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Updated: October, 2004

Disclaimer: this list does not include all awards/recognitions which may be granted in any specific Kingdom -- just the ones for which there are registrations in the SCA College of Arms Ordinary and Armorial database ... Listing here does not mean that the award is currently being granted within a specific Kingdom, either ... This is just done by brute-force going through the OandA database, and finding registrations for each Kingdom ...

In addition, heraldic registrations constantly change throughout the Known World, and it's possible something has changed or is missing here, if you know of this change, please drop me a note and I will update the site as soon as I can get to it. Thanks -- Hirsch

NOTE: this has been modified so that each Kingdom/branch that has award badges listed is on a different page, so that the download time is a bit faster -- the more images there are to display, the longer it takes ... by breaking this down to individual pages, the download time is shorter ...

In addition to Awards, any registrations of badges that do not have a designation, that are not specified elsewhere on this website will be shown after awards ...

Note: If you are looking for lists of what each award is given for, please see the Kingdom websites ...

Note: The armory images used here (in all of these pages) are with the explicit permission of the artists involved. Please do not assume that you can use them for your own purposes without contacting the artists first.

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Award/Recognition Badge
Duke/Duchess (Tinctureless) A coronet with strawberry leaves. (Regalia)
Count/Earl/Countess (Tinctureless) A coronet embattled. (Regalia)
Royal Peers (Tinctureless) A crown. (Regalia)
Order of Chivalry (Fieldless) A white baldric. (Mastery of Arms) (Regalia)
(Fieldless) A white belt. (Knighthood) (Regalia)
(Tinctureless) A circular chain. (Knighthood) (Regalia)
Order of the Laurel (Tinctureless) A laurel wreath. (Regalia)
Order of the Pelican (Tinctureless) A chapeau. (Regalia)
(Tinctureless) A pelican in its piety. (Regalia)
(Tinctureless) A pelican vulning itself. (Regalia)
Order of the Rose (Tinctureless) A wreath of roses. (Regalia)
Kingdom and Principality Awards
The West Kingdom and The Principalities of The Mists, Cynagua and Oertha
The East Kingdom
The Kingdom of the Middle
The Kingdom of Atenveldt and The Principality of The Sun
The Kingdom of Meridies
The Kingdom of Caid
The Kingdom of Ansteorra
The Kingdom of Atlantia
The Kingdom of An Tir and the Principalities of The Summits, and Tir Righ
The Kingdom of Calontir
The Kingdom of Trimaris
The Kingdom of The Outlands
The Kingdom of Drachenwald and the Principality of Nordmark
The Kingdom of Artemisia
The Kingdom of Æthelmearc
The Kingdom of Ealdormere
The Kingdom of Lochac
The Kingdom of Northshield
The Kingdom of GleannAbhann
The Kingdom of Avacal

Note: If anyone is ambitious and wishes to provide .gif or .jpg images of any or all of these badges, I'd be pleased to use 'em ... I can be contacted at:
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