Insult to Injury …

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So, on top of everything else, I got a rejection email from the company I interviewed with a couple weeks ago. I didn’t really feel I had that much of a chance, but it had to come today.

So, I said to myself, f*** it, and I ordered the phone from Apple, and will get a case via Amazon shortly. Turns out that the 2 week thing on shipping is a guess, and they will be shipping it early next week. So not as bad. Still … Grumble, mutter.

What a lousy day (as a whole).

Are you sure it’s not Friday 13th?

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Today has been rough.

Gym went okay, I was able to do everything. I was even feeling like all was well with the world. Got home, did a few things while cooling down, showered, all that.

Reheated some coffee in the microwave. Opened the door, got the cup and my hand got caught on the damn door somehow. Boom! Coffee everywhere! Shit. Spent 20 minutes cleaning up (and the place still smells like coffee, big surprise). Grumble, mutter.

Later: Trying to concentrate and the garbage trucks are being EXTRA loud and obnoxious (and they still haven’t picked up the landfill trash). AAARGGHH!

Things finally settle. Able to get some more things done. Decide to go out and take care of something: my iPhone is getting old, the main switch on top doesn’t work, the other button requires a bit more pressure most of the time than it should. Figured I would see about getting a new phone. Decided to try the Apple store first, because, well, they’re a store front for Apple, they should have things in stock, right? So I went in they had one of the model I was interested in with the memory I wanted (choice is simple, 16GB or 64GB, wanted 64), in the wrong color, and unlocked (which is usually more expensive). NOPE. But the AT&T store nearby might have it. So I went there. They had NONE of the model I wanted in stock at all. Well, shit. So … I left. I got some lunch at California Pizza Kitchen — a mediocre bbq salad (seriously, not that great, guys). Went to the parking garage, called the elevator, and several minutes later it was still on the third floor. F***! So, I walked up the stairs on the other side, by which time it decided to arrive, I guess. Screw it. Walked up the stairs to the fourth floor, and tried to leave.

Some moron decided in her SUV to TURN AROUND in a parking garage. That was a great start. Finally got out. It decided to start drizzling a little (as in water from the sky). Some woman with a convertable on Main had the top down, went to go put it up. She got in the car so someone a couple cars in front of me vultured (waiting for the parking spot). She got back out after the top was up and went back to lunch. ARGH. Several minutes that we could have been moving! Idiot. So same idiot goes to the next intersection and decides to turn left. In a place where there’s a HUGE amount of traffic coming the other way. SHIT SHIT SHIT!

So … not feeling all that happy with the world today.

Decided to look online at the Apple store to see about ordering a new phone. IT WILL TAKE TWO FREAKING WEEKS TO ARRIVE. WTF Apple??? I should probably go do it anyway. Geez. What a pain. I am feeling like I should have just stayed in bed today.