January is almost over?

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Where does the time go?

Well, yeah, it’s been busy and weird. So continuing the Prince Lune story …:

Medicating him was fine right up until the last few times, when he decided he hated it. The last time he actually got his “anti-muscle-spasm” meds, it took CJ and I 20 minutes to get him into a place where we could get them into his mouth (liquid, with a syringe-like object with no needle) … he became very wary of us for a bit. Contacted the vet and finally got confirmation it was okay to stop. Sheesh.

And then there’s the “Unicorn Meat” cat food (rare and expensive) which will hopefully keep this from happening again. Sigh. This stuff is not cheap, and getting it is tough. You need a prescription (which we had to go down to the vet hospital to get), for online as well as in person, and the closest store front is 10 miles away (not a huge deal, but still). Luckily they both are able to eat it without problems (we were worried, Panda threw up the first time, but he may have overeaten). We may be able to order online for a better price, I hope so. Have to work that part out.

So … other than that, he’s becoming his old feisty self, playing and all that, but he actually has decided he likes sleeping with me in my comfy chair if the legs are up — he’ll crawl up between them and curl up and go to sleep. Warm, comfy, and safe. I can live with that.

Panda has been learning to deal, and has been really good. He was wary of Lune at first because he didn’t smell right. But things have settled in. They play a bit more (and I am sure after stitches are out there will be more), and he’s been seen grooming Lune a little, so we’re getting back to normal. Two weeks of weird …

Got the Driver’s License this week with the RealID — once the processing is complete it moves pretty quickly. So I’m good for another five years on the DL and the RealID will be useful for domestic flights (won’t have to haul the passport around). CJ’s a little concerned, but her ID is good for a couple more years. No rush, but she should try to do the RealID thing before October when it’s required for domestic travel.

Let’s see … went to Costco yesterday to get new glasses because they’re less expensive (by over half what I paid at Kaiser for the last pair). The hard-sell at the membership counter (because we needed to renew) was annoying after a bit (“…and if you get the visa credit card you get all THIS!”). Gah! Stop already. After glasses we wandered the store because it had been a few years since we were there. Got a small number of items, but most of the food is in such large quantities we’ll never eat it all before it goes bad, or if it’s frozen it’s too big for the freezer.

AND … because of the upcoming trip in May to Switzerland for my niece’s college graduation, we still have to get the passports taken care of. Getting herself to deal with the “let’s get this done” part is hard because she’s exhausted from work all the time … found a passport office nearby, open on Saturdays, but of course she schedules things and so we can’t do it this coming weekend … gah. (We only have to do this in person because we blew it and let them expire after the London trip — no urgency to re-up since we weren’t doing international travel … but now they’re expired by enough time that we have to go in in-person …)

Other than that, about the same. Jobs are scarce and I never really meet the requirements in the job postings, and/or they are so far away that commutes would be 2-3 hours each way. Eeek. Let’s see … CJ got a cold after 12th Night (first weekend of the month), and then eventually I got it. We’re both mostly done with it, but there’s some residual issue with sinus, sigh.That gets tiring.

Working on the History site a lot. Right now it’s been newsletter scanning. Done with three binders (nearly 10 years of newsletters) full of mimeographed newsletters. 40+ years to go … gah. Ah well, one step at a time.

The DMV is both a mess and really organized

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So, last week when I tried to go to the DMV, turns out that the “birth certificate” that I had was not “good enough” — it was a “souvenir” birth certificate. Weirdly, it’s worked in the past when I needed it, but not at the DMV for the RealID. No, I needed a “certified” birth certificate. Ugh. So I stormed home, cursing and swearing and really pissed off at the DMV. I mean, if that’s what is required, why doesn’t the website note it, and just to make things easier, note the difference between a “souvenir” and a “certified” birth certificate? Ugh.

