And we’re off and running …

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At the school: January quarter has started. I have one class today, and am going in later than I will the rest of the quarter. No real reason for me to do office hours, for example, we’re just getting started. Next week I have office hours in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays … the Monday/Wednesday schedule is a bit rough (four classes spread out over the day — get up, take spouse to BART at 6, go to campus, have a couple hours of prep time, then two classes; then a couple hours break, a class; then a one+ hour break and my last class … comes out to about 14 hours). However, there are some instructors who have it worse (day classes and evening ending at 10 …), so I can’t complain too much. The evening class last night was fun — intro to computer stuff, but the first topic is Computer Concepts, which includes a lot of terminology. I give the students more detail than what is in the book, and I got some nice compliments at the end of class. Makes me wonder about some of the instructors they’ve had in the past. Ah well.

SCA: We went to the Investiture of a couple of friends as Prince and Princess of Cynagua (parts of N. California, Sacramento, etc. and part of Nevada) last Saturday. That was fun. They’re nice people. Happy to see them step up … CJ’s being wiped out by the Kingdom Exchequer job (finances) on top of her real job. This time of year is the “end of year” stuff for the IRS (in the SCA we call it the “Domesday Report”). Herding cats (the other local group exchequers is really tough). Not a lot going on to report about right now …

In general we’re just trundling along, trying to have a “good life”, but we’re both pretty tired lately. On the plus side I’m sleeping pretty hard most nights, which I need, but I always feel like it’s never enough. I inherited my father’s inability to sleep in, in the morning. However, unlike my father, I don’t wake anyone else up because of it. Or try not to.Well … there’s gotta be something I can work on around here … Planning on some cleaning tomorrow — CJ has been so wiped she hasn’t been doing the floors in the bathrooms and kitchen, and they look horrible, so I’m going to surprise her with that. Then I need to replace some light switches in the house. (I hate playing with electricity …) yipee! Then some other usual things around the house.

Good Grief … Time flies sometimes

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The winter holidays have flown by, the October quarter at school is done, and I didn’t write one word out here, because I was so busy. (Or exhausted, or both.)

Gearing up for the next quarter at work, we only have a week off this quarter, because of the Winter Holiday break (at least the students got two weeks back, instead of going directly into finals, which has happened in the past). During the holidays I took and passed with flying colors two of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams required for work. I need to do the one on Excel, and want to do the one for Outlook (I would do Access, but we’re not teaching it anymore).

In the SCA, well, all the usual stuff has happened. Twelfth Night Coronation came and went, The Golden Stag Players had a triumphal performance of Twelfth Night (Shakespeare) at Twelfth Night. Cast party was last weekend, viewing the video, etc. The BOD meeting on Saturday has proven to be interesting. They decided there was not a need for a peerage just for the Rapier fighters, but did not try to push them on the other peerages. The debates on Facebook have been long and crazy. A few outspoken knights have posted “they belong in the Laurel!” comments that have made some people nuts. I got into one of those debates, but pulled out of it after deciding my commentary wasn’t actually getting through to the guy (no big surprise). I’ve not really gotten into any of the other debates, not worth the effort.

Still miss the cats, but it’s not as bad now. I don’t see them out of the corner of my eye often anymore. I am still sad when I think about them, but I imagine that will be the case for some time to come. We’ve been asked when we’ll get new cats — I don’t know. It will take a bit of time for us to heal, and be ready to take on new beasties, but I do believe that will happen.

On other fronts … just had major maintenance done on the car, the biggest expense was just the actual work. But it was just maintenance, nothing broke (well, one of the engine mounts was leaking oil, so that needed to be replaced), but the timing belt was pricy (again, not the actual belt, but the labor). Ouch.

However, despite it all, CJ and I are going to go to Disneyland (plane tickets and hotel are reserved and paid for) for our anniversary. We missed it last year due to rather steep vet bills, so am looking forward to it. This will be our 21st anniversary …

CJ is starting to get a little weird about her age. Not horribly, but she’s mentioned it a lot more than usual (she’s 57 this year). Dunno what to do about that. I mean, seriously … we’re getting older. I am a little shy of a year older than her, and don’t feel it as much. However, I am in decent health, although I could stand to drop some weight (20+ pounds or so). The holidays are rough on the waistline (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

Have to go to the campus today even though it’s my break, because I need to do a couple things that I can’t do from home, and we have a campus-wide staff meeting (something we have started doing every quarter during the break). Schedule for work is going to be odd next quarter: Four sections of the intro to computer class, and one of Introduction to Entrepreneurship. And weirder, four classes Mondays/Wednesdays (one in the evening), one class T/Thursday. Weird. Oh well. I have a job that I like (most of the time anyway), CJ has a job that she likes with a manager who really appreciates her … I guess we’re doing okay.