Lots of little things …

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Lots of small things going on, keeping me at least mostly busy, which is something. The days I am not doing much at all are … hard.

Last week was more of the same ol’ … looking for work a bit, doing some SCA stuff, working on things … just keeping sorta busy.

For the spouse however — holy crap. Without tons of detail (which I’m not sure I should post anyway), things went south at work Friday in a couple ways, the worst was the stuff involving a large number of transactions that were messed up, and her having to stay at the office until nearly 9:00 p.m. She was home before 10, but cripes. AND she had to get up at 5, to log in and then spend 10 hours that day working with people to resolve the issues. UUUUGGGGLLLLY. She was exhausted.

Sunday we went to Salinas to witness the wedding of a couple friends. We gave ourselves what should have been adequate time to get there but … we were wrong (as were lots of other folk). Between San Jose and Salinas are several towns and cities with lots of festivals and such going on (Memorial Day Weekend), and traffic sucked. Luckily the couple who were getting married found out about how bad the traffic was and pushed the time of the ceremony back a bit. We got there close to when it was originally supposed to start, seriously stressed out (chatting with folks helped). The wedding itself was wonderful, the ceremony was nice (a bit different, but all the right stuff was there), and we had a blast socializing with people. We left around 8:30, and … on the way home (about 10 miles out of Salinas) there was a horrid accident … it took us half an hour to move 2 miles. UGH. By the time we got home we were just wiped out.

Monday, being Memorial Day itself, we slept in. I didn’t go to the gym because I forgot … decided to go today instead (Tuesday). Herself did a few things (a bit groggy/weary) around the house, but mostly it was pretty mellow. Had her sister (Gail) come over for dinner, spent a couple of pleasant hours with her, and then she went home. We caught up on HBO shows from Sunday (which unusually they aired new episodes of on a Holiday weekend), and then I showed her the first episode of a miniseries “The Night Manager” which I watched recently, and got her hooked. We’ll watch the series through over the next week or two.

Today was back to normal (well as normal as my days get) — gym this morning, all that stuff. Herself is back at work. Will go to the gym again tomorrow just to get my schedule back.

I will be taking a trip to Oakland today to rescue a bunch of old newsletters from someone who has them. This will help fill in my missing newsletters for the Kingdom History Project. It’ll be weird. Finding a place to put them all will be tricky … but it will be worth it.

Two weeks and she will no longer be West Kingdom Exchequer. We can hardly wait. She will be helping her successor, but that’s okay. Not as much work … and that will back off as the successor gets more comfortable in the job. The big reason we can’t wait is the ability to go out and see people. Weeknight evenings and often weekends have been SO tied up with that job, that we have had almost no social life. Hopefully this clear up a bit. Granted, her day job still wipes her out (long hours sometimes — although emergencies like the one mentioned at the top of this post are rare).

We’re still trying to get a contractor to replace our front door which sometimes jams and such (settling over the years, earthquake damage, all that). We have a contractor and the stuff we need from him, it’s getting the Home Owner’s Association to sign off. Argh. They move at a snail’s pace. Once we get their okay, it will take 5 weeks to get the door and frame and such actually made by the manufacturer and then delivered to the contractor. So it’s a hurry up and wait situation no matter what. Frustrations galore!

Other than that, well … not much else to say. Trundling along, trying to keep from going crazy in the job search (speaking of which I should go look at postings …), and so on.

Been a little bit since I last posted …

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Quick updates, that’s about all I’m up for, but …

First, Gym — still happening, same schedule. Hit the major goal of 20 minutes per day — doing about 3.5 miles a day — my speed went up a little as some of the guys using the treadmill in the morning are running — I tend to speed up a bit without realizing it. Weights, a little higher, but not a lot. It’s still hard to do this stuff, so … I should start upping them again a little. Coming home and having to shower again which I wasn’t doing. That’s from the elliptical.

Other stuff, well, mostly caught up for now on things from Golden Beltane. Was doing a bunch of History website updates, but that seems to be under control. Went to Mists Investiture on Saturday … otherwise pretty low-key right now. Trying to get some old newsletters from some of the oldtimers … fill in my gaps and replace photocopies.

Have a couple possible contracts coming up, but they are only “maybes” right now. Waiting to hear something one way or t’other.

Keep thinking I’m going to get back into that CMS and finish it. I see things in my head, but for some reason am almost afraid of doing it. Dumb. Weird. Dunno why …

Well, this is short. I didn’t sleep well, and while I got a nap earlier today, I think I may need another. Just feeling on the edge of out-of-it. More … soon.

Second Beltanes (happening soon)

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So, this weekend is the second weekend of the SCA event “Golden Beltane” — the 50 Year celebration for the West Kingdom. One of my wife’s apprentices started calling this weekend “Second Beltanes” (a riff on the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings, “second breakfasts”). Haven’t heard much during the week of what’s been going on (no cell reception on site), except for the showing of some videos that I am hoping to get copies of for the History site.

I have hopes that this weekend I will get to meet more of the oldtimers, some are coming just for this weekend, with an “oldtimers tourney” scheduled for tomorrow. That ought to be amusing, if nothing else.

I spent a good portion of the day Wednesday (after going to the office supply store and getting page protectors and a huge notebook) scanning the original “History of the West Kingdom: Volume 1″ which covered the first 12 years of the Kingdom’s history. This was also the base document for what became the West Kingdom History website … one of my more interesting accomplishments. (Good grief, what was I thinking?)

Otherwise the week has been pretty much same ol’ same ol’. I have been doing the gym as always. 18 minutes on the elliptical (may hit 20 next week, which is a major goal), brought the weights up for the biceps/triceps weight machines, but left the rest as they were. Will try to bump up the weights next week, again.

