Just feelin’ … blue, I guess …

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The job search still sucks … as in SUCKS BIG TIME. Making little or no progress there, finding fewer and fewer jobs that I feel I can and should apply for. Getting rejection notices more than anything else, when I hear ANYTHING about a job I’ve applied for.

The courses I’ve been taking have proven fascinating. I started working on a full CMS (content management system) for the Golden Stag Players — I figure there’s enough content there to make a good trial run. Ran into some problems, one which I still haven’t worked out, and some are just the enormity and complexity of the database I need to build. Mostly complexity. It’s not really that big … just number of tables, etc. Feeling overwhelmed by this today.

Sleep has been off for a few nights (except last night when I slept like the dead). Still feel out of it though — one good night of sleep doesn’t make up for a couple of bad ones.

Feeling run-down, wiped out, and being crushed by the universe. I know, the universe doesn’t have a brain and isn’t really out to get me, but lately it’s felt more and more like that was the case. I suppose I’ll get over it, but man, I hate feeling so wiped out and down.