A Mirror Into Ken's Past
Started: November, 2001

Oh brother, another internet diary ... <grin> ... well, yes, and no. One thing to note is that this is not a "Blog" or "Web log" -- those are daily things where people throw some thoughts on a daily basis, and people can respond.

This is really an autobiography rather than a diary (although as time has gone on, entries from 2003 on are really more diary than anything else ...). I am not quoting the things I wrote down in my diary (when I actually wrote in one), as much of it is pretty embarassing. Instead, this is an attempt at the age of 44 (45 ...) to go through my life to date, and try to remember things, and put them down somewhere. Why on the web? I suppose because I have enough of an ego to think someone else might find it interesting (friends, family ... possibly even strangers - you never know). I don't actually expect that everyone in the universe is going to find my life fascinating, especially people who don't know me ... maybe some of my friends and family. I largely did this for my own sake, as a way to put some things into perspective. I suppose considering my age when I started this, one might consider it a way of dealing with the "mid-life-crisis" some folk go through. If you think of it that way, at least I'm not out womanizing or trying to restore a fast car, or something like that.

There are some rambling rememberances that I don't expect will mean anything to anyone but me. I have tried to avoid spending a lot of time in the negative side of things. That's no fun for anyone (except for a few folk with true schadenfreud ...), and frankly based on what I know of other people's lives, everytime you find something that was bad in your life, someone else out there has had a similar situation that was worse. I'm not feeling like trying to "one-up" anyone. When I talk about someone in particular (past girlfriends, whatever) I intend to avoid getting into sticky ugly bits ... no real good can come of that anyway. That isn't to say I won't try to explain why I was hurt, angry, whatever (if I was). But I am not going to sit here and vent, either. I'm going to try to use the (as my wife calls it) "Thumper Rule" -- "If you can't say nothin' nice, don't say anything at all." As a caveat to all of this paragraph there is a bit of catharsis here and some of the very early parts have some very negative things to say about my father ... I can't completely remove some of that, as I need to say it -- among other things, it might explain some of who I am today.

There are some gaps in my memory, particularly my early years. I don't have perfect recall, and I'm particularly bad with names. I have a theory that I purged (intentionally or otherwise) parts of my memory from when I was young that were bad. Maybe not -- I'm not a psychologist. I've never had a driving need to see a psychologist or counselor, either. I just want to point out that my memory is spotty. Most of what's here comes from my high school years on to now. I have pretty clear memories of life after I moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 1971, but not much before that -- just bits and pieces.

I've tried to organize things by year, but of course, it's never really that simple. As I have written things, sometimes I talk about events that caused an something else to happen later or things that were caused in the "future" by whatever it is. Of course, sometimes it goes the other way, and as I'm talking about a specific event, I realize that it might have been caused by something that happened earlier. Cause and effect. There are spans where I don't have much in the way of photos ... I'm one of those people who may take a camera somewhere, and then either remember to use it and shoot a LOT of film or forget it's even there. There's not much in-between. Most of the photos here are ones other folk have given me copies of ...

For those that stick with it it might be interesting. It was to me, of course, but ... that's because it's my life.

July, 2011: General note. When I was in High School, in my late Junior and my Senior years, I started keeping a diary as a way to just deal with some of my emotional fun. Lately I've been purging a lot of stuff, came across these diaries (there were two blank books). I spent some time skimming through them, realized I was a real idiot when I was younger (who isn't, really?), and cut out some photos and things from the books and threw them away. The important stuff (not the STUPID stuff) has been mentioned on this website, there is no real need to ever go back and revisit the rest. And there's no need to keep that kind of evidence of what an idiot I was when I was younger, either <grin>.
NOTE: July, 2013 -- I will be adding new "entries" to my Autobiography over on WordPress. This allows for simpler formatting, and for people to comment easier. Ken's WordPress AutoBiography -- I was going to try to move the contents of this over, but it's not as easy as it sounds, the layout takes so much work it is frustrating (among other things the sequence items are added is backward from what I'm used to ...). So the old stuff is here, the new stuff is there ...

April, 2019: Note that even there I am not updating as much as I ought. Between Facebook, and being busy in odd ways, I have seldom updated it. It's tough to keep updating something, especially when you're not sure anyone reads it, but I turned off comments due to the number of 'bots out there, so ...

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Pre-Alaska (1957-1971 -- Family; California and Oregon)
Early Alaska (1971-1974 -- After moving to Alaska, first girlfriend ...)
1975 (The year I: moved out from home, graduated high school, got a real job, got an apartment ... in that order)
1976 (More of the same, friends, life ...)
1977 (The year I went to college, went on tour with the Arctic Chamber Orchestra ...)
1978 (The year I got married [for the first time])
1979 ("Tried to Kill Myself" [Not literally])
1980 (Job Foo, Divorce Foo, Got Engaged Again)
1981 (Still in College ...)
1982 (Engagement trashed, school year trashed ... bad year)
1983 (New Girlfriend, SCA: Order of the Laurel, Engaged, not engaged ...)
1984 (Graduated College, Moved to Anchorage, Girlfriend FOO (what's new?), First real job out of College)
1985 (Visit California, Meet Donna, Donna moves to Alaska ...)
1986 (Moved to California, No Job Foo ("So-So" job toward end of year))
1987 (Laid off, had to move, new job, met Dawn)
1988 (Same job, Girlfriend Foo ...)
1989 (Saw family for first time in years)
1990 (Dating Carolyn, New Job, Knee Surgery)
1991 (The Golden Stag Players (Ken's acting troupe) starts up; Ken, Carolyn and Jeff rent a house together)
1992 (SCA: Order of the Pelican and become head-honcho Herald, Jeff moves out)
1993 (Carolyn's Proposal; Trip to Australia)
1994 (Ken and Carolyn get Married)
1995 (Life Continues)
1996 (New Job, New Car)
1997 (Life Continues)
1998 (Laid off, new job)
1999 (Even newer job)
2000 (Life Continues)
2001 (Golden Stag Players go to Austin)
2002 (Trundling along ...)
2003 (Livin' in Moraga, Hawaii Vacation)
2004 (Buying a house, Losing my job, Moving to Walnut Creek (in that order))
2005 (Some Contract Work, finished a book ...)
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2007 (Second book completed, teaching again! ...)
2008 (Still teaching, going to London ...)
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