Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this lately …

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… but I hate job interviews. Sigh.

In a bit over half an hour I have a phone interview with a company I’ve never heard of until I applied for a tech writing job there. I applied a week ago last Friday (so a week+), and heard on Friday (which was a surprise) that they wanted a phone interview. It’s happening today.

“Startup” although they’ve been around for 9 years, they have offices all over the place (9 of them), the primary one is in SF, which I can deal with (BART and all that). I have some of the skills that are listed, I can learn others, so I guess we’ll see.

Feeling scared? Yeah, a bit. But I always do before an interview. So I’ve been going out online and looking at what I can find that isn’t on the company website (which I find is a bit too high-level, and not much detail …).

To get my brain clear of some of the nervous:

This weekend was rough on CJ. She had a deployment Friday night (left work early, but then was online until 9 or so …); and another Saturday morning, but that one wasn’t as tough. We ran some errands, got groceries, all that. She was so stressy that when I came downstairs to make lunch she snapped at me, and stormed off upstairs (even though I had told her I would be making lunch …). Made me feel pretty crappy, and I am still not thrilled. I know it’s the stress from both work and the SCA stuff (thank goodness she’s giving up the worst of that job on Saturday …). Argh. I’ll be okay, we’ll be okay.

I’ve been focused heavily on SCA history again, because of all those newsletters. I have them mostly under control, but … still want to get better copies of some things, and replace the photocopies of some others that I still have. But I’ve made some serious headway on that. Then it’s scanning time for the mimeographed stuff. A bit at a time, though.

Added some functionality to the Who’s Who on the History site last week, as well. Got lots of interest right away but that’s tapered off again (it’s a feature that’s been there, but I created a routine that generates a report from the info).

Just feeling wiped. I was wide awake at 4 this morning, had some odd dreams all night, and while exercise this morning helped a bit, I am still not feeling my best, and I have an interview. Sigh.

Oh, the Home Owner’s Association came through and we’re approved for the door replacement. So the contractor will be here Wednesday, get the check to order the door and sidelight panel (includes the frames and all), and then … well, more waiting. They have to manufacture it, and ship it to him. 5 weeks give or take. When it arrives then the door can go in. But, we finally got that part done. One step at a time, I guess.

Probably enough, need to get some water, do something about some of this nervous energy, get ready for the interview …