Just trying to get back into the habit …

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So, the prostate surgery was March 18. It’s now April 12. So we’re coming up on a month after the surgery (guess that would be on Monday). It really hardly seems like that, but there we are.

My abdomen is still a bit sore if I sit at the computer for long periods, because I’m sitting up more straight than in my “easy chair” downstairs. It can get a little tough on the healing muscles (six incisions and whatever bruising and …). My bladder control is getting better (the catheter is hard on that … without much detail, I wear a pad in my underwear for “leaks”, but those are happening less often). I can go up and down the stairs without much problem. My knees are giving me trouble, but I think that may be arthritis related, as opposed to anything related to the surgery, they were giving me trouble before it … once I’m feeling a bit more together, will see about visiting with my general practitioner and find out what’s up there.

Something I don’t think I mentioned before is that the Friday before my surgery a tooth broke. Now this isn’t just a small break, the inside wall and the “top” of the tooth (it’s a molar in the top of my mouth) were gone, and within a few hours the filling came out. Urgh. Last week I went in and saw my dentist who had the fun of prepping me for a crown (and removing parts of the tooth that hadn’t come out but would be a problem for the crown). The reason I didn’t go sooner? It happened Friday evening, the dentist wasn’t in over the weekend, and surgery was on Monday morning. Figures. I was just very careful for a while and avoided chewing food on that side of my mouth as much as possible. So in a week+ I get to have the permanent crown put in.

CJ was a huge help for the two weeks after the surgery, walking down to the store for food and making sure I ate, feeding the cats (well, I sometimes had to do that because she would forget), and so on.

It’s been weird working my way back to “normal”, but am getting there. I have to remember it takes time. Luckily we have Don and BJ around as well. They drove us to the hospital and back, and helped CJ with things (like getting cat food), and all that, since CJ doesn’t drive. And Don last year had a massive health issue in his abdomen (worse than mine, I told him once we got some details that we weren’t in competition …). He’s a good sounding board, and he’s been through the catheter recovery parts, and all that. Reminders “slow and steady” are important. Part of me is tired of it, but … rushing things causing problems.

Anyway, just wanted to throw some thoughts out there into the wind. I have no clue if anyone even reads this shit, but here it is. I turned off comments because of issues with all the freaking ‘bots, it was more trouble than it was worth.

Slow progress on the History site. I’m dealing with the second phase of the coding and data moves. Right now I’m updating links for events to the new version for peoples’ Who’s Who entries. Anyplace that references an event (holding a position like Baron, etc., there’s the event they stepped up, running an event … that kind of thing), I need the links to be to the new version of the event data. Time consuming, but I worked out some code to make it easier (tells me if an individual has anything to look at, if zeroes are returned, I can skip ‘em). Part of the “slow” is that this part is just tedious, so a couple-three hours at a time is all my brain can handle; and part of it is I can’t sit at the computer for 8 hours a day right now (getting there, but …). I also have some more coding issues to deal with, some minor, some major. But … that’s how a project like this goes.

Well, we’re having an early dinner this evening for reasons … if I remember in a future post, will ‘splain. Need to deal with that soon.

Oh and the cats are doing great. They’re both just a bit over 2 years old, and as cute and sweet as ever.

Prostate Cancer … gone!

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I realized I hadn’t been here in a long long time, and sure enough, June of last year. I’ve been so busy on other projects that I haven’t bothered to be out here. So, let me sum up.

I started rewriting the History website for the West Kingdom (SCA). That’s been a massive overhaul, including moving data. So even though I haven’t had a lot of money coming in, I’ve had a big job. That site evolved heavily since I first started it, and trying to move everything into one platform that was consistent in appearance, etc. is hard. But it’s getting there, fully data-driven, etc.

I’ve picked up some tech editing for a publisher of text books (my favorite publisher from when I was teaching at Heald). So some money has been coming in. Just when I thought I was done, I started getting instructor manuals as well. So still have some work there.

