Sunday … calm, quiet …

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Except for the spammers posting pointless comments on my blog here … (sigh).

There are three weeks to go in the current quarter at school. Things trundle along. Problem students are still problem students.

Have been making progress on the major part of the History Site (scanning old issues of newsletters, putting event descriptions in …). I have about 4 years worth to go and I’ll be caught up.

The Golden Stag Players appear to be in good hands since I (and CJ) stepped back from working with them this year.

Things are just trundling along. There have been things happening. My first apprentice in the SCA passed away a week ago. She was 5-6 years younger than me, but didn’t take care of her health. That kind of thing hits hard when you don’t expect it.

CJ is working today (for a few hours). She had to go to the “new” office (in San Leandro, oddly, where she first started in this set of jobs for World Savings years ago) to make sure the communications setup works (she has to be able to get to the Bank’s network, etc.).

One of her apprentices is leaving for Phoenix in the next couple weeks, so today is a last chance to see her before she moves. She has a new job waiting for her, and she’ll be closer to her boyfriend. We’re hoping that all works out well for her.

Not much else to say today. I know more has happened, but nothing of enough import for me to note it here. Oh well.