Well … crap.

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I can’t get into a lot of detail, despite my wanting to vent, because of course putting anything out on social media of any sort can look bad, and so on, but …

Due to mismanagement of the parent corporation who owned my place of employment for the last … five? … years, and due to other factors, the school I have enjoyed working at for almost (one month shy) eight years has closed its doors.

This is truly sad. The school was good, we were accredited, which none of the other schools owned by the corporation in question were (and was at least part of the reason we were purchased). The students who were there are in a bad way … I am not sure if their loans are to be forgiven or not, and the time spent at the school will be for naught, as far as school credit goes. They will basically have to start over at whatever school they go to, if they choose to go to another school.

All the instructors, staff, etc. are also screwed. I get to go in for a “town hall” meeting tomorrow at noon, will grab a couple things out of my drawer, but it’s over. Unhappy is not strong enough. There is anger, but I can’t really lash out the way I’d like. So instead I will just calmly take the books off the shelf (already done, actually) and move them to the garage. Get rid of the business cards. Get rid of other stuff. Just backed up the memory stick that has all my course plans, syllabi, assignments, etc, and took it off the key ring so I can turn in the keys tomorrow, with my badge.

Will figure out where the unemployment office is, and go see them soon. I had started polishing the resume during the break, because the writing was on the wall, but I really hoped that just maybe we’d get sold (that was the plan). That didn’t happen (for reasons again I can’t really say here …). I can’t even work up tears right now. I’m upset … but … well, Shit. That’s about all I can say.

Yesterday was my birthday. Happy f’ing birthday, you’re unemployed!