Aging … well, the alternative is worse …

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So, more evidence I’m aging (besides having to have a colonoscopy, prostate cancer, looking in the mirror and seeing my hair thinning out and my beard turning white …): AARP membership.

I have actually been a member since 2007, but not a big deal. However, I gave in today and decided to stop re-upping every year, and just wrote a check for a five year membership.

Since my 58th birthday is next Saturday, what the heck? I am already getting senior discounts at the local grocery store (without them asking). I might as well just give in. I should start flashing my AARP membership card everywhere we go and see what kind of a discount I get (if any), but that’s just not the way my brain works. :)

Have been purging books, and my niece (Rose — David’s daughter) mentioned she’d LOVE To get the ones I’m getting rid of (mostly SF/Fantasy – she has similar tastes). SO, in the garage are four boxes of books that are nearly ready to go. I think I need to get some proper strapping tape (fiber) — the standard packing tape (cellophane) doesn’t seem to be strong enough for books. Bleah. I was going to get them to the post awful today, but not feeling it, since I need to re-tape the boxes and all that. BUT … sometime next week, maybe Friday since I don’t work that day. Using the Post Awful because they apparently still do Media Mail, which is a lot cheaper than other options, and these are all books (which are HEAVY), so …

There’s been some weird stuff work-wise (don’t want to say much — legal and moral issues on that end), so I sat down and re-did my resume from one I paid a professional to do many years ago. That one is weird. The person claimed to be a Word expert, but he relied way too much on tabs and weird formatting to get things to work. I simplified the updated version. It’s two pages, and if not careful could kick over to three. Have to be careful with that. The new version looks a little cleaner though, and is more up to date. I am hoping I don’t need it. Would love to retire in … 7 years or so from my current job. I don’t know if that will be possible, but we’ll see. The issues I’m concerned with are not personal (my boss and I get along great, I have a lot of respect at my job, I love the job itself most days, etc.). BUT … there’s a possibility I may be job hunting. Hope not.

Mostly I’m getting into the head-space of prep for next quarter, which starts Monday. Dealing with courses two evenings that go until 10 at night — gonna be weird. BUT, there you go. Well, need to go do some things like get lunch food and all that. But this afternoon is probably going to be me flaking out watching something on the tube or up here streaming off Amazon Prime, as the spouse probably has more exchequery stuff to do (always … sigh).