The big news is that my PSA (blood test for Prostate Cancer) hit a “number” that was a concern for my oncologist. Having dealt with the “C” word hanging over my head for six or seven years, I decided to just get it done with. CJ and I met with the oncologist after a biopsy (ick, hate those … painful despite the drugs, embarassing, and it takes nearly a month for the internal bleeding to stop). I decided to have surgery to remove the prostate and March 18, that’s exactly what happened. Laparoscopic, “robotic” (I assume a form of Waldo — with the doctor manipulating the tools without his hands inside me), and so on. The worst part of recovery was the catheter, and that’s now gone. So now it’s just dealing with some minor incontinence issues … (wearing pads in my underwear), and those are getting to be less each day.

The biggest thing is that the “C” word is not hanging over my head anymore. You sometimes don’t notice that little black cloud when it’s there, but it was always there. It was made better in the post-surgery phone call with the oncologist, as there were a couple of nodules on organs near the prostate gland, but they did biopsies and they came up negative for cancer. They had told my wife about them. If they had ended up being cancer there would have been radiation treatments to get rid of them. (Ick)

Anyway, healing, and feeling better about 2 and a half weeks after the surgery.

Not able to sit for long periods in front of the computer (pressure on the abdomen and bladder), but still, making progress. Hoping to start getting back to my data moves (that is a long haul), for the history site as mentioned earlier in this post.

SCA-Wise, well, the outgoing Vesper Principal Herald decided I had done so much stuff that I deserved recognition, the only thing she could do is offer the permanent heraldic title of Herald Extraordinary. That’s not a little thing, really. The West Kingdom (despite the title being created by a Laurel Sovereign of Arms from the West) has seldom used this — the last time was in 1991, and that may have been granted by the Laurel office, rather than Kingdom. I’m a bit flabbergasted. What it means is that I can register my own heraldic title, which is not one that gets passed on to someone else, etc. Working on that … Otherwise, the same-ol’ same-ol’. Events happen, when we can we get to them. CJ’s work sometimes makes that tough, but we’re trying.

CJ is doing okay, but work is wearing her out a bit. The company is constantly reorganizing, and she wants to work until official retirement age if she can. Once she retires we will have to re-evaluate a lot, as the Bay Area is expensive. I would hate to have to move away from here, it’s where our friends are, and by extension many of them are family to us now. But … we’ll deal with all that when we need to.

June … solstice … all that good stuff

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Well, another couple of months slowly rolled past with me hardly even thinking about coming out here and saying anything. I guess Facebook has kinda killed my need to come here and say much. The following is lots of random stream-of-conscious thoughts …

My energy levels have been kinda sucky (I think some depression is involved — jobs, etc.), although my health is mostly okay. I’ve had a couple of bouts of light-headed-ness recently, the most recent was Tuesday night. I stood up and was light-headed. Went to feed the cats before coming to bed, and bending to get their dishes over I felt it again, when I came upstairs and lay down, then stood up to do something I felt it … that had me worried, and I slept really badly because of it. But the next day it was gone, whatever it was. However I ended up not going to the gym because I was worried about it. That’s partially because this happened a week ago at the gym, I got through the elliptical, a couple weight machines, and suddenly felt light-headed. Came home instead of trying to finish my exercises. Herself made me call the advise nurse at Kaiser for that, but nothing came of it … and I was okay on Friday when I went to the gym. So …

Otherwise my health seems to be pretty good, although my PSA is back up again (it had started going down, but the last test was at something like 9.9, and the “we have to do something” point is 10 … maybe the next test will go back down … not counting on it, though). Planning on going to the gym tomorrow, so we’ll see.

CJ is exhausted most of the time, work is wiping her out (lots of 12 hour days, including a nasty commute — BART is getting worse, rather than better). Unfortunately she stress eats, meaning while she had a good sized dinner last night, she made a huge amount of popcorn and chowed down on it … she does this often. It means she is gaining weight because her stomach is never full after a meal. Sigh. I find I can’t eat as much or I feel bloated (which is weird to me but changes in metabolism as we age, I guess).

