Day before my birthday …

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Well, I normally would be at work right now, but my schedule this quarter is odd. My first class is at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and while I have office hours scheduled at 11 a.m., it’s the first week of the quarter. I will probably try to get into the habit of leaving home around 10 to be on campus in time for my office hours.

Tomorrow’s my birthday, and as one does, there’s a little reflection going on (mostly in the back of my fuzzy brain). There’s nothing super special about this birthday, I’ll be 57. It’s weird realizing that I’m that close to 60, but what the hey? I’ve made it this far.

SCA stuff: I have been (slowly) working on a history of the West Kingdom (kind of condensing down the West Kingdom History website) — this is not an easy task. Picking and choosing the most important elements is tough. Right now the document I’m working on is 20 pages, and I’ve gotten to around year 11 of the SCA. However, I think from this point forward there will be less “important events”. The earliest part of the Kingdom’s history has a lot of major items that need to be mentioned (creation of other major groups, creation of major awards now used across the SCA, etc.). There are still some big items, but overall it will slow down a bit … or … I suppose one way of looking at it, it will speed up a bit, as there will be less “stops” along the way.

Other stuff … not a lot. Last weekend (SCA again) we went to Tres Pinos for the Towne Faire event — this is a new type of SCA event and went over pretty well with those who attended. It was mostly set up as booths and such, with some “standard” SCA merchants, and a lot of other interesting items. The “White Rose Chapel” had some early SCA artifacts in it, which was fun. We day-tripped the event but overall had a good time.

Just kind of felt like I should post something, I think. There’s not a lot of interest going on right now. CJ’s job is keeping her really busy, my job is wiping me out, but I have Fridays off, as I moved my office hours to weekdays. I am hoping I’ll see more students that way, and not feel like I’m wasting my time. Mondays and Wednesdays I have three classes, but they are scattered over 8+ hours (one at 8:45, one at 1:00, and the last at 6:00pm). Ack. Oh well. Hopefully this quarter only. We’ll see.

I started talking to some folk (more SCA stuff) about working with coders to create a custom Content Management System (CMS) for the West Kingdom History. We won’t be able to start until September (the person with the most experience in this area is busy), but I can work on specs, and all that. I have some ideas, and am excited about the idea of making management of all this easier (and something I can eventually hand off to someone else who won’t need to know how to write HTML and all that …). The goal is to include the media as part of it (photos, videos, etc.) and incorporate the whole thing into one system, allowing folk to comment on events and photos, upload photos easily (the current system doesn’t seem to be very popular, sigh), and again comment/tag/etc.

We’ll see. I have hopes. I could probably try to do it myself but I’d rather rely on someone who’s done some of this type of stuff before. I will be learning more about PHP in the process (one of the many web programming languages, I use it a little for some of what I do now …).

Feeling generally exhausted lately. I’m sure this will pass. Maybe this weekend I can sleep in a bit. We’ll see.

It’s been THAT long since I posted?

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Gadzooks. Well, I’ve been busy …

So, let’s just get some basics down. Re-reading previous post, I realized I hadn’t talked about our anniversary.

So — this year was our 20th year anniversary. Due to finances we didn’t go to Disneyland (but CJ promises next year). Instead, we drove to Monterey and stayed at a nice hotel right down on the water, and a block from the Monterey Aquarium. That was brilliant. The hotel was nice, the room was big, and we had a partial view of the ocean from the third (I think) floor. You could see otters out there in the kelp beds just off shore! It was a rainy (but not heavy rain) weekend, and so we didn’t do a LOT in Monterey. We walked around the Cannery Row area, and Saturday we spent at the aquarium itself. Took lots of photos of fishies, sharks, jellies, otters, etc., and really just enjoyed hanging out together. After all this time we still enjoy doing that. Just hanging with each other and doing things. That’s nice and bodes well. :) Anyway, I wanted to make sure I mentioned the trip. We may have to do that again sometime … it was lovely. Maybe do it when it is sunny out, instead of rainy. :)

Cats: Zootie is sweet as ever. Rebo is getting more obnoxious. They’re same age, and old. Rebo’s hyper-thyroid is getting worse and worse. The constant noise sometimes, the peeing on clothes for reasons we can’t fathom (we keep the catbox clean …). Argh. The differences in these two is amazing. When Rebo is calm and sweet, he’s just as sweet as can be, but the rest of the time I feel like kicking him (I would never do that, mind you, but …).

Health: Not much to say. Health seems to generally be good (knock on wood). Will be going in soon (a bit over a week) to do the standard PSA test.

The rest: Well, job’s been busy, but overall good (despite the usual basket-case students, and such). Next quarter (in two weeks — we have finals this coming week starting tomorrow, and a one week break …) I have an evening class. Bleh. But oh well. I really do like the job, and my manager (Program Director) is great, and … but any job has its difficulties, and sometimes one has to do an evening class.

The busy side is that I decided with the awards and the History data I’ve been dealing with for many years now for the SCA, I needed to up things a bit. Hard to describe, but basically getting historical award data and some from local branches, and getting it organized, and all that fun stuff. Not an easy task. It was beginning to feel sysiphean in magnitude (just when I was starting to feel accomplished with it, the boulder would roll back downhill and I’d have to start pushing it back up again). Lately I’ve been getting some helpful information from other people that’s bringing it closer to looking like it may actually reach a point of “done” (as much as anything like that can be).

Soon I look forward to starting another big project: Condensing fifty years of history for the West Kingdom (more SCA) to a few pages. Eeep! Well, we’ll see how that goes. I have a ton of handy editors to ensure accuracy (the folk who helped with early history on the history website I maintain). It’s largely a case of how much can I fit in, without going overboard … and having too much. But not having too little, either.

Speaking of SCA: went to an eventĀ  yesterday (Mists Spring Coronet), which was fun. Drove down to Tres Pinos with CJ, and spent the day hanging with friends. Got a bit of color on my face (sunburn) because while we brought the sunscreen, we didn’t use the sunscreen (d’oh!). Luckily it’s not bad, doesn’t hurt. In the past this has disappeared in a couple days. Still feel a bit silly about it though.

And in June I’ll be flying to Las Vegas for the Known World Heraldic Symposium. I have not done a lot of hard-core “being a herald” for sometime, mostly hanging in the background doing the awards list and such. But I felt it was time to jump back in feet-first. So here we go.

CJ’s job has been keeping her busy, and she took on a major SCA job that has been also keeping her busy. Oof. The cat herding is fun (trying to get reports out of all the smaller branches).

The great coat mentioned back in February: got ordered from a company in China (via eBay), and then I spent some time hunting down the correct buttons and buckle (it arrived with plastic US Air Force buttons, not brass Royal Air Force buttons (crown and eagle); and a cheap silverish buckle on the belt, which should also be brass). Found what I needed on eBay. It looks great, CJ replaced the buttons, and after I clean the buckle it’ll be done-done. Very cool coat. Have to get a photo or two of me wearing it at some point.

Overall: Life is pretty good. I could win the lottery and not have to worry about money ever again, but otherwise, things are going pretty well. (And the lottery commission is notorious for not cooperating … I mean, someone somewhere wins once in awhile, but it’s never me … sheesh! :) ) Anway, not a lot else to add, but I felt like I should say … something.