And Now It’s Zootie’s Turn …

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The last week Zootie, Rebo’s brother (littermates) has been deteriorating. We actually expected to lose him first. In the last few days his breathing has become super labored (breathing very heavy, panting, just walking across the room is an exertion …). We took him to the vet yesterday, they tried to drain some fluid from his lungs, but could not find any pockets of fluid.

This morning when I went to go feed him he lay down while I prepared the food, and did not come to the food for his breakfast. I had to take him to the food.

I fear this is it. We’re going to take him in and have him put to sleep today. I feel horrible. He’s been my cat for over 16 years, bonded to me more than CJ. He has no issues with CJ, but he was definitely my cat, like Rebo was really her cat.

Two cats in three weeks. Sigh. Very rough month. I have been asked if we will get new cats, and all I can say now is “probably”. But it’s not going to happen right away. We need to let the wounds heal a bit.

Zootie as a kitten

My little kitten (1998 when we got him)

Rest in peace, little Zootie.