One of the places I was distributing my dBASE books in PDF form (in New Zealand) is going under at the end of the month. After some frantic searching around to find a new place to distribute the books that won’t charge an arm and a leg, I got a pointer from one of my friends in the newsgroups … an article about using Google Drive and PayPal and the combination of them (and a Google Script) makes it possible for someone to pay through PayPal, which sends an email to a specific address, the script then returns an email to them with the URL for the PDF, and all is well. I had two people order books the same day I set it all up, one in Australia took 72 minutes to get the email with the PDF, the other in Finland took 3 minutes. Gad. All done-done and working. I don’t need to monitor it, except to pull the money from PayPal to my regular banking account periodically, and there we are. I don’t expect huge sales, but it’s good to know it works …

The kittens are pretty much full size cats. We’ve had them living with us for over a year now, and they are as sweet and full of energy as ever. Panda has been the “faithful companion” — he likes being near us, and when I come up to my office, he almost always follows and hangs out (sometimes gets behind me in the chair, but mostly just hangs out nearby). Lune, well, he’s more random. Sometimes he hangs with us, sometimes he’s off doing “Lune things”. But all is good. They play together, although they seldom sleep together. With it being warmer (summer in Diablo Valley), neither of them sleeps on the bed much, although if it gets cold sometimes Panda does. Over the winter there were some nights we had both of them, but Lune is spending less time sleeping with us … being Mr. Independent, I guess.

Job situation still sucks for me, I may have to find a job in a field I have no experience in just to work and bring in some money. OfficePro has a one-day job that was supposed to happen a couple months ago, got pushed to mid-July because it’s about conference room hardware and software, and the room I was supposed to demo in wasn’t done. Weird. On the plus side, some work with Pearson doing tech editing, and more than I had originally been contacted about, but it’s slow … one of the authors went on vacation in the middle of it. Sheesh. (Well, I guess she’s a full time instructor too, and when the semester was over … but good grief …) To date I’ve done four chapters, but the list of chapters I am being tapped for is fairly large, just waiting for everything to come together. Having written several programming books, I know that there’s a lot to it, and when it’s a big publisher like Pearson, they have specific requirements and needs that my books don’t have, so that adds more work to the process.

Am really concerned about the dismantling of America that our current “president” and the GOP are doing. Unfortunately, I live in a place where my reps are democrats, and so telling them to do something is silly as they are doing what they can (which sadly isn’t much). We need everyone to get off their asses and actually vote, or this trend will continue. It’s sad that the GOP can get voters out but the democrats can’t. We have to get these people out of office so we can bring the country back to where it should be, instead of trashing it (and in the process doing much damage to the rest of the world). But this is not really the place to talk politics, I’ve never been an activist, but I do vote and I do pay attention (we watch the news in the morning and evening) … wish more people did.

Can’t really think of much else to say. Life’s trundling along. Not great, but it could be worse. Suppose I’ll sign off now. It’s not like I expect anyone actually reads all this anyway.

Oh my, I seem to have forgotten about this …

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Well, sort of. I got really busy on a whole bunch of things, including more online classes, and after Twelfth Night (January, 2018), I jumped into my first real online project.

So, I created a fully web-based version of the West Kingdom awards list database. That was a bit of a bear, but it works. Still some fine-tuning to do, but overall it’s in pretty good shape. Huge learning curve going from localhost to full webserver, differences in software, differences in the way file locations are found, and more. But, it works now, and I think overall pretty well.

Otherwise, well, I’ve not been working much. Dammit. OfficePro’s contract with the VA seems to have hit a snag out here (not surprising under the current federal administration), so I assume that’s why I haven’t gotten any classes …

On the plus side, Pearson contacted me for some tech editing work, and dBASE is back in beta, so I’ve been updating my book (The dBASE Book Plus) for changes and updates (three new classes and more).

The kittens are now over a year old (Lune’s birthday was April 3, and Panda’s was a few days before that …). Still as delightful as ever, and as crazy at night sometimes, but oh well. The joys of kittens, who are pretty much full-grown cats now.

Nothing weird on the health front. Although in February CJ got two weeks off, and figured we’d do something together, all that. However, she got sick for the first week, and toward the end of that week I got her cold, and I was out for the second. Freakin’ figures. Otherwise health has been good. Been making it to the gym as much as possible.

