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Badges Registered for Awards and Recognitions

Kingdom of Lochac
Updated: September 30, 2002

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Award/Recognition Badge
Kingdom of Lochac
Iron Spoon, Order of the (Fieldless) A wrought iron spoon palewise, bowl to base, sable.
Mead Guard Per pale vert and purpure, a windmill within a bordure Or.
Roman Lilies, Order of the (Fieldless) Three lily blossoms in triquetra Or.
Rowan, Order of the (Fieldless) A cinquefoil per pale vert and argent.
Silver Tear, Order of the (Fieldless) A goutte de larme charged with a goutte d'eau.

Other Registrations (No designation in SCA Armorial) -- Kingdom of Lochac
Gules, a hind courant Or between three mullets of six points argent.

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