Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

(This is not an official SCA website)

This is an unofficial site that is designed to help folk find information about the armory and "colors" for each Kingdom in the SCA, Inc. In addition, other useful information can be found here -- such as the badges for various offices, both SCA-Wide and Kingdom specific (including variations for some Kingdoms); and badges registered for awards in the 17 Kingdoms of the SCA. (Okay, as of 2015, we are up to 20 Kingdoms, but it's nearly impossible to keep up with the offices and badge registrations for all the Kingdoms, Principalities, etc.)

This project was started by Duchess Emma FitzWilliam, OP (then Talitha von Kopke), with work by Hirsch von Henford, OL, OP, and expanded over time with the help of a lot of people.

Another site that needleworkers might be interested in, is the Atlantean Needleworker's Guild's charts for Kingdom Use Badges:

Other areas of interest:

An Unofficial Glossary of Terms Used in the SCA
An Unofficial Glossary of Combat Terms As Used in the SCA

Questions, corrections, suggestions should be sent to: -- In Service, Hirsch von Henford