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Badges Registered for Awards and Recognitions

West Kingdom and
The Principalities of The Mists, Cynagua and Oertha

Updated: April 5, 2004

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Award/Recognition Badge
West Kingdom
King's Huscarls Or, an antique crown voided vert surmounted by a sword gules.

Royal Company of Archers

(Fieldless) A crossbow within and conjoined to an oak chaplet Or.
Royal Company of Yeomen (Fieldless) Three arrowheads conjoined in pall inverted, points to center, within and conjoined to an annulet Or.
Order of the Silver Molet (Closed Order) Argent, on a pile gules an antique crown voided Or.
West - Principality of the Mists
Golden Branch, Order of the (Tinctureless) A branch palewise hung with bells, within a bordure engrailed.
Silver Spoon, Order of the Azure, a spoon inverted within a bordure engrailed argent.
West - Principality of Cynagua
Bard of Cynagua
Image of Badge provided by Cormac Mór (Caid)
(Fieldless) A harp argent winged Or.
West - Principality of Oertha
Oerthan Order of Grace Quarterly argent and Or, a snowflake azure.

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