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Boy, I fell down a huge rabbit hole on the coding front. Wanted to find a free and easy to implement “grid” for web pages. Most of them are not free, most are not easy. I downloaded a couple that had good ratings and found them confusing as all get-out. Harumph. So I suggested to myself that since I am a programmer myself, maybe I should just create a grid of my own. It’s based on standard HTML (and Bootstrap) tables, read-only (no editing of the data in the grid), but it works really well. Has a lot of functionality, optional sorting of data in columns, optional search options, pagination for large quantities of data, and more. Not too shabby. So now to start actually using it. I documented it as if I might release it, however, it’s really heavily reliant on my own code, and the CMS I’ve been working on. But …

Last week was me coding (about half of it heavily focused on aforementioned grid) and doing the latest web coding course (which is focused heavily on JavaScript). Over the weekend … let’s see … Saturday we ended up going to lunch with friends, and then the ladies (three of ‘em) went off to go fabric shopping in Berkeley, while the guys (two others) and I went to see Suicide Squad (again for me). We then hung out a bit … and then ended up going out for Ice Cream and then one couple went home, we hung out more and did dinner …

Sunday evening we went to see Labyrinth for a 30-year run of the making of the movie. We hoped to meet up with some friends, but one of them was sick. Sad, but oh well. It was fun to see it on the big screen again.

Last night CJ went to SF to have dinner with her boss who is in town (he is based in Utah). The two of them get along well, he relies heavily on her which is great. So they got to talk shop and all that face-to-face instead of over the phone or in instant messaging/email/whatever.

CJ took the plunge today to go see a doctor about having the cataract surgery she’s been needing since after her torn retina several years ago. (She’s been putting it off …) She needs to lose some weight (anesthetics — overweight can be a problem), but has over a month or so, and they’re talking about 10 pounds, so it’s not a lot  — she doesn’t have the date for the surgery, but it will be in November. It may take three weeks of recovery (because of various factors) for everything to settle, but by that point her vision should be much better in the one eye. Hope so.

I have a small skin irritation on my chin. I was supposed to see a doctor this afternoon, but Kaiser blew it on the scheduling front and I got rescheduled with a different doctor for tomorrow … sheesh. Luckily it’s minor (not bleeding, no sharp pains), but it is an annoyance. Mostly it sometimes itches, but I am trying not to scratch it. Ah well. The verities of life, I guess.

I started looking at getting teaching credentials so I could teach Secondary school (preferably high school) … with all the new tech I’ve been learning I could handle computer classes as well as whatever. I mean, I am not sure if I could get a job teaching theater, with so many schools cutting back on arts programs. (argh!) It doesn’t look too complex, but I will have to examine it better. I keep getting sidetracked. D’oh.

We haven’t done a lot of SCA lately because of her work, and things like the latest big event was in Eureka, and hotel space was gone super quickly. The next big one is in Quincy and there’s very little hotel space in the area … so we’re looking at Mists Coronet, then Boar Hunt (haven’t missed that) and Twelfth Night (January). BUT, we’re busy doing stuff in the background. CJ still works with the exchequer a bit to help out (but she is not doing a LOT — partially because of job); I am doing my usual award list, history site, etc. (Part of the reason for all the coding lately is an eventual move of the awards list to the web …)

Well, wanted to do a quick catch-up …  nothing huge going on, but it’s nice to get some social time in … we’re both introverts in some ways, and it’s very easy to just hole-up and not go anywhere or do anything.

Code, code, code … and code …

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Gad, this small project has gotten away from me. It’s turned into a big one. And I’m far from done. BUT, I am learning a lot of PHP, and a few other things as well.

I probably ought to be doing the whole thing with Object Oriented PHP, but the syntax throws me (with -> for separators, rather than a period/dot, among other things).

BUT, I’m making progress. The user login/logout/register/change password/forgot password code appears to be working. The code for building site menus from tables appears to be working. The flexibility issues make things interesting. I have a few options I need to work with. I started one of the configuration pages and that seems to be working (albeit with a weirdness, but …).

On other fronts … well, herself has had the last week off, so we’ve been avoiding being under-foot for each other a lot. We’ve also gotten out and seen some folk, which was nice. Last night was fun, we saw our SCA apprentices (who have been Laurels for a long time) and one of their apprentices who is a good friend. Sandra took a fun photo (below) at the antique shop next to the restaurant.

Still doing the gym, slowly upping my game a little at a time. Not by leaps and bounds, but … I have more muscle definition in my arms than I think I ever have before. My biceps and triceps are getting big. (Well, not huge, but …) Other than that well … not a lot going on. Too much time coding, though. I’m reaching that point where I’m seeing code in my dreams again. Gotta be careful there.

Well, wanted to update a little. There you go. Here’s the photo Sandra did last night:

Ken and Large Brass Stag

A Couple of Young Bucks Hanging Out