Door’s Done and …

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So … the drywall guys came in and worked from Thursday through Saturday, a bit at a time, as some of what they did required the mud (plaster) or texturing or paint to dry.

It’s done-done. Herself has the week off (although she had a couple deployment things Saturday night and Sunday morning), through Monday (Labor Day). Of course, any time she’s home and I’m home we have to avoid getting under each others’ feet, in each others’ way. Sigh.

I decided as part of my learning about Content Management Software to spend some time working on user account stuff, which frankly is harder than I thought it would be. However, I’m getting close to done. I have set up a simple CMS with a complex user system (many options, which is why it’s complex, including no users needed for the site except administrative …). The idea is that the actual content is all kept in a database, including definitions of many things. There are still some things to complete, some issues to work out … but I’m making some real progress, and starting to feel like all these years coding and I can still do things. I can figure out how to do things without asking someone (these days many people have been there before me, so going out and searching the web I can find pages and pages of situations where there might actually be the answer I was looking for). It’s a bit of a rabbit hole some days, but there we are. I actually intend to use some of the ideas that I’ve been working on for at least a couple of different sites some day, and in the process am building my knowledge.

Speaking of which, I finished another course in Udemy on Drupal 8, and started yet another Web course (Web Developer Bootcamp). This one is hard, because the first few lessons are super basic, although I did learn about something in the “intermediate HTML” course that I hadn’t seen before, so there is that. It’s a huge course, and it was “on sale” … list price was $200, I paid $10. Slow going, because I am doing a bit at a time.

Exercise is still happening. One of my friends (a divorcee mother of several kids who is busy all the time) just discovered on Facebook that I am doing it and has been super encouraging, and several others who have been following along have been, too. I’m feeling stronger than I ever have, I have muscle strength in my arms that I don’t recall having for many years, and so on. I am keeping an eye on my heartrate though, as several weeks ago (I’m pretty sure I mentioned this at that time, or around it) I brought it up to over 160, and got light-headed at the gym — ended up coming home. But only the one time …

Since herself is off this week, we went with Don and BJ to Skates in Berkeley for lunch today. That was fun, but the waitress we got was “too cool for school”, and lost our order. We got the appetizers, but 20+ minutes later and we still didn’t see the entrees, I flagged down a manager. We eventually got our food, which was excellent. But that was unusual. They have a good rep, and my wife and BJ really love the place … (heck, seafood, by the bay … kinda nice).

Anyway … just wanted to catch up, throw some thoughts out there … and awaaaay we go.

Boring weekend, and moving on …

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So the weekend was really dull for the most part. CJ had an “Art Day” in Benicia with her best friend BJ, and Ellie and Robin — they did scribal stuff, painted, etc. I came over later and we had BJ’s tacos (I ate too many … oof), and watched “The Woman in Gold” (better movie than I expected), came home and crashed. The exciting thing was CJ dropped her cell phone in the toilet. Luckily she got it out quickly and got it into a bag of rice. BJ went nuts researching ways to solve the problem (which got old really fast). The bag of rice did the trick. It wasn’t in the toilet for long and was in the case … so not a lot of water got into it, if any. She powered it down and left it in the rice for 24 hours. Sunday evening she turned it on and it seemed fine.

Sunday I watched movies, she did a bunch of stuff, and watched some movies. I really wanted to stay out of her way. She needed to use the computer for part of the day, did laundry, etc.

Pretty damn dull weekend, really. Not a bad weekend, just … boring.

Yesterday no biggie, but today in theory the drywall guy is coming, and so I get more contractors in the house. At least one. Yipee. I’m already tired of it and he’s not even here yet. Of course, waking up at 2am (and tossing and turning until the alarm went off) didn’t help much.

ETA: Grumble, mutter. Not today after all. Tomorrow … drywall guy is running late on a project … argh. I really dislike having my whole set of plans disrupted …

Working my way through a course on Drupal, the instructor posted lessons in the wrong sequence. Stuff dealing with users is after another section — which is weird, because a tab we added in the main navigation menu is not there, and in an earlier lesson the users were added and she referenced them for different things. Argh. I hate that kind of disorganization. Not sure why she did things that way — it’s confusing and irritating.

