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So, last post was about feeling depressed about jobs. Still not thrilled. However, the day after I posted that, I got some interest from a different company. They had a set of scenarios (well, two, but one with multiple parts) they wanted me to fill out, and I needed to do a video/screencast showing how to do something (with a time limit of 1 minute — really?). Glad I have Camtasia — that was useful for the screencast. I got that the day before Thanksgiving. The day after Turkey Day, I worked on it, and my wife helped me with the wording on the scenarios, just to make it as good as possible. Then Saturday I did the screen cast (1 minute, 45 seconds). Sent it all off and there we are. I know it’s being looked at, but that’s all … haven’t heard anything. But, anything is good, I guess. I don’t want to pressure them.

Thanksgiving was okay. Not great. My sister-in-law took in a cat from a friend (cat was a victim of a divorce), and she wants us to take her. I’m not thrilled, as she’s 15 (according to the previous owner). That means getting attached and then losing her in a couple years … we had talked about getting kittens early next year. I would rather go that route … Finished off leftovers last night (threw some of it out, some went bad). I never got into the leftover turkey thing, but CJ loves it. Ugh. Her sister gave us way too much this time … huge amounts of stuffing and turkey, etc.

We went to the opera on Sunday. I have never seen an opera live (have seen bits and pieces on TV or in movies, or … and taped the Ring Cycle from PBS for CJ back years ago before we were seriously involved). That was fun. We saw The Barber of Seville, the only difficulty was during the overture — not singing the Bugs Bunny lyrics to some of the songs (“The Rabbit of Seville”). We got good seats — balcony, but right in front, good view. Funny show, thank goodness for the super-titles though — I don’t know Italian at all. :)

Started feeling a bit ill yesterday (head-cold stuff), so took the day and did practically nothing. Dozed a bit, watched some Dr. Who (although I slept through some of it). Feel better today, so I guess that was the right thing to do. Not 100%, still feel a bit tired, and a bit of sinus today, but better.

Feeling like a slacker lately, though. I really ought to get back to the CMS I was building … sigh. I haven’t really felt like diving back into that, but I need to.

Not much else going on. We got the Christmas cards ready to send out, later than usual, because the weekend was weird. Have to get those to the UPS store (local post awful is a pain to deal with) and out. Should start XMas shopping …

Today’s supposed to have another intense storm coming in (should be hitting the N. Bay in less than an hour) — wind, rain, snow in the mountains. This is going to be a come and go storm though — my understanding is it’ll come through, hit hard, then leave by mid-late afternoon. Fun. Heck, it’s rain. This is not the El Nino storms, those won’t happen until spring. This is coming out of Alaska. It’s been cold lately — down into the low thirties at night and early morning. Gad.

Well, off to do very little this morning, but hope to at least get a few things done later. Or started, anyway.