Ugh … it’s Wednesday already …

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Not a real productive week so far. Sigh.

Gym Week 4, Day 2 — upped the elliptical to 8 minutes. I seem to be doing okay there. The weight machines are not wiping me out, but I am not quite ready to change to doing two sets of 12 reps yet. I suppose I ought to start doing that soon. Maybe next week? I have upped the weights a little on several of the machines and while am feeling a little effect, not as much as expected. The arm curls are harder because my arm strength is not spectacular. But a bit at a time.

Spending a little time looking at jobs. LinkedIn has an option to look at jobs where someone on your connections list works. I spent awhile on that this morning. Kind of interesting, but man the jobs I’m interested in keep having requirements I can’t fill. I suppose I ought to bite the bullet and apply for some of them and explain if asked that I am a fast learner, etc. Hate that … they put in so many requirements it’s painful to read the job listings sometimes.

Mostly caught up with stuff from Crown weekend, time to get ready for Coronet this coming weekend. Day-tripping again. This time CJ can actually see people …

More whining …

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Sigh. I just started looking at jobs again. Software QA: everything I’ve looked at has requirements of x years knowledge in software I have never seen, or in some cases have never heard of. Argh. Frustrated again. Starting to feel like I’m never going to work in the computer industry again. Not really past the worst of the depression about this as much as I thought.

On other fronts:

Gym: Still doing it (Week 4, day 1) — upped time on elliptical a bit, upped weights a small amount on a couple machines.

We did March Crown on Saturday, herself dealing with the money, I played “reporter” and posted on the West Kingdom Facebook page how the tourney was going all day. That was about it. Saw some folk, chatted with them and it was good to get out, but that’s it. Yesterday was pretty dull … herself dealt with the money some more (reconciling things), and I … watched movies.


Short Update

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Gym Week 3, Day 2 (am going M/W/F): Same as Monday. Still feeling it — coming home and heading upstairs my legs are all rubbery and my arms are too. Ah well. “It’s good for me …” is my mantra …

Slept mediocre last night. Watching GMA this morning and falling asleep. Bleah. Ah well. Things to do, no energy to do them. Nothing to do with going to the gym. But sheesh. Had coffee and not making any dent in my wanting/needing to nap.

Trundle, trundle, trundle …

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Gym yesterday. No gym today. Gym tomorrow. For sanity’s sake talked over my general plan with spouse, she thought it sounded good, so that’s something.

Slept lousy last night. Figures. I have had a weird change in my sleeping pattern overall lately — I go to bed at whatever time (9:30, 10 …), read for a bit, then crash. Hard. Then an hour (give or take a bit), I snap wide awake. End up reading again, usually, for longer. Sometimes I sleep through pretty well after, sometimes I have, like last night, a kind of restless night. Bleah. Don’t know why … that snapping wide awake thing is getting old fast.

Worked on resume yesterday — a friend had edited a copy of it and sent it back, used Word’s “Document Compare” feature to combine changes. Turned out pretty well. Now I just have to use it … I need to start sending it out.

This weekend is the beginning of Tourney season (well, a couple weeks ago was a major tournament, but …) here. So, we’ll be doing that. Already the political fun is starting. It’s always something stoopid. But there you go. Depending on weather (if not raining) I will attempt to chronicle the tourney as I have in the past. A lot will depend on whether or not I get decent reception, though. The site is not great for that.

Feeling bleah. Was planning on jumping back into the PHP coding that’s been plaguing my brain, but can’t work up the energy. Instead watched a movie, slept through a good portion of it. Well, the sleep was good useful, but … Oh well.

End of Work Week

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Not that I actually work right now. Sheesh.

Hit the gym this morning. Got in all the weight machines I intended to. I think the plan for now is: repeat what I did today three times next week. The week after, bump the elliptical a bit, and then try to go through and repeat the reps on the weight machines. My trainer/assessment person suggested I do two sets of 12 reps on each weight machine. Right now I’m doing one, and walking away with my arms and legs (well legs are mostly elliptical) feeling like rubber. So … gotta work up to it. That’s the goal anyway.

CJ came home late enough that I ordered from a local Mexican place. Nice thing about it is that we get so much food we can make two full meals out of it, and I have a good portion of what I need for Huevos Rancheros (black beans, tortillas … just need eggs, cheese and salsa, have the cheese and salsa …), so Sunday morning we will have that (the leftovers from the rest of dinner will be lunch tomorrow).

Work on the resume is getting there. A friend looked it over, and I want to compare her changes to the original tomorrow. Also printed out a copy for CJ to look at, because she was curious. Gotta really push myself next week to start job hunting. A friend sent an email about teaching at a local jail … kinda feel weird about that, but … (and the one she sent me is in Sacramento — huge commute issues, but the idea …). I dunno.

