Weird week …

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So to start, one of my friends over on Facebook had posted something the other day about while in France, making her fiance buy her some food at McDonald’s. The thread of responses at that point was pretty amusing. She felt a bit ill after, and we mocked her as friends do. She decided today to kill the thread because some of the comments sounded to her as classist snobbery. Seriously? Since when has this person had any care about snobbery? Sorry, she’s rather classist herself on a regular basis. Sigh. Oh well.

Spent most of the day yesterday working through old newsletters for the SCA, replacing photocopies in my collection with originals, and so on. Was planning on doing more of that, but may do a side project for a bit, before coming back to it. Need to compare what I have against the stack of mimeographed issues. Ultimately need to find a home for the ones I’m not keeping (some I already have taken care of).

Last night’s annoyance with my wife was of course stupid, but it’s been so frustrating … which I know I’ve harped on a lot. The weekend after next cannot come soon enough. Sigh.

Exercise fun … because we got home so late from the wedding Sunday, I didn’t exercise on Monday. So I did Tuesday and Wednesday back-to-back. Strangely my muscles didn’t complain about it. I think all that exercising is working … ;) I’m generally feeling a bit stronger, I don’t get winded as easily doing things, and so on. All good, despite the fact that it isn’t something I exactly look forward to doing.