Over the weekend, Lune got sick. Seriously sick. As in making loud complaints about pain. We dropped everything and took him to the vet. Seems he had kidney stones or something in his bladder and he couldn’t pee. So, they had to do surgery, and them keep him there for a couple nights, (make sure he’s peeing on his own, and so on) and … the cost was staggering, because they are young cats, we figured we didn’t need pet insurance right away. We shoulda known better. One of the things CJ needs to do now is research that and find something not too expensive, but after that payout (luckily she has enough in the bank …). Lune is being very mellow (the meds have a lot to do with it), he’s being good, not cleaning the stitches, and so on. We brought him home Monday evening, it’s now Wednesday. Pain meds, meds to keep him from spasming in the stomach and new food. The new food is being a problem … Panda doesn’t like it. Sigh. And Lune’s appetite is low although I have a feeling it will start to pick up a bit. He is actually showing some energy today. He’s been sleeping under the duvet cover on the bed, but has come out more today. He still retreats there, but he came to the office a couple times. I have to help him get into the window sill, but when he shows me he wants up, I help him out (normally he just jumps right up). Recovery seems to be happening. The interesting thing is just how affectionate he’s gotten. Of course, once recovered that may lapse back to his callow-youth phase, but for now, we’ll take it. He purrs when you start to pet him almost immediately.

Back to the DMV … (and last week) Ranted about this on Facebook, and went out to the DMV site to find out what the F*** I needed. Seems you have to go through one of two third-party agencies these days to get a “certified” birth certificate. Fill out forms online, pay your money, and in 90+ days you should get it. (90+ days?? WTF??) In the meantime, mom remembered that she had a certified birth certificate, found it, dated 1974, but it had a purple stamp that said it’s only certified if it has that, and mailed it to me. It arrived … so eventually I will have two, but that’s okay.

Went back down this morning. They are normally open at 8, EXCEPT WEDNESDAYS, when they open at 9. HUH? Why? That makes NO sense.

Grumble, mutter. Came home. Spent some time checking on the cats, and all that. Went back a bit after 8, and got in line, at 35 degrees (yes, 35! three degrees above freezing). And waited, and waited. This is where the “efficient” part comes in. Eventually they sent a bunch of people out to check paperwork, and determine if you went into the “they go first” line, or “they go after the other line”. I got into the “first” line. About 10 minutes later the doors open, I was the third one in and right to a “window”, and then within 10 minutes paperwork was processed, copies of things made, forms filled out and signed, went and did a photo, and et voila, I was out the door in 10 minutes. Efficient. Once you know what paperwork you really need. Sheesh.

So, in 2-4 weeks, new Driver’s License with the RealID which is useful for travel within the US. Next up, passports. Ours expired just long enough ago that we have to go in person to a passport office. But, we did get photos at AAA. So we’re ready, sorta. Need to fill out the paperwork and set up an appointment and … (the tough part is she has to have the time off work to do it, because most of these things only work during the work week …).

Anyway, on top of it all, got herself’s head cold (not surprising, but still, one can try …). Bleah. the Sudafed is leaving me a bit groggy, a nap may be in order …

Dealing with the fun of identification these days

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So, today I am dealing with renewing my driver’s license, which expires on my birthday in three months, because I also need to update it to use RealID, because we do sometimes fly places here in the US. Heading to the DMV in a bit to stand outside the office and wait in line for them to open, because there are no appointments available before my birthday. How stupid is that? Well, not enough employees at the DMV, and a shit-ton of people wanting appointments. Since I am not working, I can just go down there … So, spent time online gathering the paperwork, filling out the application, hopefully after I get in and see someone it will be as simple as them checking my paperwork, and taking my photo, then I’ll be outta there. (Heading down there at 7ish, the local DMV is like 10 minutes away depending on traffic, the office opens at 8 …)

