Ow. Well, not in a bad way, really, but …

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This whole going to the gym thing is tough. I am not there for a long period of time, either. Maybe 15-20 minutes right now. Didn’t go Monday due to feeling dizzy from lack of sleep. Went yesterday, went today. Will go Friday. Today I upped the elliptical by a minute — may not sound like much, but it does add up. Upped weights on some of the machines, too. Ow.

One thing that is nice … on Facebook I get a lot of positive feedback about doing the gym thing. I have never done this kind of workout before, and hearing from people things even like “It gets easier”, is helpful. Others try to throw some advice out that isn’t as useful, each person’s experience is different, but that’s okay. They’re trying to help, and I can’t fault them for that.

On other fronts, CJ seems to be mostly okay (took her to the doctor yesterday, we ended up at Kaiser for 2 1/2 hours … ugh). Some concerns about heart rate, mostly stress, though.

Planning on starting the rewrite of the resume today. Sounds like it should be easy, but it’s not. There are people that charge good money to rewrite resumes. Bleah.

Well … that’s about it for the moment. Oh …

Watched The Big Lebowski this morning (it was available on on-demand). I watched it a while back, but don’t think I paid enough attention to it — the story didn’t make sense. It made more sense this time, but it was still an odd movie. I know some of my friends love it, but seriously? I didn’t think it was that good. To each their own. ;)