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Meant to followup the previous post yesterday but got absorbed in code.

  1. Exploratorium Adult Night is brilliant. No kids underfoot, pushing you out of the way to play with an exhibit … AND you can purchase alcoholic beverages (at an exorbitant cost, mind you), and … In the four hours they are open for Adult Night, you can’t possibly see everything, it’s huge, but still, it was fun. We’ll have to do it again, maybe with some friends.
  2. CJ is okay. Kaiser was just being super cautious, whatever it was they found was not cancer.
  3. Got an email yesterday morning from the publisher, I am now “on the Tech Edit Team”. Have asked some questions, but with my luck and timing, my contact had (most likely) left work by the time I wrote back, or didn’t get to it, or … (I need to know things like, oh, is it contract work (I assume the answer is “Yes”), how much will I get paid … that kind of thing …).
  4. Making some progress on the book, but every time I think I am close to getting the base code done for the app, I run into some oddity. A good portion of it is an issue of writing code that has been handled “behind the scenes” in the past, but because of the way I am writing the app, I am having to re-create a LOT of stuff. It means dealing with navigating properly, and what happens when you delete a row and it was the last one in the table, and … oy. (And making sure the screen updates properly, and ….)

We went out with Gail, my sister-in-law, CJ’s younger sister last night to a place in Danville. Nice place, good food, pricey. But … it was pleasant.

Started working on the book, figured I’d stop right about now, and the spouse and I would grocery shop, but … she just called her BF, so gawd knows when we’ll go shopping. Sheesh. Oh well. Next week herself goes back to work, so that’s something (my days will be my own again — until I get a full-time job).

Next Saturday three of the Heald Campuses are having a graduation ceremony for the students who should have had one in July (would have completed their programs in April). It will be in Roseville. I will probably go to that. CJ has a deployment, and then really ought to go to the SCA event happening in Milpitas. Gonna be a weird day …