I am so looking forward to CJ no longer being Kingdom Exchequer (more SCA stuff) — she steps down in June. Our social life suffers badly because of this job. She spent the last two evenings on the phone dealing with one report, and there’s a party scheduled tomorrow — birthday party for a good friend, and we won’t be going because she’s going to be doing more exchequery. Argh. Oh well. Be nice to have a social life again. I’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like. Last week’s party was such a nice breath of fresh air … talking to people face to face, seeing folk I don’t see much of … I miss that.

Tired, about to crash. Have been reading through some books I adored when they first came out, but haven’t read in a long time. (The John DeChancie books … I became aware of his work through FidoNet in the early days of the Internet — a Science Fiction group there, which had he, Steven Brust, Pamela Dean and a few other writers I liked talking about writing SF and so on. I was a lurker for the most part, but really enjoyed reading that stuff … and discovered DeChancie as part of that.) They’re still pretty good, although the last book in the Castle series feels a bit contrived now. About to start the first trilogy he wrote, see how that goes (Starrigger — truckers in space …). This is all part of a bit of working through books on my shelf and deciding if I’m keeping them or not. Many books have been sacrificed on this alter (Moorcock – nearly all of his work … among others). Tough call sometimes, but … Anyway … time to slip into PJs.


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Since no one reads this anyway, I’m gonna say it over here. Freaking Darkwood. (SCA group) They can’t do anything like any other group, have a gillion awards that they have given over the years, with really piss-poor tracking, and cause massive confusion … make my life a bit of hell sometimes. ARGH!

Okay. I have said it. And done.

All of that brought to you by the annual White Shield tournament and the fact that they have two tournaments (one for heavy fighting, one for rapier), but the victor cannot be the Baronial champion if they don’t live there. So instead, they have the winner of the White Shield Tournament (for both heavy and rapier), AND a local champion (which may also be the winner of the tournament, but may not be if they don’t live there). FOUR entries for TWO tournaments, each tracked separately. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Even more fun, they don’t bother to explain it to the person who tracks the awards list (i.e., me), so I have to go deal with this stuff several times, rather than once if it had been explained properly.

Sheesh. (Doesn’t help that they current Baron and Baroness get really snippy at times … I have had the Baron jump my case over something fairly trivial. I got an explanation from someone else that he’s had a lot of pain due to some physical issue, that is apparently finally getting resolved, but there’s no excuse for that. And the Baroness just popped in and got snippy on Facebook … what is up with that? I know that people who know them think they’re wonderful. I find them a bit abrasive …)

Other than that, how was your day, Mrs. Lincoln?

I guess I am handling the gym stuff mostly okay. I am not having serious pain, but I do feel like I’m pushing the muscles a bit. We’ll see … today is my day off from the gym, back in tomorrow morning.

Not much else to say. The rewrite on my resume is getting better. Not sure if it will make a difference, but …

Ow. Well, not in a bad way, really, but …

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This whole going to the gym thing is tough. I am not there for a long period of time, either. Maybe 15-20 minutes right now. Didn’t go Monday due to feeling dizzy from lack of sleep. Went yesterday, went today. Will go Friday. Today I upped the elliptical by a minute — may not sound like much, but it does add up. Upped weights on some of the machines, too. Ow.

One thing that is nice … on Facebook I get a lot of positive feedback about doing the gym thing. I have never done this kind of workout before, and hearing from people things even like “It gets easier”, is helpful. Others try to throw some advice out that isn’t as useful, each person’s experience is different, but that’s okay. They’re trying to help, and I can’t fault them for that.

On other fronts, CJ seems to be mostly okay (took her to the doctor yesterday, we ended up at Kaiser for 2 1/2 hours … ugh). Some concerns about heart rate, mostly stress, though.

Planning on starting the rewrite of the resume today. Sounds like it should be easy, but it’s not. There are people that charge good money to rewrite resumes. Bleah.

Well … that’s about it for the moment. Oh …

Watched The Big Lebowski this morning (it was available on on-demand). I watched it a while back, but don’t think I paid enough attention to it — the story didn’t make sense. It made more sense this time, but it was still an odd movie. I know some of my friends love it, but seriously? I didn’t think it was that good. To each their own. ;)

The best intentions of …

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Well, you know that. I know that.

So Sunday night, having nothing to do with Daylight Savings Time, I slept horribly. As in, I got maybe an hours’ solid sleep in there, with some moments of dozing off before my brain kicked in to high gear …argh.

I was going to go to the gym this morning, felt like crap (dizzy — or at least close to dizzy – I could stand, but …). So after dropping spouse off, came home and crashed. Got a few hours of sleep, read, played a game on my iPad, read, dozed … almost completely non-productive (had a list of things to do, including going to the gym later in the day, since I didn’t go in the morning). I got a couple things done, but nothing like what I planned.

