Seems I’m Just As Bad About Posting Here …

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… as I was on my old site. On the plus side, it’s easier to post here, as I don’t have to tinker with the HTML.

Thanksgiving was uneventful, although the food was wonderful (no big surprise).

Not a lot to talk about, probably why I haven’t posted anything. CJ’s job is going well, my job is going well (got a really good review, even though no one at the school is getting raises, sigh). Speaking of CJ’s job: Tuesday Wells Fargo is congratulating all the folk who have been there for 25 years. CJ hasn’t exactly been at Wells all that time, she worked for World Savings for a loooong time, then the merger with Washington-Mutual, and then the merger with Wells. During all that, she kept her seniority, so she has accumulated 25 years. Weird, but it works out. She’s already gotten a couple things, something for the desk at work, and we have a mantle clock (very nice looking) — drawback: we have no mantle to put it on. D’oh. Anyway, we’re going to the city (San Francisco) to a nice dinner … there will be a lot of folk there apparently, which makes CJ feel better, anyway.

Overall, life is good, I guess.We both have our health, the cats are as healthy as can be, although I think the hyperthyroid is getting Rebo. He’s getting worse, and is bones more than anything else, with way too much energy all the time. Zootie seems to be okay though. We need to take him in to have his lungs xrayed, as the last time a couple months ago they found some small spots. Would figure he’d come down with cancer or something on top of the diabetes.

On the geek front, I got sucked into watching Dr. Who on Amazon Prime (since I’m already paying for it …), and have decided that the reboot is much better than the original series (which turned me off quickly back in the 70s). So … purchased the full seven seasons, etc. Got CJ into it, and finished S. 2 today with her. May watch part of S. 4 on Amazon myself in a bit, just to keep busy.

I have noticed the spam-trolls really like WordPress. The only comments I’ve had have been spam. Oh well. Four-day weekend is almost over, feel mostly rested, although still a bit tired. My sleeping pattern is off (worse than usual). Bleh. Oh well. Back to classes tomorrow.