On the flip side, since CJ and I are going to Switzerland in May to see my niece’s college graduation and visit/be touristas for a few days, we also need to deal with passport-fu, because it’s been long enough since we went to London that our passports have expired. Yipee. We need to get that taken care of soon, because the current administration at the US government level has downsized and are being really hyper-critical of anyone traveling. Next week we’re going to head to the local AAA and get passport photos, and while we’re at it apply for an International Driver’s License, as we’ll be renting a car (Gail, my SIL is likely to do most or all of the driving, but just in case …), and try to do the passports online (it’s my understanding you can apply, may need to mail the expired passports to them so they get “cancelled” properly, we’ll see). And last-but-not-least, we’re looking into the TSA Pre-check, with the “Global” option (only another $15). Not sure if that’s a per-year thing, or what, but still, probably worth it.

It’s cold lately, so standing outside the DMV will be … fun. (Temperatures in the high 30s right now in Walnut Creek.) Such is life.

Herself has been fighting a cold, which means I’m fighting a cold. Bleah. Hope neither of us get the full-brunt of it. Problem with 12th Night (SCA event we went to last weekend) is that it’s in a hotel, which means recycled air, which means bugs don’t go anywhere, and get pushed around the hotel. Anyone who comes to the hotel with even the tiniest amount of a cold or flu symptom may be a vector for these things, and suddenly a bunch of folk get ‘em. “Con Crud” … sigh. Oh well. Getting to be time to gather things up, grab my coat and scarf, and head out the door.

Life’s not all crappy …

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Okay, my previous post was a “pitiful me” post, but most of the time I don’t really feel all that bad. You kinda get used to spending most of your days by yourself, and I usually have plenty of things to do.

This last weekend was (SCA) West Kingdom 12th Night, in a hotel, and tons of socializing. That was great. While being an introvert sometimes, I do have my extrovert side, and getting to see people, some of whom I don’t see very often, was great. I ended up hanging out at the bar (not by myself) with a variety of folk in the evenings, and even went to the Ducal Party in the evening (for the newest Duchess). The heralds meeting on Sunday was good. So … at least I can get a bit of people-time in periodically. Still miss seeing people more often, but life is what it is.

Update on me and mine (that hopefully isn’t as depressing as previous post):

1) The cats are great. The weather’s been really cold (got down to the low 30s last night), and Lune tends to sleep behind my knees. I am good with this, but it does mean I don’t move as much as I might otherwise. Panda often doesn’t sleep on the bed, which is a shame as he loves warmth, but for whatever reason he doesn’t settle well on the bed, or even  under the covers most of the time. He tried a couple times this morning, but just couldn’t settle … oh well.

2) Health: overall okay. The holidays were bad for my waistline (well, my lack of self-control was), and I need to do something about that (ugh, the “d” word). Otherwise, except for a tooth issue (in a moment), generally pretty good.

Tooth-issue: before Thanksgiving I started experiencing nasty stabbing bouts of pain in one of my molars, one of the ones with a crown (I have several). Saw the dentist, he couldn’t find a problem, xrayed the roots, no sign of infection. But, to be safe, I got a prescription for antibiotics, to see if that would solve the issue. (On the way back from Kaiser with my meds, I got rear-ended, sigh, but no major damage to car — it was something like 5mph at most, a paint exchange on the bumper, and insurance took care of it.) The antibiotics helped a little, but the pain suddenly shifted to the molar behind the one that it started at. Ugh. Anyway, went back to the dentist before Christmas (timing is fun), and had it looked at again, he did some grinding on the teeth … and things sort of settled … the bite had been off a little, so … okay. But within a few days it started causing problems again. Before New Years I went back in, he still couldn’t find anything, did some more work on the teeth to get the bite correct. And prescribed more antibiotics. Yeesh. So, okay (no car accident this time). Most of the pain is gone, but when my bite is off, I can press on the crown and feel it move just a tiny amount. I am sure the crown is just loose, and needs to be pulled, cleaned, the root cleaned, and re-glued back into place. So, today I’m going back in … yipee. Good thing we have insurance. This dentist has been great, I am not angry about any of this, he’s being conservative, didn’t want to pull the crown unless needed, but after three visits, it’s time I think. Hopefully there will be no need for a root canal.