Last week I did something totally stupid, I backed the van into the garage door. Luckily we got off lighter than we might have (didn’t have to replace it, garage door repair folk were able to fix it, and unless you know what to look for, you may not see anything wrong …). Dumb. I still am not sure how that happened (I mean, I can guess, but we’ve lived here 15 years and it’s never happened … weird).

I had started to do a full CMS version of my Bio, and after getting the award list into shape, I deleted it. It was taking a lot of space (copies of all those photos …), and I was never going to complete it. I do have code in my CMS that I intend to use elsewhere, but the CMS thing has so many issues, and while doing the award list I discovered a lot of things that would require a major rewrite (and I just don’t wanna!). But that said, there is some good and viable code in there, so I am not just dumping the main CMS yet. Not until I have gleaned everything I need from it … I have projects to work on still, and I can cannibalize this thing, so …

Anyway, rambling a bit, which always feels silly. Right now I am waiting for an updated beta for the dBASE code, a new chapter from Pearson, and am in a holding pattern. Those can get boring quickly. Such is life. Sigh.

On the whiny side … the job market still sucks. I have an application for community college and just general community teaching, hoping I can pick up some classes periodically. Part of me just doesn’t wanna bother filling it out (hand-writing an application? Old school …). Just frustrated as all get-out on that end. And my 61st Birthday is next week. Sigh. Oh well.

Boy, Has It Been A While

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There have been a lot of reasons, including work (well, some, the contract teaching takes a lot out of me), the kittens, ennui …

But, here we are. It’s the day before Turkey Day, my mom turned 84(!) today, I have a kitten sleeping behind me in my computer chair …

My attempts to build my own CMS have stalled out, due to frustration with some code that I haven’t quite been able to wrap my head around. Taking another class on Udemy but am not sure it will go where I want. However, am picking up a few interesting tidbits.

Still going to the gym pretty regularly (blew it off this morning after arriving without my keycard, and won’t be in Friday, but back on Monday). Plateaued there, but that’s okay, still feel it’s doing me a lot of good.

The kittens are getting bigger, Pandemonium (the one sleeping behind me) is so big he’s about taken over the chair. Lune is a lot bigger than he was, but still smaller than Panda, and may always be. That’s okay. They’re both special and sweet kittens. Hard to believe it’s been 7 months since they moved in here, and they’re 8 months (well, almost 9 for Panda) old.

The teaching was a lot of fun, except for the commutes. But that’s life in the Bay Area, I guess. I have a new (and odder) thing with my contractor coming up, apparently in early December, going to a major pharmaceutical company to teach how to use Skype for Windows and use their conferencing phone hardware/software. A couple of days, what the heck? And if it opens more opportunities with the contractor, then even better. I like the folk I’ve worked with there, so that’s a good sign. I have only met the CEO face-to-face, but have talked to a couple others over the phone, as well as email. Things should pick back up for the contract I was initially hired for with the VA in March, if not sooner (prefer sooner).

The job market SUCKS if you’re my age trying to find a new job. Sigh. Oh well.
Anyway, happy Turkey Day if you actually read this stuff.

Massive Changes

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Well, in some ways. It’s been months since I last posted anything, and a lot has happened.

1) The biggest is we now have two kittens. May 16 a friend had been awakened in the middle of the night to hear very loud mewing in her back yard. After three attempts to find him a tiny (4 weeks old) kitten was out in her back yard, covered in fleas and dirt. She took him to her vet the next day and posted pics on Facebook. She couldn’t keep him, so was looking to see if any of her friends could. CJ and I both took a look and went “awwwww” and we were sunk. So on the 17th I drove to Milpitas and picked him up. That weekend we named him Prince Lune (after a character from The Cat Returns by Miyazake) on the way to Campbell to meet a possible foster-brother for him. The foster brother (Panda or Pandemonium) is about a week older, and much larger (more muscular), but very sweet. We met him, and the next weekend adopted him and brought him home. After a few days they started getting along and all is well. It’s been several months now, and they’re kiy-ing all over the house, both are now big enough to jump up on the counters in the kitchen (sigh) and be lots of trouble. But when not in total insane mode, they are the sweetest cats. The folk who fostered Panda brought him up from 2 days old, bottle-feeding him, and socializing him. Lune was not very socialized, and still hides when we have guests, sometimes getting up some nerve to come out if they’re around long enough. I imagine that will change over time.