Oh well. Starting to feel like I’m making some progress with the beginning parts of the Awards List going to the web. That’s going to be a long project, and I’m only barely getting started, but I am seeing a lot of it in my head (which may be good, it may be bad, I dunno …). If I can get that going I’ll feel a lot better about it. I was making myself crazy yesterday trying to get the user forms to work so I could create the first user and realized I was being a dork about it, and threw together a simple program that created a user with a properly encrypted password (which was part of the problem). D’oh. Need to make sure I don’t delete that little program, it’s rather handy. Still puzzling through a few things (making sure the username is unique, should probably do the same for the email address …).

Once I have that working, the fun part is moving the data over. I am hoping that soon I can start tinkering with a new release of dBASE (going into beta soon, or so we’ve been told), which comes with a data migration tool … easier than rolling your own, and while there is one already in a freeware library of code I maintain, last time it was worked on was 9 years ago. Not sure I trust it with current versions of dBASE and MySQL.

Ah well. Expecting the drywall guy soon, suppose I ought to take the art down … do something at least a little constructive.

Termites … one learns the darndest things …

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As noted in previous post, we have termite damage (or, I should say, “had”, since the bad wood’s been replaced today).

Guy from “Orange Planet” came out to assess and give us an estimate to spray. (Agh! NOT CHEAP)

There are basically two main types (I am sure that someone who studied insects could break it down further) — ones that live in the ground (that’s what we got hit with) — they have to, in a 24 hour period, go out of the ground into the house, eat what they can, go back to ground. Otherwise they dry out and die. The others are “dry” termites — they don’t need to go to ground (the assessor checked our attic …).

We’re spraying for both, which is fun, as the house is on a concrete slab, so they have to drill through the slab in places … the attic, well, it’s the attic … oy.

Getting tired of all this, but soon it will be over.

Catching Up …

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This week has been taken up by home improvements. When the contractor came out nearly 6 weeks ago (or more?) to do measurements for the door, he had to pull some molding and such from around the door to get to the frame.

What did he discover? Termite damage. EEEP! So, he warned us it could be “not too bad”, but it could be “really bad”.

It turns out that the previous owner discovered termites at some point before selling the place. What he did was have the place sprayed, but did not deal with the damage. We had no way of knowing that. Apparently the termite thing was mentioned in some of the documentation, CJ remembers it, I don’t. Sigh. Not real thrilled with the way the guy dealt with it.

Anyway, so … this week before doing much else, the contractor brought the door and new framework, and then started removing drywall. I was really concerned when I heard “Oh, shit!” at one point on Monday. He did some more, but left about halfway through the day, with a promise that Tuesday his partner and he would be out, and then the partner would work on things. He did come back Monday evening to talk to CJ, as she’s the money on this. We decided to see how bad it really was and figure out what to do from there.

Yesterday the two of them came out, and then the main guy had to leave to enroll his kid in school so after discussing what needed doing, he took off. But the other guy worked hard. He pulled drywall, he had to cut through some wood, but it appears that the damage isn’t really as bad as it looked. The termites chose to eat the paper off some of the drywall in some places, but didn’t get into the wood. He cleaned up the excrement left by them, and the amount of work, while more than we hoped for, isn’t anywhere near as bad as it might have been. These guys are showing a lot of integrity, IMO. They could have “decided” that it was a lot worse, made more money, and … but they’re only doing what needs to be done.

There is some structural damage, parts that need replacing, but it doesn’t appear to be horrid. They’re doing that today, and putting the new frame and door in. This afternoon a termite company is sending out an inspector to give us an estimate. The contractor likes working with one of the more eco-friendly services (using orange-oil, rather than nasty pesticides), which is kinda cool. If we agree to their assessment (fees) then they’ll come out Friday. After that dries, THEN the drywall guy can come in and hang the drywall, paint, and all that, and we’ll finally be done.

Ugh. Hard to concentrate when any moment a power tool goes off with no warning. I don’t blame these guys, but I am not being very productive. Sigh. Such is life. I’ve thought about watching something on the computer (lord knows I have a lot of stuff I could watch), but even that’s hard to deal with. Oh well. I’ll survive.


Other than that … well, let’s see. CJ’s cellulitis cleared up (antibiotics did their job). Job search still sucks. Taking lessons on Drupal (web technology stuff) through Udemy. Not sure I’ll ever use it, but … it’s interesting. I may take some time at some point and look at the table structure which may give me some ideas for my own CMS stuff. Starting (slowly) to work on Heralds stuff going to CMS (thought I might use Drupal for that, but probably not). Getting some basic layout stuff done right now, tinkering with some tools (need to find a good grid, for example to use through PHP, and figuring out how to do PDFs via PHP …).

