July 27, 2013 — End of the First Week of the Quarter, Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes …

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This has been a week of changes. Many changes.

At the school a lot of changes all happening around the beginning of the first quarter. That’s making things tough. If one or two of them happened, no big deal. We are quite a way beyond that. Not here to bitch about work, but still, it’s made the beginning of the quarter really … tough.

Today I did one of the hardest things I’ve done in a long time. I have been the person in charge of an acting troupe for 21 years. My wife has done most of the costuming, in some shows, all of it. We’re both feeling really … crispy …

The annual picnic for The Golden Stag Players was today, and before the “business meeting” I resigned. I was worried that in doing so it might kill the group. I was hopeful it wouldn’t, but … as luck would have it, my former apprentice in the SCA was willing to step up and take over. I didn’t put him on the spot, I left it very open. He wanted to do it, and after that the usual business was worked out (what the next show will be, when auditions will be, and so on). Whew. And of course, Tim’s wife will be there. Both of them were involved at the beginning and have been rocks that helped build the foundation. They’ve taken breaks from the troupe over the years, and are not (at the moment) fried. They’ll do well. I have every confidence.

However, it is also a great feeling that I have left a legacy — the troupe is continuing. I think they’ll do great, and I will be there to cheer them on. I am not really “gone” from the troupe — it is a part of me. I started it 21 years ago, thinking that the five plays in my hand were all we would do. We’ve done 20 years more than expected when we got together, and we’ve done 30 plays more … holy crap! It’s still mind numbing.

Not a lot else to say at this point. I’m tired. Ready for bed. It’s been an emotional day.

July 20, 2013 … Quarter about to start …

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I finally got my schedule yesterday, classes start on Monday (two days). Oof. Good thing I am organized. I have most of what I need laid out and ready to roll.

Warm (87 degrees and going up at 4:00 pm! argh!) … watching The Sopranos on HBO GO because my sweetie needs time downstairs … oh well. Sacrifices … we all make ‘em.

Not a lot to say right now. Tired, it’s been a weird couple of weeks. Have done a lot with the History website (SCA) because I wasn’t able to work on my courses until now. Not much else.

And some fu came up. It is very possible that this may be the end of The Golden Stag Players as we know them. At least my wife and my participation. I guess we’ll see. Complicated … sigh. The GSP has been a large part of what I do and  have done in the SCA for 21 years, but …

July 16 — Second week of quarter break …

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It’s been a weird break, I honestly feel like I haven’t been as productive as I should be.

Part of it is that our courses are not yet finalized, and we start in less than a week. This is due to the nature of changes happening at the school. Sigh. I can’t get my coursework ready (I can get some done, but not final) until I know my actual courses. Frustrating, but … oh well.

Decided to try something with some videos for the Introduction to Entrepreneurship class that I’ll be teaching, trying to make Flash videos so I can upload the individual chapter videos to the online software. This is so students who miss class the day the video is shown can still see them. This may be important if I assign something based on the video, which is completely possible. First video is almost done.

Other than that, sleep has been erratic the last couple days (waking up in the middle of the night, etc.), which is … annoying. But oh well. At least if needed I can sleep in. Can’t do that starting next week.

Went to Kaiser yesterday to have my latest blood draw for PSA testing (low-level — I hope — Prostate cancer). As long as the numbers stay low, I’m good.

Not a lot else to say at the moment.

July 7, 2013 — Life, the Universe, and Everything

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So, now that I’m moving over to WordPress, I guess we’ll see how all that goes. I have one issue at the moment, WordPress wants me to update to a new version, but I can’t get my FTP password to work. And of course, it is a weekend, contacting Earthlink (my webhost) is not easy.

Ah, well. First world problems.

The last week up until yesterday the temperatures were miserable. We hit, if not record highs, very close to it. We were in the low 100s, which for me is really rough. Friday the temperature finally broke and cooled down, but it’s up to 83 now. Sigh.

I am on a two week break between quarters at the school, which is why I thought I’d start using WordPress. I did some tinkering awhile ago to try to move some of my older entries over, but that was … odd. Anyway, I have a little time on my hands, although I also have my usual tons of projects to work on.

Lessee … one of my SCA friends was diagnosed recently with breast cancer. Sigh. She thinks she’ll ultimately be okay, but the next few months will be difficult … she’s quite a bit younger than me, too.

Staring at this and trying to think of what to add today. Can’t think of much.

We’re heading to the store, my wife is working during the time I’m off (figures, this would be a busy time at her job so she can’t take time off work). C’est le vie. Anyway, we haven’t gone shopping for our usual weekly shopping trip (went out on Friday when we usually do it, and she’s been happy just “cocooning” this weekend, not going anywhere)

First Posting here … getting started with WordPress

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What is this about?

I’ve had a goal for some time to move my Autobiography to something like WordPress because it allows ease of commenting. My current setup does not (people have to email me, I have to add the comments, etc.).

I thought I might try moving the old autobiography here (from Old Autobiography), but after some tinkering, and dealing with the formatting, and all that fun stuff, I think it will be easier if I just continue moving forward from here.

(WordPress puts most recent entries on top, which makes things interesting, the way it handles pages is weird …)

Oh well. So here we go.