2) The whole thing with OfficePro, while not a high-paying gig has been nice. I get to teach Office to students at the VA who want to be there. It does mean commuting to either Mountain View or Menlo Park every couple weeks or so for a day or two each class or set of classes, but it’s good for me. The people I am working with like me (both at OfficePro and the VA — have gotten glowing reports from the VA to the office manager at OfficePro, who has passed them along). Be nice if there were more days of teaching, and even better if the commute was not so bad. But c’est le vie. It’s something. I have classes lined up through October, so hopefully they will get a new contract or extend the current one, and I can get even more.

Other than that, life is … life. CJ’s eye is getting better, finally. The doctor is pleased with her recovery (just saw him yesterday). She has an odd “cyst” on the front of the eyeball that looks like a blister, but it’s not. She says it doesn’t hurt, the doctor says if that’s the case to not worry about it. The cure might be worse than just leaving it alone.

CJ’s best friend BJ (Tatiana in the SCA)’s husband has had some disturbing health issues (double-hernia, and an infection in the lower colon, and more). He needs surgery but there was an infection that he needs to recover from before they can do that. So, this weekend, CJ and BJ have trekked off to Oregon to see the full solar eclipse happening on Monday. BJ planned this years ago, paid for the hotel rooms then and all that (these rooms are going for five times or more what she paid …). Don is staying home but has my number for emergencies.

In the meantime, I got my PSA in July and the number dropped from 9.9 in April to 9.0 in July. Weird. I doubt it will drop a lot, but it means no “we have to do something this instant!” this time around. Hopefully I have a small reprieve on that. Otherwise my health is doing pretty well. Still going to the gym — usually 3 days a week, but trekking to the S. Bay for classes every so often will throw that off sometimes.

This seems like a pretty short post, considering the number of months that have ensued, but unless I want to get into politics (no thanks, too much of that on Facebook and the news), I think I’ll leave it with some photos of the kittens …

Health, Work, Misc.

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So … the OfficePro thang: I got in two days this month (last week) teaching Excel. They really liked me at the VA in Mountain View, the only problem is the commute home. It’s horrid. But other than that, this worked well. Billing is weird. I have to bill at the end of the month, and then it takes a month for them to pay. I don’t know why, but that’s how it works. Sigh. Still looking for a regular job.

This week has been about my health. I went in and got a blood draw on Tuesday for my PSA testing. Last test was 9.1, which is heading in a direction I am not thrilled with. Yesterday I went and got my teeth cleaned and examined and they’re fine. Then I got the results of the PSA. 9.9. 10 is the “ah-oooga!” point where flags get raised, alarms go off, etc. Next PSA I have a feeling we’re going to have to start talking about actually doing something. I don’t want my prostate gland (well, the cancer that is attacking it) to kill me, so I suppose something needs to be done. That’s actually had an adverse affect on my sleep.

Anyway, yesterday was weird for herself (and lots of other people)’s commutes, because some idiot got all upset at the Walnut Creek BART station, threatened suicide, all kinds of fun. So CJ ended up getting off BART in Lafayette, I got her, and we had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant there. That was nice, actually. A glass of wine, a nice meal, then home.

However, she’s working from home today (had a 6:30am phone call she couldn’t possibly have made it to the office in time for). Ugh. Hating that. She’s on the phone most of the day. Sigh.

Have still not gotten back to finishing the web code I was working on or working on the Award List code. I really ought to, but my “wanna” went away. Again. I’ll find it again at some point, but until then … bleah.

Finishing up fine-tuning work on The dBASE Book Plus, 2nd Edition.

