Is the world going to hell in a handbasket?

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I dunno, there are days it feels like it.

Now that the presidential conventions are over (both the RNC and DNC) it feels even more like it sometimes. I still find it hard to believe how many people support Drumpf (intentional misspelling of his name from an episode of the John Oliver show on HBO). Lyin’ cheatin’ bastard. Sigh.

Ah well. On the “my life” front:

Last week, while working out (Wednesday) at the gym, I started to feel light-headed. Left the gym when it wouldn’t go away and didn’t complete my workout. After hearing from various folk on this, I figure I must’ve pushed myself too hard on the elliptical. I think I got my heart rate over 160 (BMP) for a bit, which is not really good for someone my age. So, I’ve slowed down the elliptical and am doing okay. That was scary though.

Herself has managed between a head cold that wasn’t going away, and just being exhausted, to come down with cellulitis. On her face. By her ear … very disconcerting. She noticed the big red (painful) area Thursday night, I verified it. Took her to see her doctor on Friday. She’s on antibiotics. She got a lot of sleep this weekend as well, which I think she needed. The red is fading, and she says it’s not as painful. We were concerned because Saturday it showed up on the other side of her face, closer to the eye.

Ugh. She’s heading to Charlotte (SC) in a week for work stuff. That’ll be weird. She’s worried about an ultimatum of “move here or lose your job”. I would be surprised, but not a huge amount. I really don’t want to move to SC. However, *she* has a good paying job. I don’t. Sure hope that doesn’t come down.

The thing I was working on a couple weeks ago is now waiting for input from a couple of folk. I have a feeling I’m going to have to remind them every so often to even look at it.

The book is done and available — The dBASE Reports Book 2nd Edition. I am thinking if dBASE ever gets dBASE Plus 11 out the door, I’m going to need to do a 2nd Edition of that, which may not be a bad thing.

Just got a reminder I think I need to seriously look into password manager software, too damn many passwords. Ugh. Hard to keep track of everything.

Not much else going on. I mean, there’s always small things happening, but nothing momentous right now. Overall my health seems to be okay, herself’s health seems to be okay (except for the cellulitis which is fading) … still nothing on the job front. I need to look into the “After School Program” thing someone mentioned a while ago. It might get me a foot in the door for some teaching stuff. I’ve kind of hit a point of inertia on job searches, and I need to break that. Not as easy as it sounds, though. Bleah.