let’s see. Christmas was at Gail’s (my seester-in-law) place in Sacramento (the old Eaton homestead that she bought from her step-father). Overall nice. Got to spend some time with one of the more skittish cats and convinced him that those people in his house were not so bad. At least as long as he remembers. Guess we’ll see if he remembers next time we’re up. It was kind of fun. Turning into the “cat whisperer”. Nothing special for Christmas. Well, Gail got me a nice sauce pan, CJ got me a couple shirts. But, I’m not worried, she’s also paying for the new coronet that a friend is making (the early photos are looking good, but he forgets to take photos sometimes, and he gets busy, has a day job, etc. — may not be ready for 12th Night).

Still getting to the gym, even went today, the day after New Year’s Day. Feeling like overall it’s still doing me some good.

Well, not a lot to say, since I’m not doing a full 2016 type recap or a set of resolutions, so I should try to get some more coding / testing done on the CMS, and all that fun stuff. Eventually the stuff that’s here in WordPress will end up in the CMS version of the autobiography, and I will get rid of all this. But until then …