Still battling depression, but I never manage to let it get me all the way down. I find something to do, something to occupy my fuzzy brain.

Coming back to the dry-rot thing. The contractors have finished most of the woodwork (and pounding on walls), but once the rain goes away again (it’s been in a come-and-go pattern for a bit), they need to paint. We also have started the process to have our contractor replace the fence and gate — petition in to the HOA, but we have to wait for them to discuss it, and approve it. Can’t see a reason for them not to, and the lady in the house next to ours that we share the fence with is fine with it (she signed the forms with no problem). She also wasn’t thrilled with the contractors and the walls, and she has a real job that she does from home most of the time … ugh.

Anyway, not much else to say, but FUCK CANCER. Sigh. (Won’t even try to get into politics, that whole area sucks so bad it’s scary.)

Whiny me …

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So … things that have been a real PITA lately:

  • The Home Owner’s Association sent some guys out to deal with dry-rot, and it’s been noisy as hell when they’re here … and it seems never-ending.
  • Had a webinar cancelled due to snow in Maryland today (hopefully tomorrow).
  • Herself was planning on doing a dinner for my 60th birthday, invite friends, etc. at a restaurant (we hadn’t picked one yet), but her company moved a deployment date to that date, so we had to cancel …
  • Various other annoyances.

I feel like I can’t win. Anything. Can’t find a fucking job, can’t get any relief from WAY TO FUCKING MUCH NOISE from the contractors doing the dry-rot work, can’t, can’t, can’t …

Shit. I just feel like shit today.

Been A While …

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So, this part of the year has been weird. It’s now nearly the end of March, and the last post was in January. Reasons … lots of reasons.

First, I had moved all the posts from here to the CMS I have been building. I figured I wouldn’t post here anymore. However I haven’t been working on the CMS for some time. I reached a point where every time I bring up the code, I just kind of stare at it, and my notes, and go “meh”. Close the editor, go do something else. I have no idea why that is. I am sure I’ll find that drive again, but right now it’s just … not happening.

Second, I’ve been feeling pretty bleah about life, the universe, and everything for some time. Life just feels like it’s passing me by. I am not truly depressed, again, I have never felt anywhere close to clinical depression that I am aware of, but I just really haven’t felt like doing much of … anything.

Coding doesn’t excite me right now, job hunting is always painful more than anything else, I spend more time in the house than out (of course some of that has been the weather — this last rainy season we got close to 200% our usual rainfall here in N. California in most places … meant a lot of indoor time — cabin fever is a real “thing”).

CJ’s work has been exhausting her, last week three out of five days she worked 12 hour shifts (give or take a bit, but then add in the commute time …). On the plus side, her boss still loves her, she got a raise again this year with a nice bonus.

Overall health seems to be good. I’ve been hitting the gym regularly three days a week, etc. CJ’s health seems to be okay, although she’s reaching the point of wanting to do something about her weight, but not really doing much except mention it. She has to decide when to do things, so …

I dunno. I felt I needed to post something, but for the most part, there hasn’t been a lot to talk about.

I have a contract with a company based in Maryland, doing Microsoft Training on a very sporadic basis for the VA in Mountain View. The biggest difficulty is the commute. Just getting to the interview which was not in rush hour took nearly two hours. Rush hour could be worse. I guess we’ll find out. in a couple weeks when I do two days back-to-back of Excel training. On the plus side I was able to negotiate to a higher pay than most of the instructors that the company hires. I was able to do so by pushing cost-of-living here in CA, and the fact that commute for this will be a bitch, etc. We’ll see how that goes. After the training next month the next sessions are in July. When I say “sporadic”, I mean it.

My sense of self-worth goes up and down a lot lately. I think most of this is my inability to get much coding done (see above), but then as an example an issue came up this weekend which I was able to fix (with a little help) with the web forms on the SCA websites that I use. (Turns out the ISP changed something and didn’t tell anyone … which caused a problem with a single line of code …)  Lows and highs. (I put that in that sequence, because there seem to be more lows than highs …) Sigh.