Yesterday went and saw Zootopia (Disney animated film) — better than the previews made it look (the marketers who do the previews need to rethink this stuff — either they give you the whole movie plot, or you have no clue what the movie is about … nothing in the middle). Fun stuff, got some good laughs out of it. There’s a deeper story than I thought which was a pleasant surprise. Glad I saw it in the theater.

Partially packed for the weekend. Herself is working from home today, with the goal being that as soon as she can knock off work we can finish packing and head back out. Not hitting the site this evening, but tomorrow and Sunday. Then Beltane will be done-done.

Last I heard, David was not thrilled with enforced rest after his heart attack, but … it’s important. I hope his wife can also force a diet change, and get him to get even a little bit of exercise.

I keep thinking I’m going to “get something done”, but all I’ve done today is to back up the computer (well, all things considered that is important, but it’s not that much effort).

Not a lot else to add. The weather’s turned chilly and possibly rainy/thunderstorm-y. Yipee. It’s May! (I know, weather patterns have been disrupted, but still …) Real-world elections in America have been a freak show. Ugh … best not say much.

Sleep Fun

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Weirdly since this weekend I haven’t slept well. Partially Sunday night and Monday night worried about logistics with Coit coming to do the cleaning they did (see previous post).

Last night was weirder. I was pretty wiped out. But herself had a nightmare around 11:15 or 11:30 … and hit me in the back. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt, but it sure woke me up. Apparently in the dream she was in a fist fight with someone who wouldn’t stay down … it was creepy and weird.

Posting this here to get it out of my system, but she feels badly about it and I don’t want to make her feel worse by saying something on Facebook … not her fault, not really, just really disconcerting.

Star Wars Day …

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Not that big of a deal, a funny joke that went viral … “May the Fourth Be With You” … (tomorrow is “Revenge of the Fifth”).

Busy lately, but in the oddest ways. So last week ended up with us heading down to the “Golden Beltane” site for the West Kingdom. Friday we dropped off our sunshade (“the DE”) so it could be used by the cook’s camp. We also ran over a friend’s basket (a German backpack basket, which meant it had a wooden frame) … erf. That caused some consternation (the owners of the basket said they were going to get rid of it anyway, but …) as we were worried the wood might have damaged the undercarriage of the van. So far, no issues. Whew. Saturday was the standard Coronation stuff. Sunday got more interesting, it was May 1, which was the date of the first SCA event. We had several folk who had been at the first tourney, and I got to meet most of them, and have photos of them all. (Three I have known in person for years.) This next weekend is the last part of the event, which goes through the week as well.

Staying up with the gym stuff. Parts of the workout are getting a little easier to take, but it’s still tiring. Not something I “enjoy”, but …

The worst part of the weekend was that Friday when we got back to our hotel, I got on Facebook (there was absolutely no cell reception on the site) to see a post from my niece Rose, that her father (my youngest brother David) was in the hospital. Apparently he was resting and okay, so I posted a reply that said “Thanks for keeping us apprised” … and almost immediately got a text message asking me to call. I did, we talked for a bit: David had a massive heart attack earlier that day, 99.99% blockage. They got him in time, put in a couple stents, and kept him in the hospital a couple days until his blood pressure level went down. We chatted a bit after she gave me the news, I helped her calm a bit. Then I called my mother who had talked to Rose earlier. She had already calmed down but was understandably a bit freaked, as her youngest child was dealing with a massive heart attack. Good grief. Over the weekend when I could, I checked to see how David was doing. He’s apparently being a grumpy patient. Hope his wife can keep him in check.

Talking to Rose, David doesn’t exercise, works two (and sometimes three) jobs, his diet is not great (he lives in Tennessee, duh — deep south, deep-fried-everything), he’s pre-diabetic … sounding a LOT like my father (who actually was diabetic), he’s seriously overweight. Stressed a lot of the time, etc. His wife doesn’t clean around the house much, which means he gets to do that on top of the jobs. I don’t see him lasting more than a few more years, but one never knows. I know several folk who have had stents put in who are doing fine. But they took care of themselves after. This is a huge wake-up call for him.

And, the gym, while not a pleasure, is looking more important to me now … David is four years younger than me. I thought I had too many of my father’s physical traits (appearance, concern over possible diabetes — doesn’t seem to be an issue — I’m not even pre-diabetic, I do have some arthritis, but not as bad as my father … and I have my weight down …).

Monday we had Coit come in and clean the dryer air-vent. It was appalling how much lint was in there. Gad. That of course disrupted my day. Yesterday, we had Coit come in and clean the carpets. If Monday was disrupted, yesterday was worse. I tried to stay off the carpets while they dried as much as I could, but … except for the water rooms (kitchens/bathrooms) the whole freaking house is carpeted (it was built in the 70s, when wall-to-wall carpeting was “the thing”). Our water rooms are tiny. Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad, so I spent several hours outside on the patio (what there is of it) reading.

Today’s the first day things are mostly “normal”. For whatever definition of “normal” works for you. I have to run a couple errands, some of which is predicated on preserving more of the SCA History I have stacked up. I pulled the original “typed-on-onion-skin History of the West”  by Wilhelm von Schlussel off the shelf last night and what fell out but some old copies of awards lists going back to AS VI. ERF! I pulled the notebook because I want to a) scan it; and b) put each sheet in its own page protector, because I want this stuff to last … but I have to go to the store and get a notebook and a ton of page protectors.

We’ll be back at Golden Beltane for the weekend. Hope nothing horrendously momentous happens to any of my friends or family during that time. Sheesh.