Still looking … still trying … argh.

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Job hunting is a bitch. I’m not all that good at it. I have, in the past, just sort of fallen into some of the jobs I’ve had. Sigh.

Oh well. Keep on swimming …

So a couple friends of ours who made many, if not all, of the right decisions financially have just retired. He was a tech person of some sort at Apple (he never told us exactly what he did, but he did have his name on at least a couple of patents …). Nice couple, they have two adult children (one in College, the other in the military and married; both of them are delightful as well). Their dream has been to buy an RV and roam the planet (or at least the parts they can drive to). It is sad in some ways, because it means we will see less of them, and honestly we have liked them a lot. But, on the good side, they can afford to do what they want. Having been an employee of Apple for close to 30 years, stock options cashed at a few good points, etc., they were in great shape financially. Wishing them all the luck and joy in the world.

The RV they purchased is huge. This thing takes up more space than one might expect, but it has a garage (seriously) that they are keeping a motor-tricycle in. It has room for three TVs, a king-size bed, etc. They are doing this in style. (They’ve also sold their really great house in San Jose … sigh)

Anyway, in the process, he ripped all the DVDs (and he had a HUGE collection — bigger than ours) to disc, which got me thinking about that. I have been ripping a lot of stuff lately, but not to full ISOs (DVD images) — because iTunes, the software I have been using to play videos, doesn’t understand ISOs, and they take more space (but they do provide menus, chapters in movies, etc., which what I’m doing does not). I’ll probably eventually have to do it again. But my goal was to rip stuff I wouldn’t mind taking on a trip (on the iPad, the notebook, etc.), and/or watching on the computer when the spouse had apprentices over or whatever. So … today has been a James Bond day. Most of what I’ve grabbed is Science Fiction, but a few comedies, and so on … I have close to 200 movies now, and a few shorter TV series or mini-series. I have a feeling to do it right I’d need a couple of 4 TB external hard drives. For now, I’ll wait. ;) Technology is constantly changing anyway … something else will come along, more space efficient, better, etc. But it’s been weird and interesting.

Got a notice that if I wanted to sue CCI (owner of former school) it had to be done by July 20, and some of my former fellow employees from Heald have noted that since they did not properly follow the Warn act, which means you’re supposed to give 60 days notice when closing a business, I may be able to file for a decent sum of money. What the heck? All it will cost me is an envelope and a stamp. Just hoping someone can tell me if I’m filling out the form properly. D’oh. ;) It would be my luck that I did one thing wrong and couldn’t get the money because of it. I figured I was done with these people, but if I can get a bit more money out of them, well, I’ll try. What the heck?

Working on a third book. This one’s tough because it relies on some features that are in an upcoming version of the software that haven’t been implemented yet (or at least not released to beta), and some features that aren’t documented well. It’s been a challenge. I have this thing about 2/3 written, I had to learn some weird coding techniques for some of it, but feel overall pretty good about it. I have to do a cover, but with some of the software out there I may be able to come up with something that will do. I don’t want to bother the guy who did the last ones, and frankly, the software has changed¬† a lot, having a completely different cover might be nice. Of course a bunch of editing to do. This time when I put out a call for editors, I heard crickets chirping in the background. Sad, that.

I have a contract with one of the publishers I worked with at Heald to do some Technical Editing, which is interesting. Got one chapter done this week, because it was ready. That book there are 13 more chapters to go. Another book I have four chapters. Kind of fun, because it requires Windows 10 (in preview, supposed to be released at the end of July), and Office 2016 (in preview, released this fall sometime) … The Office 2016 part is cute because the first time each day I load part of it (Word, Excel, whatever) I get notice that it is preview and asked if I want to pay for it. Not yet, I don’t! I’ll wait … ;) I can probably write off the expense as a business expense. The pay is not spectacular, but it’s more than unemployment.

Speaking of which, some people really don’t get how unemployment works. One of the people on the Facebook Page for those of us who used to work for that entity that I don’t want to name anymore posted a bit about how the school paid into her unemployment, she’s doing three different jobs, so unemployment doesn’t want to pay her. Of course not! She’s working … dork. It’s for unemployed people, to help get them by … you only get six months of it, too … try to understand how the freaking system works! Ah well.

Next week CJ has off, but most of it she will be going to the An Tir/West War (big SCA event) — she doesn’t have to work it, she just gets to go and hang out. She’s been trying to go for the last couple years, but her work keeps screwing her up. Her boss finally decided she needs to have the time off. So … That means I’m bacheloring it (as it were) for most of that time …

And of course, two cases before the Supreme Court have been awesome, one of them killed a lawsuit that tried to dismantle the “Obamacare” act, which would have been bad for so many people; and this morning all 50 states must issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples… all definitions of marriage cannot state anything about the sex of the couples, etc. Lots of rejoicing among friends out there on both counts. I expect it’s not ever yet, and there will be more lashing out, more lawsuits, etc., but … it’s something positive for now.

Well, suppose I oughta get back to other stuff. Felt like a post, so here it is.¬† Too bad only the spammers ever see this stuff (if they even read it, which is doubtful …).