Long Week, Not Very Productive

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Oh, sure, lots of little things, and have still been going to the gym.

On the way to drop my wife off at BART, a pedestrian (a young woman in her early 20s) nearly ran (she was running) in front of us — I assume because she heard a train coming in. Had to slam the brakes and honk to get her to stop. She waved at us, as a “thank you” (I hope — she didn’t look mad). Talk about getting the heart racing! I don’t want to run into anyone, no matter how stupid they’re being. This was not at one of the myriad of cross-walks near the BART station, either. Just jay-walking (running) …

So … the big web projects have stopped for now. I decided to take a class on Drupal, one of many CMS software packages out there, after hitting several reviews, and looking for power/configurability. Taking this course slowly, actually taking some notes (in OneNote). Will do some more today.

Have seen several movies lately (well, it is summertime, and I’m not working … but let’s not open THAT wound). Matinee prices are nice …

Saturday for a friend’s birthday we’re seeing Suicide Squad with whoever shows up, and then dinner/whatever after. They’re still figuring that part out.

Herself has a business trip to Charlotte Sunday through Wednesday. (The end days are travel days.) Worse, they scheduled her flight from San Francisco (“You can get there on BART!”), but it’s on Sunday, and BART doesn’t start moving until 1/2 hour before her flight. No way should could get there on time. So, gawdawful early in the morning Sunday we’re heading off to SFO.

Not a lot else, just felt like updating this. Just about time to shower after exercising this morning.