January? Seriously? It’s already halfway through January?

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Time does fly. Not necessarily all fun, but …

Checked with some friends who use WordPress and have activated a plug-in that may stop most of the spam I’m getting. Hope so. We’ll see over the next week or so. Some Italian guy has a spambot that generates lots of hits with random gmail addresses for the return address.

Quarter is over, and the first half of the break between quarters is too. Twelfth Night (SCA) came and went, the play was great (am burning DVDs for the troupe e’en now), my apprentice Juan/Tim did a superb job taking over the troupe and keeping everything working. I am really pleased with the legacy I’m leaving there. I am not sure I’ll ever be an active member of the troupe again, but I am pleased with what has gone before and how things are taking off after I stepped back.

This last quarter at the school was … tough. The winter/Holiday quarter is always hard, and this one was harder than many. Lots of students who don’t have a lot of personal responsibility, and lots of students who had some serious hardships (deaths in families, etc.). Hopefully this next one will be at least a little better. It’s hard to predict these things.

Graduation was Thursday evening, and that’s always a kick in the pants. It is actually uplifting as an instructor, seeing those students, some of whom you weren’t sure were going to make it, walk the stage, the pride in their steps, etc. One of the student speakers actually called out a few instructors, and I was one (in a good way). That is nice. It doesn’t happen often, so it is nice when it does. It makes you realize you can have a positive impact on their lives.

Cats: Oh my gawd. Zootie’s vet bills have hit over $3K so far. We’ve hit a wall. We aren’t doing our annual Disneyland trip because of his bills. Sigh. And that doesn’t count the medications. (He’s on three right now …) He’s diabetic, and now has congenital heart disease. This means he was getting fluid in the sacks outside of the lungs making it hard to breath, and has to take two medications to keep that down. His brother is hyper-thyroid (Zootie was checked for it, and at least he doesn’t have that as well!), and that’s getting worse. They’re 15+ years old. Geriatric is about the best thing I can say. But there are times I want to shoot Rebo (who just yeows for no apparent reason, loudly, and consistently for periods of up to 1/2 hour or more at a time …). We just want to let them live out their lives as comfortably as possible, and we’ll move on from there. At this point unless there is good reason, Zootie won’t be going back to the vet anytime soon. He’s responding relatively well to the medications, and is actually fairly lively and involved. This is good … we want them to do as well as possible until it is time for them to stop.

On other fronts … lessee … CJ has taken on a job in the SCA that is very time-consuming, but someone had to do it … (Exchequer — keeping track of money, staying on top of … well … everything involving money in the Kingdom of the West …). If she hadn’t done that I might have put in for Kingdom Herald (Vesper), but we can’t have two major offices in the same house. Maybe after her two year stint is done (she already has a successor) …

Carolyn’s job is going well, her boss loves her … she may actually get a raise and possibly a pay grade change (up a level), which is even better.

At this point, most of our friends are doing well. One is finishing the radioactive treatment after the chemo for her breast cancer — I think she’s about a week out from being done with all the treatments. She’s looking forward to that. Some of our friends who have had job fu are finding work. Of course we have some friends who are looking. Seems to be a never-ending battle. Happy to have a job I like, where I’m appreciated.

We’ve been having loads of fun with our internet provider. Our connection will typically drop somewhere around 10, and then connect/drop/connect/drop on and off to somewhere around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, where the connection becomes stable again. We kept getting someone who was working off a script (yes, we unplugged the modem and reset it, yes the computer is turned on, sigh … our problem IS NOT ON YOUR DAMN SCRIPT!). Today CJ talked to a guy who spoke English as his first language (!!) and was able to work off the script and we may see some resolution (I hope) … we’ll see. Not holding my breath, but this is a positive step.

Carolyn has been convinced by a couple of friends to do an 18th Century thing today (they’re sort of trying to do something similar to the SCA, but more role-playing, and not as regular a gig). They are going to dress her up, as the costume that was being made didn’t get completed in time. I’m sure she’ll have fun, but she’s a bit dubious about doing it on a regular basis (whew! last thing she needs is ANOTHER expensive hobby!).

Can’t think of much else to say at this point. I know most or all of my friends and family are not seeing this, as there have been no comments. Not worried about it. It is mostly to help me remember things. Hope it helps.