My arthritis is still there, the cold seems to make it a bit worse, but most of the time it’s livable. However I want to go in and see the doctor. The previous doctor who told me that it was “a consequence of aging” is no longer there, which is fine by me. He had some attitude problems, IMO. I just need to get myself in the right frame of mind and go in.

3) Jobs: not great. Nothing really happening. CJ gives me money (pretty much an allowance) every so often so I can cover bills (most of which are household anyway — groceries, cat food, gas, etc.), but it’s frustrating. I may have to find a job in retail despite the fact it’s a huge letdown for someone with my background, but what can I do? The tech industry has serious ageism issues.

4) Keeping myself busy, over the last couple years huge amounts of work on SCA-related databases, including moving all the old information to the new version, and such. More to go, but it’s been keeping my brain active, which is good. I could just sit in front of the TV all day and turn into a drooling idiot, but I’d rather not. I do watch “my shows”, and have a few to catch up on, but that’s okay. Also — cooking … I have a Sir Lankan cookbook now that’s been keeping me busy. Similar to Indian, but different as well.

5) CJ’s health — she’s planning on dealing with another cataract surgery after we get back from a trip to Europe (more on that in a later post, I’m sure). Otherwise she seems to be doing fine health-wise, except for the stress from her job and commute.

6) Saw a financial advisor yesterday, CJ’s mother left a trust for the “kids”, and there’s enough there that there were concerns about interest and taxes. And in the process we (meaning she and I) now have a financial advisor as she is already working with money that belongs to us (and the siblings), to help us prepare for retirement (we’re both over 60 now). That’s a good thing™. We’ll need to set up an appointment and probably provide a bunch of details on 401K and my IRA and all that, but still … sounds like a good idea, to me.

It’s getting close to time to head off to the dentist, so need to do a quick edit on this before posting it, go pet the cats, and head out … yipee ki yay …!

Hard to believe …

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It’s been since July that I wrote anything here, but I’ve been busy, I guess.

Today I feel like a “pity post”, on a place no one reads, so that’s fine.

I spend my days by myself, with the cats at the best. This is due to the fact that I really am trying to not work retail, but can’t find a job in any field I’m qualified for. I say this, not because of the job thing, but just to point out that I really spend most of my time by myself.

Humans are social critters.

So, when my wife comes home from work, exhausted, I tend to want to chat. However, she doesn’t want to talk about anything. She’s tired, wiped from work and commute, and just needs down time.

When she has a weekend with no obligations, same thing.

She has a best friend who sometimes forces her to go out and do something (lunch, whatever).

I used to, before we were married. But life changed, he moved on, is living far enough away that I can’t really see him, and he’s married as well. Has a pretty full life that doesn’t really include me except once in a while. That’s fine, but …

So here’s the problem. I spend all my time by myself, even when my wife is home. Yeah, okay, we watch movies AT HOME, a lot, and I make dinner and all that. But honestly, I can’t just “chat” with someone. She can call her best friend and chat for hours. I don’t have anyone that close. I don’t make that kind of friend easily. Most of the guys I know are in committed relationships and have very busy lives.

So here I am feeling lonely. Feeling pitiful … and now for fuck’s sake tears are welling up in my eyes as I type because I feel that crappy. All this because I walked downstairs after doing a few things on the computer, said “Hi” and got a huge, put-upon sigh from herself, followed by a stupid argument …

Shit. I can’t even just curl up on the bed and read or sleep because she took the sheets off the bed to wash them. Ugh. Poor poor pitiful me. Guess I’ll sit here and eat worms.

