Busy Busy Busy …

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As the title says, it’s been busy. Weird quarter. Mondays and Wednesdays I am at work from 6am to 8pm — yep, 14 hours. I have a couple of breaks between classes, my first class at 8:45, so I’m not in the classroom all that time. However, it’s pretty tiring. Then Tuesdays and Thursdays are weirder … I have one class, at 1. But I go to the school at the same time. I work on things (I always have things I can work on, projects, assignments, grading, etc.). At 10:30 I have office hours up to noon. Grab some lunch, then eventually go to class. At 3 or so (after doing attendance) I head for home. Fridays I have off except when there are faculty meetings.

Tired a lot, but … on the plus side I sleep pretty well. I’m not complaining, just explaining.

Odd things: It is week 4. Yesterday I had two students show up, one who had attended one time, and another who has never been in class. Ack. Trying to catch people up with 4 weeks of work is not easy.

Today is graduation (normally it is in the break between quarters, but … scheduling can be tricky).

My big SCA project is on hold. Pretty much constantly. Sigh. I need to find another person to step up, I think. Sadly, if I make some sort of “I need someone …” announcement in public is going to be insulting to the other person, but … I would like to start working on this thing. I have one guy who has some experience, and is interested, has some energy, etc. I actually met him in person at 12th Night.

CJ is constantly wiped out these days. She’s been cat-herding because of the SCA job she has. The financial office (Exchequer) is tough, and the end of year reports have to be excruciatingly clean. The worst part is getting the reports from all the subgroups in the Kingdom (N. California, part of Nevada, Alaska …). Some of the folk doing these reports have no clue what they’re doing. It’s tough. Once she’s done with that report she can relax a little.

On the plus side, our 21st Anniversary is next Thursday (Feb. 26). To celebrate, we’re going to Disneyland that weekend … we didn’t go last year due to finances (massive vet bills). It’ll be nice to get a chance to unwind.

I have to admit I’ve been having fun with Kickstarter — various tech and gaming projects. This is helping businesses get started, I donate some cash, and get a copy of the project, and sometimes some bonuses. If the project doesn’t meet its goal, then no money is funded. So far the projects I’ve helped with have all met their goals. A few things have come on, a couple of “disappointments” on the tech side. But otherwise they’ve been fun.

We’ve been asked several times if/when we’re going to get new cats. It was only three months ago that Rebo and Zootie passed. I think it will take more time …

And a little at a time, I’ve been working on purging some things. Mostly some of my books. I’ve started to hit the point where I know I’m never going to re-read many of them, so every so often I start pulling some of them off the shelf … I figure that I’m going to be 58 in April, and the old adage about “you can’t take it with you” is true. I don’t want to burden someone else with getting rid of all of it when I eventually (hopefully a long time in the future) pass.

On the health end, I’m mostly pretty good. The holidays were tough on the waistline, but that’s normal. I’m trying to cook more, which means if done properly the food is healthier than a lot of other stuff. CJ has admitted she needs to lose weight. So after the Disney trip I am going to focus on that a bit. I’m not too overweight, but …

And the prostate cancer is holding. The quarterly PSA tests have been stable, staying at the same level … which is good.

I do have an odd pain in my right thumb-joint — where the thumb and hand join. It’s not been going away, which concerns me. At some point I should try to see a doctor, and get it looked at. I don’t know what it could be. Bursitis? It doesn’t seem to be arthritis, as there is no swelling of the joint. It makes it hard to grip things, I actually hurt during a handshake the other day. Grumble, mutter … in the grand scheme of things, I’m in good shape, so …