And … It’s going to take even longer …

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Sigh, the person working on the media shelves broke his router, and has had various issues. Called me today, is sending a refund check.

The most frustrating thing is that I can’t get mad at him, he tried, but he realized he’s not up to this, his equipment wasn’t really up for it, etc. He’s apologetic, all is fine, I’m not mad at him. I am, however, frustrated. This is something that in my head should have been completed the weekend we got the TV in. But no, one thing after another.

I have ordered a different set of shelves that state on the website “minimal assembly required”. I have no idea what that means, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, we’re down to the last three weeks of the quarter, then I get two weeks off. During that two weeks, CJ and I are going to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle with Gail (CJ’s sister) and a couple of her friends. Or maybe just one, it is possible that Melne can’t make it (she has a family thing coming up, if I remember correctly …). Should be fun, something to look forward to. It’s a weekend trip, Gail is renting a car for it … she wanted to do this so badly that she really pushed, but I don’t think it was too difficult a push …

Other than that … two friends or associates are in the hospital. Flieg’s wife is in and has been for a bit. And another got hit on his motorcycle and is having surgery today (broke his pelvic bone as well as his leg). Good lord … things can get weird out there, I tell ya’.

Well … that’s taking longer than expected …

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So a bit back we had the old TV taken out and we put a new one in. Had the old furniture taken away, all was looking good.

I purchased some pre-fab shelf units to deal with the media that turned out to be really badly made, and the one I tried to build broke on me and part of it landed on my head and arm. No serious damage done, except to my psyche. (Among other things I am hardly the best handyman in the world … never really got the knack — I can use a hammer, a screwdriver, etc., but not all that well, and building things? I suck at it …)

So, I contacted a friend who is a handyman, and we made arrangements for him to create media shelves. Then things got weird for him. However, I stuck with it. He’s a nice guy, a vet, and I wanted to help out a friend. His price was good, etc. Then he fell off his truck. Sigh. More hurt, more delay. In theory on Sunday coming up he will be bringing them … I would like to get the living room settled. I don’t blame him, he has a busy life, a family, kids, a duck farm, and lots of stuff going on. It’s just a little frustrating.

In an ideal world (note that word “ideal”), this would have been done in one weekend, and et voila, all is well. Oh well. Not an ideal world.

Still not sure what is happening in the grand scheme of things at work. I hear “we should know something by Friday”, and then Friday goes by and nothing. Like to get that settled too … kind of being vague there. Don’t want to get into a lot of detail until it’s all done-done and settled out.

Oh well. Life goes on. Some of my friends are doing well. Some not so well.

Flieg’s wife is in the hospital and has been for a bit. The posts on Facebook make it sound like she’s finally recovering … another friend was riding his motorcycle and got hit badly, is in the hospital needing surgery on his hip and leg, there are pins in some of the bones in his leg now. Sigh. I am not a fan of motorcycles (some of the drivers are plain stupid and suicidal, but certainly not all …), but seriously, it’s not that hard to pay attention. Rear-view mirrors, actually watching the road and the everything going on around you … too many stupid people allowed to drive these days.

I’m just filling time at the moment before I crash (in bed, sheesh!). Tired. We’re down to the final month of the quarter and students are getting weirder around the edges (ones I haven’t seen in weeks are suddenly surfacing and asking what they can do to bring their grades up … argh!). C’est le vie.

Think I’ll go read. My wife has one of her apprentices over with her husband (Meg and Walkyr) and I’m not feeling social. I realized the other day that I still have some strong introvert tendencies, which may seem weird with my job, but sometimes I just need to get away from people. And it is worse since once people start showing up at work in the morning, I am “on!” meaning that I put on my game face and I’m interacting and … as any introvert knows, this can be wearing after awhile. I’m usually pretty good about it, and can go long times, but after awhile I’m just burned out. Which is not to say I don’t love hanging with my friends, but sometimes I get overwhelmed at parties and such too … anyway, figures I’d work that one out at the age of 57, eh?