Sundays. Beginning to really dislike Sundays …

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So, last Sunday (April 26), I found I no longer had a job.

This Sunday (yesterday, May 3), coming back from West Kingdom (SCA, obviously) Beltane, traffic was horrid (3+ hours to get home — 100 miles …), and … we got rear-ended. It was minor, the damage isn’t horrid, no-one got hurt. Stop-and-go traffic, guy behind us who has been working long hours fell asleep at the wheel. If it hadn’t been stop-and-go there might not have been an accident. Sigh.

Today has been a lot of phone tag, dealing with insurance, car repair, etc. Haven’t taken it in, waiting to hear back from someone. Since it wasn’t our fault, it’s covered completely, and we don’t even have to pay the deductible. This won’t be horrid, the bumper will probably need replacing, but that’s about it (unless something bad happened to the undercarriage).

The event itself was fine, mostly enjoyed it. Wasn’t prepared for it to be pretty cold yesterday morning, the weather reports all were “80s+” before the weekend started. Had to borrow a viking coat from my apprentices’ apprentice. Looked a little silly, but I was warmer.

In and around the phone tag I’ve tried to get some web coding done to test something, but it seems to be being blocked. ARGH. And the person who can help has a day job and can’t really look at it until later (no blame there). Haven’t really wrapped my head around what I want to do next with the book I’m working on (actually need to finish the chapter I’m on) …

Bleah. Spouse and I may try to see the latest Avengers movie this evening. That would be fun. We want to go over my resume one last time though, and tomorrow I start seriously working on getting it out there. Unless I’m taking the car to the shop. Or something.

Well, off to do something productive. Maybe.