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Sigh. Most of the work I needed on the one form is done … I really ought to force myself to start looking at one of the other chapters for my book.

Job hunting still as depressing as ever. I am going to have to widen my parameters soon. What really hurts is that I had hoped to retire from Heald … Now … who knows? I really don’t want to end up flipping burgers the last 20 years of my life …

Last night was a bad one for me. CJ didn’t leave work until 6:45 which meant she got home after 8. This really had me angry and put out, and I realized what bothered me about it … I am a man who prefers patterns in my life. I prefer things to happen most days pretty regularly. Minor variations are okay, but … with my being unemployed, I have very little actual pattern of any sort in my life now. It’s frustrating the hell out of me. I prefer dinner at certain times, and 8 or later is not acceptable (not to mention it’s not good for the body …). The only real pattern I have right now is: alarm at 4:40, take wife to BART at 5:45 and … that’s about it. Sigh. My whole framework is toast these days. I went to work at the same time most days (when I was working), even though I didn’t have classes first thing in the morning just to keep a pattern. With my wife coming home at gawd knows when, even THAT pattern is thrown out the window. It’s been hard on me, and I didn’t really even realize that was what was bothering me. Good grief.

Oh well. I have been walking most days (starting earlier) about a mile (give or take a little), and that’s actually made it easier for me to sleep … I think. It’s hard to tell for sure, it’s only been a week+. But …

On the plus side, CJ’s boss has pretty much guaranteed she’ll have work after the reorg … as much as anyone can. Fantastic review, and he’s the only person going for one management position, and he really wants CJ on his team … that’s a plus. Maybe she’ll even get a higher level position? On the down-side, the SCA exchequer’s office is wiping her out. Badly … too many demands, not enough time …


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Sh*t. Just … crap. Today I picked up Zootie’s ashes. Somehow it feels more final than the day we took him in, which is odd. I stood there and was petting him as they administered the medications to put him down, but holding the box with his ashes really hit home. I’ve had tears at the edges of my eyes since I picked the box up. Damn. I feel like crap now.

I wasn’t feeling all that great when I got up, slept weird, I guess. But now I can’t seem to stop crying … at least a little. It’s not like I’m debilitated by grief, but I wipe away the tears, and a few more start … dammit. I’ll be okay, I guess I just need to let the grief out, but geez. I have things to do … walking down the street with tears in my eyes won’t do.

Drought … well, sorta …

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So, California has been having the worst drought in years. There was this hugh “high” system that was keeping the rain from getting here for a LONG time.That seems to have gone away. We’ve got rain starting today. Again over the weekend. While this two storms won’t solve all the drought issues, it will certainly be a step in the right direction. While I am personally not a fan of being out in the rain, we do need it. Hope we can at least make a dent in the needed rainfall.

On other fronts, well, two weeks into the quarter, things are going okay. Carolyn has been running on high stress at her job due to some issues (I don’t want to say a lot, but …). That seems to have hit a break point, I hope. I guess we’ll see.

On the SCA front, not a lot. CJ is being kept more busy than she’d like with the Kingdom Exchequer office. The various things I do have been keeping me busy, partially because I enhanced some things, which then means people are sending more info … s’okay though. Saturday is a Herald’s Collegium being held in our “complex” … so I’ll be up a bit early to go open the doors, and get things going. Teaching a class on the awards list system I’ve been working on over the years. Not sure how much of that will be of interest, but … what the heck?

Finished catching up on Dr. Who, both CJ and I decided that the reboot was pretty good overall (starting with Eccleston …). I’ve been watching Torchwood (a spinoff series) which is very different. CJ doesn’t like it, but that is based only on the first episode. I think she needs to give it a chance.

Not a lot else. Friends are overall doing okay. One who just lost a job is going into a second interview, others are working again, mostly people are starting to get back on track with lives after a lot of fu. The friend who had breast cancer is at Disneyland with her hubbie and some friends, now that she’s done with the major treatments (including the radiation treatments). Hmm. I don’t really seem to have much to add at this point. Think I’m gonna crash.

First Posting here … getting started with WordPress

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What is this about?

I’ve had a goal for some time to move my Autobiography to something like WordPress because it allows ease of commenting. My current setup does not (people have to email me, I have to add the comments, etc.).

I thought I might try moving the old autobiography here (from Old Autobiography), but after some tinkering, and dealing with the formatting, and all that fun stuff, I think it will be easier if I just continue moving forward from here.

(WordPress puts most recent entries on top, which makes things interesting, the way it handles pages is weird …)

Oh well. So here we go.