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Today was a relatively productive day on my book. Not so much on anything else. But I did actually complete a good portion of what I needed to … just a bit more for the current chapter, and I can do the editing/cleanup/etc., then move on to the next. (Chapter is nearly 40 pages!)

The Graduation for the three Heald campuses last weekend was, not surprisingly, bittersweet. It was the final graduation for the college named Heald, even though it was an unofficial one. It gave the students who attended and had graduated a chance to walk the stage. I know when I graduated college all those years ago, that meant a lot to me. I also got to catch up with a few fellow no-longer-instructors from our campus. I’ll probably be seeing some of them tomorrow morning at the EDD session we have to attend. There’s an optional one for former CCI employees as well on Friday that I’ll be going to.

All in all, I feel very frustrated by the job search. Thank goodness CJ is making enough to pay the mortgage. I can cover my own bills, but not the money I was handing her to help cover things she pays for (my share of the mortgage, and other payments)… but she’s cool, and so supportive.

Not a lot to say, but felt like just catching up. Among everything else, in order to continue getting my Unemployment, I have to attend a session tomorrow at the local EDD office, and as noted above, there’s an optional session for former CCI people on Friday. I have a feeling tomorrow morning I’ll be seeing several of them, based on things I’ve gotten from talking to folk. One of them may have some leads that I want to follow up on (talked to him at the graduation last Saturday).

Got a phone call from one former instructor today asking about some stuff, and we chatted a bit until I had to go pick up CJ from BART. She’s (the other instructor) having a tough time finding work as well. I posted a few things on my Dropbox account for her to look at (from Instructor Manuals), but not sure they’ll be that useful.

Tough job world out there. Really tough.

Re: Publisher and Tech Edit contract work — I will be getting some work toward the end of July, and then some more late September/October. Not a huge amount of money, but it’s something. And it’s something I can do …

SCA world … well, it’s all moving. CJ is still getting beat up by the exchequer job. One more year … oy. One of her apprentices is over this evening, so they’re talking about whatever. I just finished cleaning up some code … Let’s see … no SCA stuff this weekend we have to do (except whatever exchequer stuff herself needs to do), the weekend after is June Crown in Tres Pinos … but seriously, there’s no big issues, nothing blowing up. Weird.

On the other side of things, a friend of ours who was very involved in the SCA has basically become a fantasy author and is no longer really doing SCA stuff. She’s having a “literary party” at her place on Saturday with authors doing readings. I guess I have to go since CJ wants to. I like the individual but this kind of party is really not up my alley. Oh well.

Feeling a bit out of sorts this evening, but nothing I won’t get over. I’ll be fine in the morning.