August 18 … busy, crazy … but feeling overall pretty good …

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Work has been insane. Having three introduction to software classes is rough. Students are figuring out how to make their lives work better with school, some of them have serious issues, etc. The other two classes are mostly okay.

Can’t give a lot of detail, not cool, but it’s been tough. I have been coming home from work (classes ending at 2, but then dealing with attendance, out of there by 3 at the latest) — exhausted. Totally exhausted. Oh well. I’m getting paid.

SCA has been mostly kinda slow for CJ and I. I don’t like camping all that much anymore, and she wants to, but … however, I expect she’ll work things out for some events with friends. She plans on camping at October Crown, for example.

I’ve been working through the last bits of a major project for the History site (also SCA) — scanning event copy from newsletters and getting it into the site. Tough, a lot of work, but getting there. A few more years’ worth and I’ll be caught up.

Yesterday was fun — CJ and I met up with Donna and Andrew in San Francisco and went to the Farmer’s Market, then back to their place for brunch. Then we went to the Disney Family Museum. Spent a lot longer than planned, but it was worth it. We went partially for the Tyrus Wong exhibit (the artist whose work inspired the look and feel for Bambi), but the rest of the museum took most of our time. It’s huge, involved, lots of information, images, etc. Then we were going to go to Zarzuela (Spanish tapas restaurant in the City) but we weren’t going to make the reservation, and getting a reservation that late in the day was going to be impossible for anywhere else. So we got pizza (Goat Hill Pizza in SF — sourdough crust, really good) went back to their place and watched some Silly Symphony videos (Disney).


Carolyn enjoying the view at the Farmer's Market in SF

From Inside Disney Family Museum

From Inside Disney Family Museum

Today is a lot more mellow … just taking it easy. Using some of the items we picked up at the market, taking it easy, working on a few things, etc. Tomorrow, back to work.