Seriously? A colonoscopy? ARGH.

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Okay, getting old is a pain, but … (see what I did there? Unintentional humor …)

I got an email from the hospital after having done the usual annual check for blood in my stool, which came back “NEGATIVE” … (and their freaking website is broken so I can’t log in and double-check). This told me everything’s okay.

Got a phone call (followed by another from my doctor) from a nurse telling me it came back Positive, and that I need to get a colonoscopy. AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

Not happy. Not happy. Not happy.

Now of course, this could be something minor, but … the last time I had a biopsy, I came back positive for prostate cancer. To date it has been behaving itself, and is not a huge concern. However, I am not having great luck with this shit.

So, this is me venting a bit.

On other fronts, well … things have been crazy as always. The quarter ended at school, not a huge amount of drama, but some. Nothing worth writing home about. Feeling mostly okay about plans for next quarter … except for the schedule (two evening classes?? Seriously? I hate teaching evenings! And one of them STARTS at 8:00pm!). Sigh. Oh well. I understand the reasoning, I still don’t like working evenings. To my mindset a full-time white-collar job is five days a week, starts in the morning, ends in the late afternoon/early evening … that’s it. Done. Sigh. That’s my preference, too. Oh well. I have a job that I’m good at, and enjoy, so …

And the Attorney General for California is making life a living hell for the folk trying to sell (and theoretically buy, and we’ve been told there are several potential buyers) Heald from CCI. So Heald is going on the offensive and trying to get people to push back at the AG … we’ll see how that goes. I really love this job, but if she has her way, Heald will be shut down, which means I’m out of a job that I really like (as are another 1,000 people …).

SCA-Wise: CJ is being wiped out by the exchequer job she’s doing. Combined with her regular (paying) job, she has no life (which means WE have no life) outside of this. We sometimes get to an SCA event and get to see people. But we don’t do a lot else. There is a person from the SCA Exchequer office (corporate) coming to spend the night at our place, audit the books tomorrow, and then fly back out again in the evening. And Sunday is the Kingdom Officer’s meeting which CJ has to be at (we’re hosting it at our townhouse “clubhouse” building, and she’s an officer …) … no down-time. Next weekend there MIGHT be some downtime if people leave us alone. Maybe we can try to get out and see some friends, or a movie, or both … that would be nice.

Not feeling very positive right now, the whole “C” word thing is now hanging over my head again. I haven’t said anything publicly (Facebook) because what’s the point? I don’t know anything either way, but still … shit. Just … shit.

Bleah. Think I’ll take a nap or something.