Well, shoot …

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I kind of thought that if I started using WordPress for this, I’d do more posts, but no. Nothing more than previously.

Quarter is over. And the end of the quarter has been weird.

Last weekend, Zootie got sick. Seriously sick. We took him to the vet. He spent four hours, they gave him sub-cutaneous fluids and glucose, and we brought him home with some anti-biotics, because the vet thought he might have a Urinary Tract Infection (which he may have). During the week (finals week at work), he started getting better, but wasn’t eating a lot.

Saturday morning we were getting ready for Crown (SCA event), mostly dressed, when he had a seizure. He may have had more during the night, we don’t know. Changed clothes, went to the pet hospital because the usual vet wasn’t open on Saturday. Ended up leaving him there for well over 24 hours. His blood sugar levels were so close to zero … and that’s why he had the seizures. He’s diabetic, hasn’t been eating a lot, and Friday night CJ gave him his insulin. She was in a pattern, and didn’t ask how much he’d eaten. They brought his blood sugar levels up, and we brought him home. He’s not 100% himself, but he’s a little better. Went and got him some new food that is VERY high protein, no carbs … with luck this will help. Sigh. It means that we missed the SCA event.

That’s three weekends in a row. Mists Bardic I was sick. Mists Coronet Tournament Zootie was sick AND CJ was coming down with a minor bug (which she got over quickly). And Crown this last weekend we didn’t go to. Can’t blame the poor cat.

Since then he’s been following me around the house, I don’t think he wants to be alone. But he does like the new food (Evo, in case you’re interested). That’s a plus.

On other fronts — since we didn’t do the SCA event, and we couldn’t do much else (we had planned on dinner Saturday evening with CJ’s brother and sister, since he was in town, but we couldn’t, because we might have needed to go get the cat …), I finished a HUGE long-term project (also SCA) — scanning old newsletters and putting event copy on the History site …Now getting folk to add jobs they’ve done for the “resume” part of it …

We’re in the break between quarters, and I need the time (two weeks). I have two classes I’ve never taught before. Waiting for books for both of them. Sigh. I need those to do some of my planning. I did some “training” for one, which is required but was mostly a waste of time. Have asked for advice from some other instructors who have taught the course in the past (Success). Next quarter’s going to be exciting because we have too many holidays in there. Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and the break for Christmas/New Year’s. That really screws things up, and this year we lose a week in the process. Oy. Well, that’s how it goes sometimes. We’ll work it out, all will be well, but sheesh!

We have a small vacation trip planned (and paid for) for this coming weekend. CJ’s stressed about money, because the cat’s bills have cost quite a bit. But I think we’ll be okay. She always stresses about a bit outlay of money (and it wasn’t cheap, no details but …). More details about the trip when we get back, maybe even some photos. CJ’s big concern now is if Zootie gets sick again — she doesn’t want to abandon the trip, since we have not paid for trip insurance or anything. We’re doing what we can. Take him back to the vet tomorrow to check his blood sugar levels, and see if he needs to go back on the insulin (until then, no insulin).

This has been wearing. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t expect Zootie to last even another year. He’s 15, and for a tabby that’s pretty good. Of course I want him to live a long life, but quality of said life is vital. If the quality is not good, it’s not worth the money trying to keep him on life-support. It’s not good for him or us. We’ll just have to let go. We have some friends who just made that decision for one of their cats today. Our sympathies go out to them. Going through all the foo with Zootie this last week has made me very aware we could lose him at any time.