Couplea weeks since my last post? Must’ve been busy …

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Yeah, I was busy. I decided to work on rewriting/revising my dBASE Reports Book. Oof. Word doesn’t like large WordPerfect files. Small ones it can handle, but … figures somehow. The last time I worked on that book (2007) I was using WordPerfect, it was before I got hired at Heald. I’ve been copying the text out of the PDF for each chapter, and formatting it over again. Fixing text. Re-doing code and reports. Re-doing screen captures. Crashing the software. (Gad …)

It needs help, so that’s sucking up a lot of time.

Other things: My iPhone’s hard buttons (the on/off button and the “Home” button) were giving me trouble, the on/off switch didn’t work at all (luckily the “Home” button will turn it on, and it auto-shuts off after some amount of time). I decided “The hell with it” and went to buy a new one. Went to the Apple store in downtown Walnut Creek, figuring that would be the best option — it’s an Apple Store, surely they’d have one of the latest models (the SE — the same physical size as my dying phone) in various configurations in stock. Nope. The only one that met my needs was PINK. Seriously? Shit. So I wandered to the AT&T store around the corner at the suggestion of the clerk at the Apple store. The AT&T store doesn’t carry that model in house. WTF? I was very unamused. I ended up going online and buying direct from the Apple store. That worked out better than expected, it arrived only a few days later (better than the two weeks they said online). I also ordered a new case via Amazon, because the old one was worn, but it would have worked. Now, the problematic part is I wanted 64GB of memory in the phone, if I had wanted 16GB that wouldn’t have been an issue, I gather. But, since my wife’s iPod was dying, I gave her mine, and I wanted to be able to carry at least a lot of the music I like to have handy around, so put it in my phone.

The software transfer was a nightmare. In theory you can back up the old phone to your desktop using iTunes, plug the new phone in, and in the setup process tell it to use the backup from your old phone. I’ve done this before for both herself and my phones — a couple or three times now. This process went into a loop (literally). Start, go through a few stages (1 of 8 steps), restart the phone and restart the process. After an hour or two of that, I gave up. I told the phone to act as a new phone, but I probably should have done a factory reset or something first. It got confused and things got weirder … I tried various places to get info, and eventually worked through a chat session with Apple support. Had to uninstall iTunes completely (and they have special instructions online, because iTunes is actually 6 different programs, and they have to be uninstalled in a specific sequence — which is ABSURD — if it’s that picky, why doesn’t the uninstall routine do things in that sequence?). Then reinstall it. Because I had done the “new phone” bit, I ended up just installing software, and trying to copy music over. However, that still gave me grief. I found that I had a TON of playlists on the phone (some of which I hadn’t selected for the phone), and so went and deleted them and deleted a bunch of individual clips … then was able to copy the music over. Copied or downloaded the apps. Reset passwords, email info, all that fun stuff. argh Not an easy process. When they sent me a survey, I think they got more information than they really wanted, but they asked. :) However, after all that, and two days later, everything was working (and still is).

Herself is on vacation, and was planning on going to West/An Tir War (big SCA event in S. Oregon) with a friend. Unfortunately said friend’s work threw a big wrench in and she has to work this weekend. That figures. So herself is home and that’s kinda messing me up a bit. I am used to having my days mostly to myself. We’ve spent a lot of time in other rooms just so she has the downtime she needs. Work has been stressy.

The Brexit vote in England didn’t help much, although it seems the plans the bank she works for were pretty good and no major disasters have occurred. She brought her laptop from work home, in case they needed her to log in, but so far, so good (knock on silicon).

Sunday night I started feeling a weird sharp pain in my stomach but not really strong. I ignored it and went to bed. It was stronger in the morning. Hmm. Went to the gym and didn’t experience any weird effects, was able to do my thing (this is week 16 at the gym by the way). However, as the day progressed the pains got stronger and more frequent and worse and worse. Was able to eat lunch, and spent most of the the day collapsed in my chair reading and dozing and feeling lousy. Dinner ended up being 6 cherries and a dry piece of bread. Lots of water. Went to bed early, didn’t sleep well. It was still giving me trouble yesterday (Tuesday), so went in to Kaiser and saw a doctor. She couldn’t find the problem so I had lab work done, but the lab tech screwed up — I was supposed to have a urine test, when I asked about it she checked and said it wasn’t on the list. Hmmm. Okay, went home. Started slowly to feel a bit better. Not great, and I did more reading/sleeping (mostly on the sofa so herself could do some hand sewing and watch PBS documentaries or whatever …). By evening it wasn’t horrible, but still happening. This morning less pain, but a little bit. We went to lunch with Don and BJ, saw Finding Dory, hung out a bit, and then they went home. During the movie the phone buzzed (because it was on silent of course), and when I checked the message it was Kaiser, the doctor wondered why the urine test hadn’t happened. I called back, explained to the person who answered who put my info into the report. I should hear something back tomorrow if I need to do a test (seems silly at this point, but …). I still have a small amount of pain in my stomach but not bad. I am hoping it was a virus that is going away, but I don’t know.

And I found out yesterday that Evernote, a company whose software I’ve been using for many years, is going to charge “free” users if they use their software on more than two devices. Argh. However, today I found out that Microsoft has created a conversion tool (that works quite well) that converts Evernote notes (and notebooks) over to OneNote, which is free (well, part of Office, but still … the app for the iPad and iPhone are free). Nice. So … buh-bye, Evernote. Sorry to see you go, but … (I will have to do some reformatting of some of my recipes which came through weird, but overall the conversion was pretty good.)

Tonight is apprentice night. It’s supposed to start at 7. They (apprentice and husband — as apprentice doesn’t drive) arrived at SIX tonight. That’s a bit rude, don’t you think? Sigh.

Ah well. That’s about it for catching up really. Most of my life has been focused on the book update, reformatting text, re-doing code samples, making sure everything works, documenting bug reports for dBASE (sigh). I’ll be back at it tomorrow, I guess. Eventually I’ll get to cover design …