So, tomorrow, despite the spouse sleeping in (she has doctors’ appointments and then is working from home in the afternoon), I intend to get up and go to the gym in the morning. In order to be sure I sleep, I took a single Tylenol PM a little over an hour ago (two tends to be too much, even though that’s a “standard dose”).

Just a recap of the weekend (not that there’s much). CJ spent most of the weekend working on the Exchequer stuff (end of year report that has to be filed and gotten to the appropriate tax people eventually); I … watched movies and played a game on my iPad. In the evening on Saturday we dressed up for a cocktail party and had a ball actually interacting with friends face-to-face. (Facebook, while useful, just really is not a substitute.) Got home after midnight, but it was worth it. It rained like crazy too … Yesterday (Sunday), not a lot. Mostly she worked on the same reports, I watched movies, etc.

Other than that, how’s tricks? No idea. Ugh … friends getting laid off from work … I deleted the game on the iPad that’s been taking up so much of my attention (stupid to let a game do that). Gotta start trying to be productive. Planning tomorrow afternoon on starting a revamp of the resume, trying to rewrite it in a different format. See if that helps. Then start working on job hunting more seriously. I gotta do something about that. But first, back to the gym in the morning. So … I oughta go crash and try to get some solid sleep, I sure need it.

Whatta Week …

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Mostly unproductive. Sigh. Oh well. Heralds meeting on Sunday, not much else … did some job searching. I have been going to the gym, sorta.

Gym report:

Monday: Went to the gym, all the treadmills were busy. Ack. That was the only machine I understood, and didn’t want to hurt myself. Went home. Talked to owner and set up an appointment with a trainer to 1) assess my personal needs; 2) show me the machines …

Tuesday: Got in some time on a treadmill. Went back later to meet with trainer. Found out my weight isn’t as bad as I thought (208, not 215 … want to get closer to 190). Found out my BMI and all that are a bit high, but not in the danger zone. Still something to work on. Discovered rather than treadmill, I should use the elliptical, got shown how that works. Also should be using some of the weight machines (not free weights) — the various machines (of which there are many) are designed to work on specific body parts. Went through the ones the trainer suggested and did some work on each. Felt it, but didn’t do a full run. But I felt like I had a good idea … took Wednesday off …

Thursday: Elliptical for 10 minutes (oof), then used several of the weight machines, but not all. Felt it, but didn’t go for a “pain” level. Wanted to get started. Did one set of 12 reps for each machine I used.

Friday (today) — no gym, taking the day off, may go in tomorrow. Felt a bit stiff this morning, muscles in various places telling me I did some work, but no serious pain.

So, I think I have a plan. Intend to go three days a week for next three weeks, then if I feel like bumping that to four or five … once I feel okay about the weight machines, will up the reps (was suggested two sets of 12 …), and eventually will up the weight.

In talking with one friend who is about my age (a few months older), I think I need to re-do my resume. Standard resume layout is not doing much for me, so maybe a combination resume … (Chronological is the standard, and that’s what mine is currently, the other is Functional, a combination is for folk with lots of experience, and focuses on the functional side, but includes the chronological job stuff). Sigh. Not looking forward to it, but need to get cracking.

Herself is seeing the doctor on Tuesday, a couple of issues … (one is some concern with her heart doing something odd, and another is “female issues”, and yet another is to get her regular doctor to recommend the cataract surgery she needs based on the problem she had a couple years ago with the torn retina … this is the final phase of that). She’s rather scared, understandably. She doesn’t want to have to do surgery (cataract is out-patient), because she’s the primary wage earner and she is afraid of losing her job for being out for surgery … I have a feeling her boss will take care of her — he really relies heavily on her, but it’s a valid concern.

Weather: well, March decided to make up for some of the dry spell in February. We’re getting hit by El NiƱo fairly hard. Not as bad as it could be, but …

I still haven’t gotten back to my coding. I keep telling myself I can do it, but I just … haven’t. Don’t know what the problem is. This is really the first time I’ve gotten myself stuck like this. Sigh. Well, should go watch the news or something …

People do this for fun?

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Well, probably not. Joined a gym on Wednesday, got some sweats and shoes yesterday, and this morning hopped on the treadmill. Eeek! I only walked for about 10 minutes on that thing (did about 1/2 mile), but my legs are already unhappy, I was sweating, am only now (about 20 minutes later) back to normal heart rate. Exercising is gonna take some getting used to. I have been told it gets easier … (well I have put myself through stuff before – owned the Nordic Track all those years and when I used it, it did get easier over time). Ugh.

Heard that my Uncle got through his surgery fine and was resting yesterday. They’re hoping to take him home today.

Not much else. Wiped. About time to take a quick rinse shower and change clothes. Bleah.