And trundling along … no job in sight … sigh.

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The job market may be better, but for those with my background it ain’t all that much better.

Eight years in the same job, one I loved, but with for-profit colleges in the gun sights of the Federal Board of Education, it’s getting harder and harder to find anything.

Have not heard back from the publisher (mentioned in previous post), but not really surprised. I completed the tech edit test on Thursday, and sent it back, but this was a three-day weekend. Hopefully soon.

In the meantime I have to do an interview with the EDD (Employment dept.) and if I don’t, I won’t get my unemployment money. grr. So I have to fill out a list of places I have applied to, and I have to attend some other “service appointment” which is probably some training on how to find a job. I used to teach my students this shit … (well, it’s been awhile, but I have taught Professional Career Development …). PITA.

So … I have been working on my book and made some breakthroughs in the code, now it is time to explain, and finish. But the current chapter is getting huge … may have to break it up. (Sigh)

My wife took this week off to have some down-time from work, and to try to catch up with some stuff, including spend some time with some of her friends. So what happens at the end of last week? She came down with a head-cold. She’s finally recovering. However, today she was supposed to be out and about with her BF, and BF needs to have dental work done today. Sheesh. (I had plans including running some errands that I’d rather not do when she’s home …) C’est le vie. Tomorrow another good friend is coming over and they’re going to binge-watch a BBC costume show. Thursday I have to take her to Kaiser to get some medical checkups done. Oy.

Regarding the cold, I at least have had minimal symptoms, so may not come down with it. Sure hope not.

Anyway, gonna watch Orphan Black latest episode and do some job-search stuff, then come back to my book again. Long way to go there.