CJ did her trip to N. Carolina and her worst fear did not come true (she was really worried they’d demand we move there). She got some talks in with her manager, and they’re trying to find ways to lighten her load a bit. One problem with being good, people expect more and more from you, which can be a problem. She’s exhausted a lot, and frustrated by the number of weekends she’s had to work this year. Last year she worked 5 weekends. This year to date: 13 or 14 (not sure if last weekend was 13 or not). Not good. Her boss was a bit surprised. So they’re trying to work that issue out as well.

Keeping at least moderately busy. Still going to the gym. All the weight machines are at 100 pounds or more, hitting about 3.5 miles on the elliptical each time, still three days a week. Just hanging in there.

Long Week, Not Very Productive

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Oh, sure, lots of little things, and have still been going to the gym.

On the way to drop my wife off at BART, a pedestrian (a young woman in her early 20s) nearly ran (she was running) in front of us — I assume because she heard a train coming in. Had to slam the brakes and honk to get her to stop. She waved at us, as a “thank you” (I hope — she didn’t look mad). Talk about getting the heart racing! I don’t want to run into anyone, no matter how stupid they’re being. This was not at one of the myriad of cross-walks near the BART station, either. Just jay-walking (running) …

So … the big web projects have stopped for now. I decided to take a class on Drupal, one of many CMS software packages out there, after hitting several reviews, and looking for power/configurability. Taking this course slowly, actually taking some notes (in OneNote). Will do some more today.

Have seen several movies lately (well, it is summertime, and I’m not working … but let’s not open THAT wound). Matinee prices are nice …

Saturday for a friend’s birthday we’re seeing Suicide Squad with whoever shows up, and then dinner/whatever after. They’re still figuring that part out.

Herself has a business trip to Charlotte Sunday through Wednesday. (The end days are travel days.) Worse, they scheduled her flight from San Francisco (“You can get there on BART!”), but it’s on Sunday, and BART doesn’t start moving until 1/2 hour before her flight. No way should could get there on time. So, gawdawful early in the morning Sunday we’re heading off to SFO.

Not a lot else, just felt like updating this. Just about time to shower after exercising this morning.

Is the world going to hell in a handbasket?

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I dunno, there are days it feels like it.

Now that the presidential conventions are over (both the RNC and DNC) it feels even more like it sometimes. I still find it hard to believe how many people support Drumpf (intentional misspelling of his name from an episode of the John Oliver show on HBO). Lyin’ cheatin’ bastard. Sigh.

Ah well. On the “my life” front:

Last week, while working out (Wednesday) at the gym, I started to feel light-headed. Left the gym when it wouldn’t go away and didn’t complete my workout. After hearing from various folk on this, I figure I must’ve pushed myself too hard on the elliptical. I think I got my heart rate over 160 (BMP) for a bit, which is not really good for someone my age. So, I’ve slowed down the elliptical and am doing okay. That was scary though.

Herself has managed between a head cold that wasn’t going away, and just being exhausted, to come down with cellulitis. On her face. By her ear … very disconcerting. She noticed the big red (painful) area Thursday night, I verified it. Took her to see her doctor on Friday. She’s on antibiotics. She got a lot of sleep this weekend as well, which I think she needed. The red is fading, and she says it’s not as painful. We were concerned because Saturday it showed up on the other side of her face, closer to the eye.

Ugh. She’s heading to Charlotte (SC) in a week for work stuff. That’ll be weird. She’s worried about an ultimatum of “move here or lose your job”. I would be surprised, but not a huge amount. I really don’t want to move to SC. However, *she* has a good paying job. I don’t. Sure hope that doesn’t come down.

The thing I was working on a couple weeks ago is now waiting for input from a couple of folk. I have a feeling I’m going to have to remind them every so often to even look at it.

The book is done and available — The dBASE Reports Book 2nd Edition. I am thinking if dBASE ever gets dBASE Plus 11 out the door, I’m going to need to do a 2nd Edition of that, which may not be a bad thing.

Just got a reminder I think I need to seriously look into password manager software, too damn many passwords. Ugh. Hard to keep track of everything.

Not much else going on. I mean, there’s always small things happening, but nothing momentous right now. Overall my health seems to be okay, herself’s health seems to be okay (except for the cellulitis which is fading) … still nothing on the job front. I need to look into the “After School Program” thing someone mentioned a while ago. It might get me a foot in the door for some teaching stuff. I’ve kind of hit a point of inertia on job searches, and I need to break that. Not as easy as it sounds, though. Bleah.