And time passes …

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Since last post: Lots of coding, nice thing about the way things are set up, a lot of what I’m doing allows for re-using code (with changes as needed for section of the site), and so on. Have learned a few things without resorting to having to ask questions out on some of the “help” websites, which is good (they’re often not that helpful, something I am sure I’ve whinged about before). Anyway, making good time, but siderailed myself on the forward motion I was making, doing some backtracking as I realized I was doing something the “dumb” way. So it means fixing a shitpile of data, but which is where I’m at now. Once I am done with that, I can get back on with where I was going. And moving forward that part of the site will be easier to manipulate … (complex, not worth trying to go into detail here).

Health-wise … well, healing is slow. That’s about all I can say. I still can only spend 5-6 hours in front of the computer then have to stop as my stomach wall complains. A few more months before I can start lifting the vacuum and hauling it upstairs (> 25 pounds). Sigh. But getting there. The biggest frustration is the recovery from the catheter. But, again, progress is being made, albeit slowly. Ah well.

Cats are doing well. CJ is doing well, albeit work and commute wipe her out (the other night, due to a problem on BART, she didn’t get home until after 8 … ugh!). Just felt a need to come out and say something, note I’m still alive … all that good stuff. Finished with some of my current data manipulations (see first paragraph above), time to go downstairs and watch a movie or something …

Data and more data and more …

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The title of this post is a reference to my big project, the West Kingdom History site revamp. Have been spending VAST amounts of time updating data. Finished the current part of it, and am now looking at the next. Working on table structures and next up the code part. It’s kind of a toss-up whether I should be working on the administrative part, or the front-end part, they’re both vital, and sometimes one helps drive the other, and vice versa. Ugh. Oh well. Taking a breather to catch up a bit here.

So, a week … nearly two … ago, I picked up a bug my wife managed to get (some nasty-ass cold). Took me out for a week, the worst part being that coughing a) messed with my stomach wall (not fully healed yet from the surgery), and b) messed with my incontinence issues which I was making good progress with. Every cough a spasm on the stomach wall which hits the bladder which causes small leaks. Sigh. No fun at all. Now that the cold is mostly gone (some last vestiges, these things take for-freaking-ever to go away these days, and I’m sure it’s not just my age — people younger than me are struggling with these things too). Anyway … getting better.

Herself is stressing about work, she has no clue if in a year she’ll still be working at the company she’s at (no names), which would be seriously distressing … she hopes to stick on until retirement (66, she’s 61 now). If they lay her off, I think she’ll have two years of coverage after, but that’s not the five she needs. And since I’m not working (seriously, some part-time stuff that comes and goes) that is even harder. The company keeps reorganizing … it’s very frustrating. She keeps hanging in there, but she’s worried that they’ll try to push her out sooner than she’s ready. Luckily her bosses like her, but still there’s never a guarantee anymore.

Anyway … not a lot else. Cats are as great as ever, goofballs. Herself is mostly back to healthy from the bug, I’m mostly back to healthy from the bug. It’s now just finishing recovery from the surgery. And working on that History project. Man, that is a monster. I knew it would be, but still … Suppose that’s about all I need to put in here for the moment. Just felt I should post once in a while.

Having a cold while recovering from surgery – no fun

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Okay, last week, herself got a head cold (possibly something involving a fever). I thought maybe (knock on silicon) I had avoided it, until Sunday afternoon/evening. Ugh. Monday was horrid, I spent most of the day in my easy chair watching TV and dozing. I did almost nothing else, except get up to use the bathroom, feed the cats, etc.

Tuesday … only marginally better, but my throat — oh my gawd, my throat hurt. (Still does) And my head. And my stomach wall, because I coughed a lot, which hits the core muscles which are … the stomach wall, and mine is recovering from six incisions a couple months ago.

