ALMOST … is so frustrating sometimes …

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I’ve been working, on and off, on the CMS that I’ve been building. Huge amount of time the last few days on one control (an HTML editor). It’s free, it has some amazing functionality, but the docs suck. Searching the web, I see solutions for what I’m trying to do, and I’m VERY close to being there. I want to do something in the status bar (or path bar or …) and I cannot figure out how to write the text there. It’s so frustrating. Every other part of the code works, as far as I can see. It’s always something, I guess. I’m ALMOST there, but just not quite.

Almost forgot. The contractor came on Monday, did the light switches, except as it turns out we had four of them that are “three-way” … meaning there are two (or more, I suppose, but in this case) switches that affect the same lights. I hadn’t realized that they were different, and didn’t buy three-way switches. D’oh. Tuesday I went to the hardware store, bought some of those (needed four, bought 5), and cover plates to replace the switch covers, as some of them were just in bad shape, one was broken, and many of them didn’t match the color of the switch. Replaced the cover plates, and then said to my self “Self, how hard can it be …?” and attacked the three-way switches. Started with the kitchen. Took three tries to get the wires in the correct places, but then I made a picture showing where the red wire goes, the white wire, the black wire … and then did the matching one. Worked first time. Did the next set, and the builders were inconsistent — two black wires, no white one … argh! However, I guessed, and it worked the first time. And the matching switch … same thing. Got lucky. :) But the light switches shouldn’t be a problem. All the light switches in the house were replaced, so hopefully they’ll last awhile.

Decided to take an online course on creating online courses. I’m hoping to get some good technical stuff out of it, and maybe do some courses on dBASE (heck, I might do some stuff with the CMS I’ve been developing — I’m combining things learned from three other courses, and completing some of what (IMO) should have been taught in those courses). No matter what, though, it’s a huge undertaking.

I’m also working (slowly) on revamping my Golden Stag Productions page, using some of the techniques learned in one of those online courses. That’s been slow because I’m not that great at photo manipulation, although I have software. I discovered how to fade a picture out for a background image yesterday, and wrote it down so I can return to it, as I will need it again, I’m sure. :)

Still doing very badly on the job search. Sigh. I would rather get a full-time job, but it’s tough out there. I keep seeing things like “The San Francisco Bay Area is a great place to get tech jobs.” REALLY? Oh well. Feeling tired and wiped. I’ve been mostly sleeping pretty well, but still …

CJ’s really exhausted lately, what with working until 2:30am last Saturday (real-world job, not SCA), and not really ever catching up after. And tomorrow we have Mists’ Bardic. Sunday I assume she’ll be doing Exchequer stuff … I can’t wait until she gives the Exchequer job up (June of next year).