Ugh. Anyway, I really felt a need to say something, so here it is. I am mostly in the dumps/depressed lately, not getting much of anything done. The amount of money in the bank goes down faster than it goes up anymore. I am going to have to find a real job soon, even if it means working at some job that has nothing to do with anything I’m trained for or really have any interest in. Sigh. Seriously more depressing …

Of course, eventually this post will need to be put into the CMS and I will need to spend time actually fixing the things I need to fix. But getting the “want” and the “need” up is hard. But I do want to use some of that for other projects. It’s just been hard to get past that “don’t wanna” …

Well, I realized while I was whining here that there was something I needed to update, so I should go do that. So, hitting the Publish button and away I go.

Er, happy new year?

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So, it is now 2017. Wasn’t sure we’d make it, with the way the world has been going. I’m not going to post a huge list of resolutions, or irresolutions as one of my friends posted somewhere the other day. I never keep them anyway. They sound all lofty and ideal, but then something happens.

We’re trying to just move along and deal with life as it gets thrown at us. I have spent a huge amount of time on the CMS I’ve been working on. Just as I think I’m in good shape it turns out I need to do something else. D’oh. Got a bunch of coding done this morning, so there you are.

So let’s do a bit of catchup. Thanksgiving got dealt with. In between Turkey Day and Christmas, not a lot happened. I mean, life trundled along, the president-elect made a fool of himself many times, messing in international areas that he has no clue about, tweeting like an idiot (as always), and so on. People died. Lots of people died. 2016 felt horrible for those who were plugged in, because of the number of celebrities who passed. However, it’s not “the year” that is at fault. It’s that these celebrities are of an age where this kind of thing starts happening. Rock Stars, Movie Stars, etc. It was a tough year for a lot of folk. However, I never really saw the sense of blaming 2016 (“No, 2016! You can’t get this one!”) I suppose for some folk it’s easier to blame the  year, than something else.

CJ’s job is still going fine. Her boss still loves her. She’s still being driven crazy. There are some potential changes coming, but let’s wait and see. Would feel weird to post that “x is happening” and then have it fall through. She got a couple weeks off during the holidays, the week before Christmas and this week (after New Year’s, but before 12th Night weekend). So, she’s working on a new outfit for me for 12th Night, which is cool. Will be the first one (if she can complete it) in many years. Her birthday is of course, this weekend (on Sunday, when we’ll be coming back from 12th Night).

Did I mention 12th Night is in Reno? RENO. Sigh. If it had been last year, little snow, great. This year the weather has changed and we’re likely to have snow in the pass. That means getting chains (on my list for tomorrow) for the tires. I have never driven with chains on a vehicle in snow. In Alaska we had snow tires and some folk had studded tires (hard on the road, but boy they are useful). That’ll be weird if I need to use them.

I started moving my autobiography/blog over to a test copy of my CMS, and found bugs (think I fixed most of them, but …), and found things that would make it “that much better” (main pages and subpages … but only one level of subpages, didn’t want to get into the recursion nightmare of having a subpage with subpages of its own …). So, have been working like a dog on that.

Let’s see. Christmas was at Gail’s (my seester-in-law) place in Sacramento (the old Eaton homestead that she bought from her step-father). Overall nice. Got to spend some time with one of the more skittish cats and convinced him that those people in his house were not so bad. At least as long as he remembers. Guess we’ll see if he remembers next time we’re up. It was kind of fun. Turning into the “cat whisperer”. Nothing special for Christmas. Well, Gail got me a nice sauce pan, CJ got me a couple shirts. But, I’m not worried, she’s also paying for the new coronet that a friend is making (the early photos are looking good, but he forgets to take photos sometimes, and he gets busy, has a day job, etc. — may not be ready for 12th Night).

Still getting to the gym, even went today, the day after New Year’s Day. Feeling like overall it’s still doing me some good.

Well, not a lot to say, since I’m not doing a full 2016 type recap or a set of resolutions, so I should try to get some more coding / testing done on the CMS, and all that fun stuff. Eventually the stuff that’s here in WordPress will end up in the CMS version of the autobiography, and I will get rid of all this. But until then …