Nearly Christmas …

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… and I’m not really feeling it. I try. I guess part of it is that since I’m not working, I don’t feel like I should spend a lot of what I have in my account on presents. I am not suffering horribly, but I’m not helping with the bills, and it feels weird to buy presents. Even for my wife this year, I haven’t spent a lot. Okay, there’s the Harry & David stuff that some of our family gets (as do we), which isn’t cheap, and I typically cover the Christmas Cards and mailing for those, and I did this year as well. This is a bit random, train of thought type stuff, mostly.

But it feels weird. Not working, not finding work … I know I haven’t put as much effort into the job search as I could, but I have been trying. It has put a bit of a damper on my feelings. We’ve been watching the usual XMas movies and specials, and I do enjoy them. I’ve been listening to XMas music (of which I have a decent collection), but it’s just not really pulling me in this year.

I am pulling out of some of my despondency about coding, although I haven’t jumped into the PHP stuff more to do some of what needs doing. However, I’m feeling like I can start on it again. I spent a month where I pulled way back, because I was dreaming in and about this stuff, and that was getting under my skin.

Let’s see … CJ’s been having lots of issues at work that has had her work long hours. We missed two parties … although Saturday we did take Don and BJ out to dinner, and hung out with them for a bit. This of course is on top of the SCA exchequer bit. Six+ more months and it’s done. Ack.

We have a party XMas eve that we’re going to with a bunch of friends, so that’s something to look forward to. There’s been all the mania about Star Wars VII actually being pretty good, however we haven’t seen it yet. I’ve been meaning to try to see “Good Dinosaur” because it’s Pixar, but then something comes up. The Pearson Tech Edit contract has had me busy because the author(s) fell behind and suddenly are being forced to hurry up and finish. I have one more thing to do with that. So I start to plan something and suddenly I’m tech editing.

My sleep patterns have been off, so I end up dozing in the afternoon while watching a movie or something. Good grief.

On the plus side for California, we’ve been getting rain. It’s been coming out of Alaska mostly, so the weather’s been a bit chilly, but … definite rain. We won’t wipe out the effects of the drought anytime soon, but we’re making a dent in it. The snow pack in the mountains will be pretty good.

However I haven’t been walking (too cold, or too rainy, or both). That would probably help. Part of me is thinking maybe a gym membership, but … I’d probably end up being one of those people who pays for it and never uses it.

Well, just dumping some things out there from my tired and weird brain. Hope anyone who reads this has a great holiday, however and whatever you celebrate. We’ll do our usual Christmas at Gail’s … Suppose I ought to wrap CJ’s present(s) up soon.