Today, a bit better, head a little less weird (but still weird), but the coughing was even worse. The biggest issue with the coughing is that despite all my work on getting the incontinence under control, the short hard bursts of energy on the stomach wall hit the bladder and if there’s anything in there, you get some leakage. That’s annoying. What was worse was that today I fell asleep (still mostly napping and watching stuff on the tube) and woke up with a wet spot in my jeans — big enough that I smelled the ammonia smell, and so on. Went upstairs, changed the underwear, pad, and jeans, and washed the jeans. Sheesh.

Nearly every single cough … argh. It’s very hard on the psyche among other things. Oh well. Off to take some Nyquill and crawl into bed with a book. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow.

On the positive side, Saturday was the two month anniversary of the surgery, so … something to keep in mind. Sigh.

And a Bit More Catching Up

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Nothing special, really, just feeling like doing something besides watching tv … I guess.

My recovery from the surgery is mostly going pretty well, the incisions in my stomach (six of them) are mostly healing up. One is taking a long time for the scab to go away. I guess at one point I may have pulled it too soon or something. Nothing bad though, no infection, etc.

A couple(?) weeks ago I discovered my youngest brother, David, also has Prostate Cancer. His wife got hold of me (because he feels we’re estranged … I just haven’t had much reason to reach out to him, but oh well), and I got hold of him and we messaged back and forth about it for a while. I am suggesting he push his doctor to do his job a bit (diagnose already). The Gleason Score for the one segment of his Prostate that is high is quite high. It’s one of 12 segments (or regions, or whatever term the medical community uses), so that has to be taken into account, though. He needs to make a decision. I suggested if he opts to deal with it to go with the surgery (for reasons outlined in other posts here).

On my side of things, the issues with incontinence are slowly getting better. No need to get graphic on that, but am feeling like from one day to the next I have more control.

We made plans before the surgery to go to Beltane Coronation (SCA event) this year, and got a hotel room for that. We did this hoping I’d be up for it, as we can cancel the room if needed. However, I’m feeling pretty good about it, and frankly I miss people. So that’ll happen this weekend.

Have been making progress on the History site data moves, but man, it gets tedious at times. Right now the hard part is updating every person who was an event autocrat (or now “Event Steward”) so that the event link points to the new version of the site (data driven, the web address is almost identical with the parameters being the thing that’s different); and the same for those who have reigned; and also for those who have arts stuff that points to specific events (mostly “Head Cook” entries). To do this I am using the Who’s Who on the admin side and looking at things by letter. So I did the letter “A”, and I looked at every single person whose name starts with “A” and updated the links if they had any. That got bad (“A” is the big one …). I added some code that displays the number of “jobs” and “arts” entries, and if both are zero I can just ignore them. Speeds things up … but it is still time consuming. Oh well. Made it through the letter “J” today, starting “K” tomorrow. One bit at a time. The biggest frustration at this point is that I can’t sit at the computer for long periods of time, the posture in the computer chair causes pressure on the abdominal wall and after a few hours it starts to ache. I have to go do something else … so with the letter “J” it took two days, where if I hadn’t had the surgery it would have been one … Also as I do these, I am finding weird little discrepancies, events that didn’t make it when I moved the data (well, I am only human), misc. issues with dates of reigns, and so on. Trying to fix things as I go also slows me down a bit, but it is worth it. It’s one way to ensure the data is mostly accurate.

Once I am done with that, I still have a few things to do for Phase 2. THEN I can start the coding for Phase 3, which may (or may not) make some folk happy — the Arts stuff, including Scribal … we’ll see how well that works. In my head I have a good idea, and I have the database worked out for the most part, although there are probably some things I need to do. But, getting there.

My poor long suffering wife is doing pretty well. She’s been frustrated by Kaiser, as she is the one paying the medical bills. She paid one, and then got hit by another. Turns out that they bill by department. Ugh. I hope that is the end of that. She was feeling pretty good after the first one. Not so much now. Once I get this whole thing behind me I will need to start seriously looking for real work again. Frustrating as that process is. Anyway, CJ is mostly doing fine. She and I are slowly working on cutting back on carbs and sugars a bit, although I keep blowing it (sugar addiction, damn it …) on the sugar side. But one step at a time. I really don’t want to do a structured diet, because at least for me I don’t have that much weight I need to lose, although I do need to lose some. She needs to lose more, but it’s hard to do a diet if only one person in the house is following it. A less structured version will help, but … she probably ought to get more exercise too. That’s hard when she comes home from work fried nearly every night.

