Looks up … are you still here?

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Gad. Nearly two weeks – got kinda busy.

I finished editing The dBASE Reports Book, 2nd Edition, and have everything in the works for publication. I have a cover (which I didn’t quite get right, but the folk at Amazon corrected it — waiting for the proof to arrive), I have PDFs, I have source code zips, web page ready to roll out, all that fun stuff. Just need the proof.

Started a newish project — updating an OLD OLD OLD project for the College of Heralds (SCA stuff). The Kingdom Heralds’ Handbook has not been updated in years, and so I started converting the PDFs to HTML. That’s a headache. Going from PDF, because the text is in WordPerfect, and I’m having a helluva time with Word reading WordPerfect files. It says it does, but then halfway through anything of any length it craps out. D’oh. Of course, I just tried it with these, and they’re not as complex as The dBASE Reports Book chapters, and it actually works. I may save myself a bit of trouble this way. Ugh.

I want to get that in decent shape because a couple of folk volunteered to start looking at it, and helping update the thing. It’s in bad shape — things have changed a lot since anyone did anything with it.

Herself is working hard. On the plus side, she’s no longer Kingdom Exchequer, our friend Jeremy is. She’s helping him out with stuff, and doing one job for him (part of the deal), but she’s not coming home and disappearing immediately, so I actually get a little time with her in the evening. Of course, she’s working 10 hour days or more some days, so I don’t get a LOT of time with her, but …

I’m keeping busy, but I need to start putting more effort into job hunting. On the 4th at a party we were at, one of our friends’ friends suggested something (After School Programs) that I may want to look into at a local high school. Dunno what’s out there, but …

And life trundles along. Trying to be productive, trying to do something useful, but not bringing in much money, which is irritating at best.

The world is trying to destroy itself. This week Nice, Paris was attacked by a lone man in a truck with lots of guns and grenades — over 100 wounded, over 80 dead. ONE MAN. (He drove into a group of people celebrating Bastille Day). Turkey just had a coup attempt that failed — there are rumors it was started by the current President to make himself look good and solidify his standing — wouldn’t surprise me a lot.

And of course we’ve had lots of shootings in America … too many to sum up. It’s been bad. Tensions are high. The presidental elections are getting weirder … WTF, world??

Well, CJ is baking a cake for my acting troupe (can you believe the troupe is reaching 25 years? This summer and winter will hit the 25 year point … gad). Annual picnic and business meeting tomorrow. While we’re not heavily involved anymore, we started it, and …

Still going to the gym (hit week 18 this week, so starting 19 on Monday). Am feeling more “in shape” than I’ve been in ages. I could lose some weight around my stomach, but other than that … I have a little definition in my arms, a lot in my legs, my stomach even shows some signs of some muscle definition sometimes. I may have some in my back, but I can’t see there … :) More importantly running around doing errands and walking and up/down the stairs and I hardly notice it. At 59, that’s not too bad.

Well, enough catching up for now. I’m still busy, though. At least there’s that. I’m not sitting around being depressed.

Happy 4th of July, I guess

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Well, it’s not a bad day, and heck, it’s still early — herself is sleeping in … etc.

I think I would have enjoyed the last week more if herself had been able to go to the war, but oh well. Instead we got in each others’ way a bit (which is frustrating — she tends to spend so much time in her own head that any intrusion or interruption can make her angry … sigh).

So, today’s the fourth. This has been a weird year in so many ways. I don’t want to spend a lot of time here talking about politics, I find the subject gets boring after awhile, but I feel like the world’s just getting more insane lately. Okay, I said it … enough.

Making some good progress on my book, the text has been converted, the screen shots re-done, the code re-done. Now it’s time to format this thing more like a tutorial. Ugh. More work, but I think it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Job search is still tedious and slow. Got an email that a job I had applied for no longer exists, they decided not to fill the position. Um … okay, thanks, buh-bye? I guess it’s not really a rejection letter.

We’re going to a friends’ place for a party today, so herself will be baking a bundt cake (from the new pan her best friend BJ gave her).

Exercise again today. Decided to get up at the regular time and go do that thing. It was weird having the gym to myself most of the time I was there, but it is a holiday. Starting to reach the point where I may up the weights on some of the machines.

Whatever bug or issue I had last week seems to be gone. I’m being cautious on this, because I have felt a sharp pain once in awhile in the same region of the stomach, but not consistent, so am hoping it’s going, going, gone …

Suppose I oughta go shower now that I’ve cooled down.