Colonoscopy Follow-up 2

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Later, same day …

Finally got an appointment for Wednesday. Tomorrow after 9:30 (am) no food until after the procedure is done. Yike! I have to get a kit from the pharmacy tomorrow … yipee. Another trip to Kaiser (just went this morning for my PSA blood draw, going tomorrow for this, and Wednesday for the actual Colonoscopy).

Found out some of my friends are generous with their time, and willing to help out. That’s nice. So … tomorrow’s gonna be a VERY difficult day. No food, and then in the evening I have to start taking this CoLyte stuff. All I get is that and water … I can have some clear liquid, apple juice, ginger ale, that kind of thing, but very limited. Nothing red, purple or orange apparently (sheesh). No alcohol. And then Wednesday itself.

Not happy about it, but if I do have a problem that can be dealt with early because of this, I suppose it’s worth it. I really hope they find nothing at all. But there’s no way to know.

Probably not too likely to write much until Thursday or later. It’ll be over, I can eat again after the procedure (and most likely will) want to! Bleah. So not looking forward to any of this.

Colonoscopy Follow-up 1

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Found out yesterday (yes, they called me on a Sunday) that the Colonoscopy requires sedation, which means I can’t just drive down there, have it done, and drive home.

Problem: My darling spouse doesn’t drive. Facebook to the rescue! I posted a “I don’t normally need to do this, but …” request out there, and got a couple of offers (one from a pair of friends who live down Santa Cruz way, which is a LONG HAUL to come to Walnut Creek and so on …; two from more local folk …). Whew. So today I have to make the appointment and let the volunteers know when it is, and we’ll go from there.

Sheesh. On the other hand, mentioned it to a couple of friends who were over yesterday evening, and one of them has had a colonoscopy and said the sedation is important, and that they ask if you want to watch (on a monitor) or just sleep through it … think I’ll do the latter. I don’t really want to see my insides.

This is a weird week. Trying to get a lot done:

  1. PSA Blood Draw (Prostate Cancer, check to see how active it is) — today
  2. DMV — have to go in and get photo and such for new license (sigh) — today
  3. In-Service for school … — today
  4. Eye Exam (haven’t done it for a couple years, it’s time, although vision seems okay) — tomorrow
  5. Dental exam/cleaning — tomorrow
  6. Work on stuff for next quarter (some done, but three classes (two sections of one) I have some work to do … — this week
  7. Watch more “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” because I decided to catch up on a show a lot of friends enjoyed, but I never got into … — whenever I can slip it in
  8. Oh, and the Colonoscopy …  — later this week
  9. AND I’m starting a new edition of my dBASE Book (enhancements to the software, not a complete overhaul, so it’s more of an addendum type of book). — In and around everything else …

Busy much? Well, yeah. This on top of all the other things that I do …

Suppose I ought to go trim my beard a bit so it looks good for the DMV photo … just felt like dumping a bit more out here.