The cats are doing great. Not a lot to say there. Two years old and counting and sweet and lovable, and goofy as you would expect. We treat them well, they’re love monsters … what more can you ask?

Well, pretty much rambling and my stomach wall is starting to bitch about sitting up straight like this, so should stop again. Can’t wait until that stops …

Just trying to get back into the habit …

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So, the prostate surgery was March 18. It’s now April 12. So we’re coming up on a month after the surgery (guess that would be on Monday). It really hardly seems like that, but there we are.

My abdomen is still a bit sore if I sit at the computer for long periods, because I’m sitting up more straight than in my “easy chair” downstairs. It can get a little tough on the healing muscles (six incisions and whatever bruising and …). My bladder control is getting better (the catheter is hard on that … without much detail, I wear a pad in my underwear for “leaks”, but those are happening less often). I can go up and down the stairs without much problem. My knees are giving me trouble, but I think that may be arthritis related, as opposed to anything related to the surgery, they were giving me trouble before it … once I’m feeling a bit more together, will see about visiting with my general practitioner and find out what’s up there.

Something I don’t think I mentioned before is that the Friday before my surgery a tooth broke. Now this isn’t just a small break, the inside wall and the “top” of the tooth (it’s a molar in the top of my mouth) were gone, and within a few hours the filling came out. Urgh. Last week I went in and saw my dentist who had the fun of prepping me for a crown (and removing parts of the tooth that hadn’t come out but would be a problem for the crown). The reason I didn’t go sooner? It happened Friday evening, the dentist wasn’t in over the weekend, and surgery was on Monday morning. Figures. I was just very careful for a while and avoided chewing food on that side of my mouth as much as possible. So in a week+ I get to have the permanent crown put in.

CJ was a huge help for the two weeks after the surgery, walking down to the store for food and making sure I ate, feeding the cats (well, I sometimes had to do that because she would forget), and so on.

It’s been weird working my way back to “normal”, but am getting there. I have to remember it takes time. Luckily we have Don and BJ around as well. They drove us to the hospital and back, and helped CJ with things (like getting cat food), and all that, since CJ doesn’t drive. And Don last year had a massive health issue in his abdomen (worse than mine, I told him once we got some details that we weren’t in competition …). He’s a good sounding board, and he’s been through the catheter recovery parts, and all that. Reminders “slow and steady” are important. Part of me is tired of it, but … rushing things causing problems.

Anyway, just wanted to throw some thoughts out there into the wind. I have no clue if anyone even reads this shit, but here it is. I turned off comments because of issues with all the freaking ‘bots, it was more trouble than it was worth.

Slow progress on the History site. I’m dealing with the second phase of the coding and data moves. Right now I’m updating links for events to the new version for peoples’ Who’s Who entries. Anyplace that references an event (holding a position like Baron, etc., there’s the event they stepped up, running an event … that kind of thing), I need the links to be to the new version of the event data. Time consuming, but I worked out some code to make it easier (tells me if an individual has anything to look at, if zeroes are returned, I can skip ‘em). Part of the “slow” is that this part is just tedious, so a couple-three hours at a time is all my brain can handle; and part of it is I can’t sit at the computer for 8 hours a day right now (getting there, but …). I also have some more coding issues to deal with, some minor, some major. But … that’s how a project like this goes.

Well, we’re having an early dinner this evening for reasons … if I remember in a future post, will ‘splain. Need to deal with that soon.

Oh and the cats are doing great. They’re both just a bit over 2 years old, and as cute and sweet as ever.