More whining …

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Sigh. I just started looking at jobs again. Software QA: everything I’ve looked at has requirements of x years knowledge in software I have never seen, or in some cases have never heard of. Argh. Frustrated again. Starting to feel like I’m never going to work in the computer industry again. Not really past the worst of the depression about this as much as I thought.

On other fronts:

Gym: Still doing it (Week 4, day 1) — upped time on elliptical a bit, upped weights a small amount on a couple machines.

We did March Crown on Saturday, herself dealing with the money, I played “reporter” and posted on the West Kingdom Facebook page how the tourney was going all day. That was about it. Saw some folk, chatted with them and it was good to get out, but that’s it. Yesterday was pretty dull … herself dealt with the money some more (reconciling things), and I … watched movies.